There is probably no region of the United States that has been more discussed, criticized and written about than the SOUTH.  When I say the SOUTH I mean the people and their civilization.  The South is unique relative to the other parts of the US in language, history, culture and manners.  The fact remains that the South is looked down upon by the other regions of the United States due to its lower educational achievement, incomes and standard of living.  This will be discussed in greater detail later.

 I have studied the people and culture for over 50 years and am just starting to understand but not necessarily agree with them. 

I was initially captivated by the charm, beauty, agricultural base, warmth and friendliness of the people and the land.  In the late 60's and 70's, I noticed some stark differences but I just kept my mouth shut. Neither my brother nor I went to Viet Nam. We would have rather gone to jail than join the military in a fraudulent war.  My parents though neither of which were not well educated nor traveled but knew how corrupt wars are and the brutality that awaited the survivors let alone the ignominy of defeat for the losers.  As a kid, I heard about cannon fodder many times.

Having graduated from engineering school I easily qualified for a "critical skills" deferment.  My younger brother, who studied piano at Julliard School of Music, had a much harder time.  He drew number 366 in the lottery.  He tells me that God was with him that day. Today neither he nor I have any war injuries, no shrapnel in our bodies, no allergies from forced vaccinations, no PTSD, no broken backs nor open sores from Agent Orange.  

In 1963 so-called Civil rights legislation was in progress. Well it was not Civil and it was not Right but they still called it Civil Rights.  I noticed that in rural country stores that all of the chairs were up on the tables. There was absolutely no way that the whites of the time were going to eat or associate with niggers, oh excuse me we are in 2017, now we can only say N's, n-words to refer to niggers or Nigras, the polite commonly used southern word for the beast (Gen 1:25) animals-of-the-field.  In the 21st century, only niggers can say nigger.  The hypocrisy and dishonesty about First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is unbelievable.

Since the 50's and 60's the rural South has become whiter while the cities have become darker.  This was primarily due to mechanization of cotton agriculture.  The colored people moved to the cities for many reasons, i.e. jobs, avoidance of hard physical labor and welfare.

The South as a region has suffered more than a few catastrophes, a few have been self-inflicted.

The foundational history of the United States is that the North has always, and I mean always, tried to subjugate the South.  The simple fact of the matter is that the North invaded the South in violation of Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution.  The South fought back against an evil mongrel Melungeon Lincoln to defend its standard of living and way of life. The South was the producer of wealth (primarily cotton) including taxes for the nation in 1860.  The North sought to lay increased import taxes and the South was going to pay the bill. This is the underlying reason for the war.  The bit about slavery is so ludicrous.  Since 1789 and lasting to 1868, 79 years, slavery was legal in the United States.  It is just a matter of fact. The Confederacy lasted for 4.

The first catastrophe was the War Between the States.  Whenever someone calls it a Civil War, I say it wasn't very civil, was it?  Many people refer to it as the War of Northern Aggression.  Well, it was aggression.  Lee, his generals, Jefferson Davis etc. were gentlemen of the highest order.  They could not conceive of the viciousness of the mongrel Melungeon syphilitic Lincoln or his ruthless desire for power at all costs.  The northern forces allegedly fought to preserve the Union.  They swallowed the lie to justify their invasion of others lands, homes and societies.  Nothing has changed since for invading armies.

Their murder, rape, theft etc. is well-known and only needs to be repeated in a very cursory fashion. I would ask the northern invaders if the murders, rapes, stealing etc. were worth it.  

Ecclesiastes 12:14 says -- "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

Deo Vindice is the Motto of the Confederacy. Obviously, it means that God will vindicate.

Atlanta was burned, Columbia was burned.  These were war crimes, pure and simple and viciousness beyond belief.  No war objective could possibly be alleged.  The Southern economy was left ruined.  The slaves were ultimately freed only to be in greater despair in a ruined economy.  Lincoln laid the seeds of total slavery for the United States with the founding of the I.R.S. in 1862, greenbacks in 1864.  Payback is a bitch.

The second catastrophe was Reconstruction (1865-1877) or another word for alien federal control and more properly called destruction.   The bottom line is that destruction was the order of the day. Destruction of the society more than anything else.  

The next major catastrophe was public school integration by the Warren Court in 1955 and forced at gunpoint by Eisenhower at Central High School in 1957.  Warren and Eisenhower were both secret jews. See my other article on them as well as Obama.

