Satan put Christ on a high mountain.  Satan showed Christ all of the kingdoms of the world which Satan ruled.  Satan still was not happy. Matt 4:8-9, Luke 4:5. What did Satan want?  SATAN WANTED TO BE WORSHIPPED. Then and now!    Christ of course refused to worship Satan knowing that some day Satan would bow his knee and worship Christ.

If  Satan wanted Christ to worship him --  what do you think Satan wants all people on the face of the earth to do?  The same thing.  Satan in his brilliance figured out a way to get not just millions but billions of people to worship him.  It was called the INCOME TAX.  You have to realize that the I.R.S. and most other "taxing" systems of the world are controlled by and are just an appendage of jewish institutions.  In the case of the United States it is the Federal Reserve Bank, one of many Rothschild controlled central banks.   The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by 9 European jewish banks, all ultimately being Rothschild controlled.

When Reserve Banks can make "dollars and money" from thin air, money is just the stated excuse.  The real reason is worship.  This is the real reason whether people realise it or not, that the entire I.R.S. program causes queasiness from millions.  After all free men do not have to sign confessions, only slaves. 

The First Amendment and so called Freedom of Belief does apply to government enforced religion. The First Amendment should apply to compelled speech.  If we have the right to speak then included is the right to remain silent and not be forced to write or say anything.  

The Fifth Amendment was designed to protect people from compelled testimonial statements, oral or written.  The United States Supreme Court ruled in Garner v. United States, 424 U.S. 648 (1976) said that a "tax return" is a "witness" as that term is described in the Fifth Amendment.  The IRS tells the gross lie about "voluntary compliance".  What a farce.  Either comply or be subject to criminal prosecution.  What a choice.  


One also has to realise that all jews are the children of Satan.  Cain being the first jew as a result of Satan raping Eve in the Garden of Eden and Cain being the first seed of Satan.  Christ knew that and said in John 8:44 that the jews were the children of Satan.  See Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9, 1 John 3:10-12 for short confirmation.  So filing  a "return" under penalties of perjury ultimately under the control of Satan's children is nothing less than worshiping Satan himself.  Swearing under penalties of perjury comes from ancient courts where perjury was a religious exercise before God.

Inter alia, filing a "return" is a lie because you cannot return anything to the I.R.S.  Wages are not derived from the source but are the source in violation of the 16th amendment.  There is no apportionment as required by the Constitution.  It is a self-admission making 5th Amendment words about "compelled witness" a nullity.  The self-confession is nothing less than the admission of a series of blatant lies and makes the crimes of the I.R.S. complete or choate to use legal language.  Returns furthermore are compelled speech in violation of the First Amendment.  If I have the alleged right to speak then I should have the right to be silent.

Proving what never happened

At my trial in 1992 the charge was three counts of Attempted Tax Evasion.  For all of the three years the government never produced a date, time, any witnesses nor anyone who was harmed in anyway.  Still we have these phantom crimes which the government claims took place and this constituted proof in our totally corrupt criminal system. Furthermore no one ever testified that I was a "tax evader".  The purpose of a trial is for people to confront their accuser. What happens if there is no accuser?  No confrontation cross-examination and frankly no real trial, just a conviction.

In 1995 the Internet came out and the criminal trials came to an end because too many people were exposed to the truth for the first time and the government could not risk putting on any more of these political witch trials.  Today in 2017 some people estimate that 47% of the wage earners in the United States do not file returns or pay income taxes.