Martin Lucifer Koon more commonly known as Martin Luther King was an agent of Satan whose primary mission was to integrate and help destroy the House of Israel, the European people of the United States and make the United States a country, not nation, of mongrels.  While Koon has been called an instigator for communism, the satanic destruction of the Caucasian people of the United States was the ultimate purpose.  

It is well known about his plagiarism of his so called doctoral thesis, this rampant nigger preacher having many women etc. is well known and recorded on other sites.  It was such a wonderful person that its FBI records will be sealed until 2027.

It received the Noble Peace Prize from a bunch of square head ignorant Norwegians. After Koon left a town racial animosity was at its zenith.

33rd degree Free Mason Ronald Regan sold his soul the day the signed off onto the Martin Lucifer Koon holiday.  May they both rot in hell.

All of the prizes and worship of this Genesis 1:25 beast-animal-of-the-field nigger will never change its essential status nor ultimate fate.