In that same period, the Southern Baptist Convention seemed to change its theology as did the Mormon Church.  Now the emphasis appeared to be "love" in spite of the belief in hell and the inclusion of nigras in the congregations.  The Southern Baptist Church regardless of its alleged Protestant basis still held true to many Roman Catholic dogmas such as the Trinity, the Cross, Christmas, Easter, Sunday Worship, St. Paul the false and non-apostle, collections in church services etc.  None of this has any biblical basis. In the history of man, no white Caucasian country, society or organization has ever survived an invasion of shit skin colored muds.  Both the leaders of the Mormon and Southern Baptist Churches have never learned that simple truth.  IBM and many US corporations never learned that simple truth either.  Well for the last 10 years at least, they have all been in a serious state of decline. 

At its annual convention in 2012, the SBC elected as president Fred Luter Jr., the first nigra to hold the position in blatant violation of Deuteronomy 17:15. Do people think that they can violate Yahweh God almighty's laws and proper?  Apparently so.

The forced integration of Southern schools simply destroyed them.  The mixing of animals and Caucasians is a disaster with jealousy, animosity and loss of educational opportunities as a result.  The rich Southerners sent their children to private school to escape this disaster.  The poor suffered as usual.  I won't tell several personal stories about the lack of education of most southern high school graduates.  It is just demoralizing.  Last week at a political party meeting, a woman University of North Carolina professor in Political Science, who allegedly had a Masters Degree, stated in public that the government of this country is a "democracy".  As the Bible says, when the blind lead the blind, both fall in the ditch.

The ethos of the majority of southern families appears to be to get their children out of the house as soon as possible.  Raising children requires apparently not just attention to but devotion to football, nigger ball, fishing and car racing.  Possibly the lower education and earning ability of the families creates greater stress upon them and getting the children out relieves that stress.  The bottom line, however, is a poorer-than-average educated Southern graduate assuming that they graduate.  The ethos in the north is to emphasize college or some kind or the acquisition of practical skills such as plumbing, appliance repair, electrician etc. At the age of 13, I started to prepare for college by studying hard in order to get good grades in high school.  It was always taken for granted in my family that both my brother and I would go to college.  

The consequence is that many southern men and women join the army as a "career" or more accurately as an escape.  Visit any medical facility in the South and at least half of the doctors will be from the north.  I personally know of one Southern family that owned free and clear at least 80 acres of land and three houses.  None of their 5 children attended any college or technical school.  I have lived for 14 years in a rural southern county.  I have only known of two or possibly three other people in this county who have ever been to college. Yes, this is the second poorest county in North Carolina with a very corrupt county government.  I wonder why?

Well, these guys (and women) eventually get out of the Army, typically one tour in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.  Almost to a man, they have been banged up in some way.  They are tattooed, fractured poisoned with depleted Uranium and on disability.  Even the peacetime army is dangerous.  Jumping from airplanes in the dark over strange areas and frequently landing in trees is not good for your health.  After separation, they then try to get situated in the civilian economy.  They quickly learn that so-called military skills have little value and they are forced to take minimum wage jobs if they can find one.  All of the flag waving, Yes Sir ass kissing and shoe shining counts for nothing.  Now they are in the school of hard knocks and their real education begins.  At 27 or so they are little more prepared than an 18-year-old high school graduate to enter the real world.  Frequently they have a wife and possibly a child.  Yes, things are not going to be easy.  I doubt if any of them can write a composition, recite the time's tables, know why the sky is blue, know the number of continents of the face of the earth let alone name them or able to name the longest river in the United States (Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rock).  The bottom line is that they are disabled for life and they are only now starting to figure that out.

Fort Bragg is home to the "Special Forces".  I ask what makes them so special?  They don't like that question because they have no answer.  One day I met an Army Captain who was in the special forces. He told me how tough they were and were tougher than Seals etc.  I asked him if he were tough enough to say nigger in the military.  He turned green and walked away.  I told him that I may be an untrained wimp but at least I was not so afraid to say, nigger, as he was.  I have no sympathy for any of those people. They made poor choices and now have to live with the consequences of their ignorance.

TRADITIONALISM -- In Italy, they call it sempre cosi.  Always thus.  Well in the South they don't have a name for the same thing except for possibly hard headedness.  If the South has one problem, like Italy, it is traditionalism.  They simply don't change regardless of the circumstances or reality and will act against their best interests.  Do you have any idea how many times I have heard the statement -- "My daddy and grand-daddy voted Democrat and so do I."

Typically southerners are custom bound.  Two good examples are the military and addiction to pork. How these allegedly Southerners can join and fight for the same army that fought against Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis is beyond me.  Talk about being deceived.  Ignorant when they go in and ignorant when they get out.  This is allegiance to custom, good or bad.

