Seer (Seiner) Nicolaas van Rensburg (NVR)

One of the most important prophecies by the Seer (Seiner) Nicolaas van Rensburg (NVR) appears to have come true in 2016 follows.  This prophecy is not in the books "Messengers of God" or "Voice of a Prophet."

The following vision presaged Trump's victory in 2016.  

US black leader trampled to death

Before the Seer’s death in 1926, Mr H.J. Dreyer of Senekal (Freestate) corresponded with him from time to time.  However, it was only in the 1940’s (and as an Ox-Wagon Watchman/Guardian supporter) that Mr. Dreyer had some of these visions and interpretations published in the Bloemfontein newspaper, Volksblad:

“Wagons in Europe are being drawn by white-backed oxen (American troops en route to war) and a small black boy is their leader... it is a long procession of wagons and the boy lashes the oxen so often that the other wagons are turning away.  Then the ox-leader, touleier, tries to pull the oxen to one side, but the oxen pull to the other side.  Eventually the oxen jump around and the whole team is mixed-up and confused – they mill around and then trample him flat.  Then the white boy takes over again..."

Editors note -- This prophecy appears to reflect Trump's victory in 2016.

The long line of wagons, the boy lashing the oxen so often and the wagons turning away, means that the long-lasting war in Afghanistan, Iraq and later in the Middle-East and Syria will be placing the American military under great pressure.   Countries that were at first were their allies (“other wagons”) will eventually withdraw one by one and virtually leave the United States in the lurch.  Since 2003 about one million soldiers have fought in Iraq, of which were mainly Americans (Seer’s long line of wagons.”)

By 2011 altogether 38 of United States’ allies have left Iraq; among them were Britain who withdrew its 46,000 troops in May 2011 after an eight-year long war during which Iraq had been virtually totally destroyed.  In October 2014 the last British soldier also left Afghanistan.  Among the other countries following Britain’s example were – among others – Australia, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Japan and Hungary.

The following is the original in Afrikaans --

Mnr. H.J. Dreyer van Senekal het vóór die Siener se dood in 1926 van tyd tot tyd met hom oor sy visioene gekorrespondeer. Maar dit was eers in die veertigerjare (en as O.B.-ondersteuner) dat mnr. Dreyer van hierdie visioene en verklarings in die Volksblad gepubliseer het.

“In Europa trek waens met witrugosse voor (Amerikaanse soldate op pad oorlog toe), en ’n swart seuntjie is hulle touleier ... Dis ’n lang ry waens wat trek en die seuntjie slaan die osse so baie dat die ander waens uitdraai. Dan probeer die touleier hulle een kant toe trek, maar die osse trek na die anderkant toe. Uiteindelik spring die osse om en die hele span is deurmekaar en onklaar, hulle maal in die rondte en trap hom dan plat. Die wit seuntjie neem dan weer oor..." (Hiervolgens lyk dit nie of Hilary Clinton Amerika se eerste vroue president gaan word nie).

Die lang ry waens, die seuntjie wat die osse so baie slaan en die waens wat uitdraai, beteken dat die langdurige oorloë in Afganistan, Irak en later die Midde-Ooste en Sirië, die Amerikaanse weermag onder groot druk gaan plaas. En lande wat aanvanklik sy bondgenote was ("ander waens"), sal later die een na die ander onttrek en Amerika as 't ware in die steek laat. Sedert 2003 het sowat 'n miljoen soldate net in Irak geveg, waarvan die meeste Amerikaners was (Siener se "lang ry waens")

(Teen 2011 het altesaam 38 van Amerika se bondgenote reeds uit Irak padgegee, onder hulle was Brittanje wat in Mei 2011 sy 46 000 Britse magte onttrek het na 'n agtjaar lange oorlog waarin Irak so te sê totaal verwoes is. En in Oktober 2014 verlaat die laaste Britse soldaat ook Afghanistan. Van die ander lande wat Engeland se voorbeeld gevolg het, was onder andere Australië, Pole, Denemarke, Italië, Japan en Hongarye.)


Letter from Frederick von Strassen concerning another of van Rensburg's prophecies.

The exact words in van Rensburg's prophecy are Pluis Kyl Kuif  and these words are currently translated with differing meanings by Boers.

February 2017 
I don't know how much joy you will get from Oom Adriaan concerning the man with hair like a wig because he has always been of the opinion that it means something else.  It is difficult for me to explain this but Afrikaans is a strange language in many ways; "deep" Afrikaans is not literal; the words often mean only what their context permits. That's why it is BY FAR a more expressive language than English. You are not tied to literal meanings.

As I mentioned previously, I sought out advice from various people on this prophecy and the advice with which I have stuck is that it means "fluffy dip fringe" (I hesitate to even use those words because they simply are not a proper literal translation). That advice comes from people who speak an older dialect of Afrikaans and the interpretation goes back at least three generations. One day in December I sat with a lady in her eighties whose family has always only ever known the prophecy to mean what I described above. She has known that meaning since she was a little girl. That advice makes sense to me.

Oom Adriaan, however, contends that it means that the man had been wearing a top-hat and that he removed the hat  or something along those lines. The implication, if I am not mistaken, is that the man is preparing for war when he casts his eyes in our direction and takes an interest in the affairs of the Boer nation.


Frederick von Strassen