Even medial doctors and nurses who ostensibly know the danger of pork, will still eat it.  It has always been that way or as they say in Italian, sempre cosi, always thus. So they will suffer with increased rates of morbidity and mortality in spite of their education.  

Do you have any idea why the South was taken for granted by the Democratic party for decades? Especially knowing that whatever the National Democratic party did that the South would vote for them regardless?  It finally took George Wallace to make the classic statement in 1968 --  "That there is not a dime's worth of difference between the National Democratic and the National Republican Parties".  1976 is the last year that the "Solid South" voted Democratic in spite of the creeping socialism and race mixing of FDR since 1933.  There is a saying about Charlestonians, "They are like the Chinese, they eat a lot of rice, they drink a lot of tea and they worship their ancestors."  Now that is traditionalism.


The same thing goes for the Southern (Satanic) Baptist Church (SBC).  In spite of the policy of the church to oppose the Confederate flag because it represents "hate", and its policy of racial reconciliation which most people instinctively know that this is not just wrong but an abomination, they are reluctant to vote with their feet and leave the SBC.  Racial reconciliation is an anti-biblical abomination that has absolutely no support in the Bible.  The preachers being more concerned with their salaries and pensions are just doing as the IRS via their 501(c)(3) rules dictate.  Anyone who has followed the Episcopalian and Methodist churches knows what is the inevitable result of extreme liberalism.  

The SBC adheres to the nonsense that Christ is a jew and that Christ is a descendant of Judah. As the Bible says in Hosea 4:6, "My people perish due to lack of knowledge."  Every time I hear about a mine failure in West Virginia or tornadoes throughout the South, I say -- Another blessing for worshiping the jews.

If anyone expects God Almighty to bless the people in the South when they attend and support blasphemous churches and institutions, they are simply crazy.  Lowest standard of living, lowest educational level and highest rates of morbidity and mortality. That, unfortunately, is the South today.

Reality in 2017

While the SBC is in decline it still is the "South's" worst enemy.  Many members are aware of its policies but they still continue to attend and support this abominable church.  I personally know of at least two people who are well aware of the wrongful teachings in the SBC but still cannot bring themselves to leave.  Habit is hard to refuse.  The church intentionally refuses to teach the truth in the Bible about clean and unclean foods as well as the racial truths in the Old Testament.  The consequence is that its members will continue to have increased rates of morbidity and mortality coupled with reduced income and greater medical costs. This is the blessing for being backward and refusing to follow the scriptures.  

A couple of necessary Bible quotes follow that the SBC will never teach.  They will only offer up excuses to ignore the eternal laws of the Bible while their members get increased rates of heart disease and cancer. Pig is poison.  It's that simple.

Matt 24:35; Mark 13:31; Luke 31:33  -- Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words (OT) shall not pass away.

Christ is the God of the Old Testament and his words, the law, will not pass away.

Deut. 14:8  And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead 

Isaiah 66:17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), have not realized that not only is the South collapsing but also is Western Civilization.  The year is 2017 and yet many think and act as if it were 1865, 150 years ago.  The war is continuing and it is NOT being fought with bullets, muskets, swords etc.  It is being fought with words, paragraphs and ideas.  That is just the fact of the matter. Knowledge of English grammar and composition are key and not the size of a musket ball or the weight of a musket, are what counts.  It just takes some white trash liberal or nigger to say, RACIST,  hate etc.  and almost all will just wilt away in silence, intimidated and ashamed because they have absolutely no idea how to respond.  Well, most will just stay ignorant for the rest of their lives and keep being intimidated.   You can have all of the reenactments, parades etc. and nothing like that will fix the problem.  WE ARE IN 2017 AND NOT 1865.  START ACTING WITH THIS FACT ALWAYS IN MIND.

Unfortunately, the SCV are a bunch of politically correct wimps who have not figured out that doing nothing in times of crisis will never solve anything.  The NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center are not afraid.  An attack on all monuments which is really an attack on Western Civilization, the Confederate Flag (Flag of Righteousness) and ultimately the righteousness of Jefferson Davis et al. who fought against the imposed slavery of the kike jew Melungeon Lincoln is ongoing and will not stop unless someone attempts to stop it.   Spending time in a cemetery searching names etc. is not going to reverse or solve the problem. 

The League of the South (1) realizes that the war is a war of ideas and words, (2)  that the Southern Baptist Church, really Southern Satanic Church, is committed the destruction of the Southern people  via its denouncement of the Confederate Flag and its embrace of multiculturalism and racial reconciliation,  which is absolute blasphemy, (3) that kike jews are the descendants of Satan, Christ said so in John 8:44, and are totally evil while the Southern Baptist Church worships jews and finally (4) that the Church does not even suggest following the dietary laws in Deuteronomy and Leviticus that command people not to eat the filthy pig, shrimp etc. and hence Southerners are dying off at record numbers and are sicker and poorer than the average person in the United States.  No problem -- better to be wrong, stay ignorant, be sick and die off sooner, rather than learn and change.  Unfortunately the League of the South is also very traditionalist and resistant to change.  They have not totally figured out that the present war is with words, concepts and ideas nor that black is the color of evil.

We are supposed to be watchmen on the wall.  I have been fortunate in many ways and if I stay silent then the sin is on me. I would rather make enemies than stay silent and regret for an eternity of time that I did not speak out.  You may not like this letter but you will never be able to say that I did not try to warn you.


No discussion of the South would be complete without mentioning the Klu Klux Klan.  At one time especially during Reconstruction and after, the Klan could have allegedly had a positive force in the administration of justice and the preservation of the Caucasian culture.  The use of white robes, cross burnings etc. has given the Klan a very bad reputation even in the South.  The result is that the Klan was ridiculed and anyone who disagreed with integration, northern federal rule etc. was claimed to be a member in an attempt to denigrate that person. 

I have not done nor seen any study but I suppose that most Klan members, past or present, have little education, have worked hard during their lives in their attempts to support their families, have been screwed by the government and the courts and are bitter.  I suspect that typically they are truck drivers, auto body repairmen, maintenance men, carpenters and painters or generally having an occupation that has minimal educational requirements.  This conceptionaly has put them into direct labor competition with niggers and spics causing continual resentment against the mud races.  The best thing the Klan could do for themselves and the South would be to disband.  Use their money and time to learn to how to write, possibly speak a foreign language and to learn new skills to improve themselves.

The following is copied with permission from

Reconstruction was horrible for the South under federal troops, a rapidly expanding federal dictatorship and the swarm of Khazar Jew carpet baggers to buy up the South for pennies on the dollar.  The really bad fallout was the elevation of stupid Nigra slaves into being the political leaders of the South.  And of course, the plan and push by stupid northern liberals and the developing Khazar Jew rule of the US to bring on racial integration, mixing and amalgamation at all costs. 

It was this environment that the idiots planned on destroying the White southern people forever in the late 1860s and 1870s under the scumbag Grant.  Seeing the end of the White man in the South, his culture, religion and civilization, some few thinking Southerners started the Klan in Pulaski, Tenn.  Whatever one can say about the Klan, it saved the white man in the South.  He would have been mongrelized,  wiped out and destroyed in 20 years (by the 1880s), were it not for the Klan.

But the total takeover of the US government, philosophy, and thinking by the Khazar Jew master criminals and rulers in the 20th century meant the ultimate total destruction of Whitey all over America, as we now see happening.

So with the Khazar Jew murder of little Mary Phagan in 1915, it brought a rebirth of the Klan.  So there was a constructive beneficial surge of Klan activity in the 1920s.  This backdrop opened the door to the racial thinking of the Israel Identity movement which transitioned into the present Christian Identity (CI) message.

Many or most of these early Identity leaders in the 1920s to 1960s were Klansmen.  The early leader was Reuben Sawyer in Oregon.  Later the likes of Wesley Swift and San Jacinto Capt were Klansmen in LA.  Even Herbert Armstrong was accused of being a Klansman.  He certainly believed in it and supported it in his early days.  But then, with racial integration in the 1950s, Herbert changed.

Despite all of the good that the Klan did to try to save America, it lost out in the 1950s with the Khazar Jew push to integrate and miscegInate America.  The idiot liberals, under Khazar Jew leadership and direction, made the Klan the bogie man of all time, even as bad or worse than Adolf Schicklgruber—the Jew man who turned out to be a Nationalist German who broke with his own racial Jew cousins.

Since the criminal Khazar Jews have made the Klan the epitome of evil, it is too hated to ever be revived.  Its days have long been over except that its members have not realized it.  So, I agree with you that the Klan needs to be disbanded and forgotten.  You might want to argue that Christian Identity (CI) took its place for good.  But I disagree, and CI is now a bogie man of hate and opposition—thanks to the Khazar Jew criminals who rule America.


"You are on the right track with your work on the article. You should continue it.  You have my permission to quote me above if you wish—with credit to of course". Robert Bradshaw