This has got to be one of the greatest lies told in contemporary society.  Its only the color of his skin.  No that lie is not only false but a repudiation of DNA science.  Are albino nigras white or black?  How about Michael Jackson?  Well if it is color of skin, why don't we hear the term colorists?  Race is not skin deep.

The issue is race, pure and simple.  Every cell in any plant or animal's body is characterized by its DNA.  Every cell in a body, even cadavers, has DNA markers from which we can determine race and sex.  The "Only the color of his Skin" is not just a total lie but a repudiation of known science.  Race is the imprimatur of Yahweh.  No man is going to change any DNA regardless of money, education, position etc.  Whatever a person's genetics are at birth they will be that way for their entire life and pass those genetic characteristics on to their descendants.  Its called the Facts of Life.

Niggers go from high yellaw to blue gum.  High yellaws are cream colored.  Blue gums are so black they are purple and albinos are Snow White.  Which color are you talking about?

How about Michael Jackson?  The attempt to minimize the racial differences in people by excusing one of their physical characteristics is false and intentionally deceitful.  We don't hear people called "skinists" or "colorists" but "racists"!  This use of this deceitful phrase is just another weapon to attack racial purity and promote the mongrelization of the Caucasian race which is on the path to its extinction. Look at a nigra's fingernails and tell me that we are all the same.  If this is not the greatest indication that they are part of the animal kingdom, I don't know what else could be a better indicator.   

It is a person's  DNA and not their skin color which is their determining genetic characteristic.  It is possible for two "whites" to have a "black" child and visa versa.  The mixing of races not only mandates inferior hybrid mongrelization but makes provides for "throwbacks" which separation was designed to prevent.


When I hear people using the term "Whites", "Blacks", etc.  They are simply using terms which are Politically Correct in spite of having been repudiated by science but.  Political correctness is ultimately a force intent on destroying the Caucasian race with its customs and its mores.  It is based upon the concept of the necessity of respect for all people.  Yahweh made the House of Israel above all of the other peoples on the face of the earth,  Deut 7:6.   We should not follow our Judah-jew masters and use scientifically correct rather than politically correct terms.

Language is a studied science.  The Judah-jews of the world control the language through the media and cinema.  They have exclusively used the terms white and black verses the historic terms such as darkie, negro, nigger, nigra, high yellaw, spade, blue gum etc.

Political correctness is sanctioned for the very specific reason of the promotion of racial  mixing, mongrelization and the eventual extinction of the Caucasian race.  Even though the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has colored in its name, when is the last time you saw or heard colored in any media or cinema presentation?  Colored has different meanings in different countries.  Historically in the US it has meant that that person had some Negro ancestry.  In South Africa it means a person also of mixed race but not exclusively Negro.

Other examples of the use of language used to promote Caucasian extinction.

Bigotry -- There can be nothing more bigoted than saying or supporting  the lie (1) that black and white are equal or (2) refusing to admit any difference. in varying groups.   CHRIST TOLD THE JEWS IN JOHN 8:44 THAT THEIR FATHER WAS SATAN AND THAT THEY LUSTED AFTER THE DESIRES OF THEIR FATHER.   I GUESS CHRIST WAS A BIGOT.

There is nothing more bigoted than saying that white is the same as black or that all races are equal. If white is equal to black then the day is equal to night.

Prejudice -- There can be nothing more prejudicial and ignorant than saying or supporting the lie that black and white are equal.

Color Blind -- Color Blind is still blind.  Blind to the obvious truth.

Anti-semitism -- This is the jews' response to any criticism.  The jews are NOT semitic they are satanic as they all descend from Satan.    i.e. Askanaz descended from Japeth not Shem.  See Gen 10:1-3.

Equality -   We live in a world and universe of inequality where no two things or ideas are equal.  Even in mathematics there is no such thing as equality.  4 does not = 4  as the left 4 is in a different position than the right 4.   See paragraph #25 for a more complete description.

White Supremacy -- Well there can either be supremacy or or its absolute opposite, equality.  Equality does not exist in this world or in the universe as explained above, therefore there has to be supremacy.  The achievements of the various races speak more about which one is supreme than any other.  Deut 7:6 tells us that Yahweh created the House of Israel above all others.

Tolerance -- Are you tolerant of ignorance, tolerant of disease, tolerant of filth, tolerant of fraud, tolerant of hypocrisy and tolerant of intolerant people such as myself?  There is nothing redeeming about hypocrisy. Tolerance is the abdication of standards.  

Racist or Racism -- God was the first and greatest racist.  White Snow and Snow White are racist. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS FAIREST OF THEM ALL

Diversity - There is nothing so diverse as trash!  Let's just mix up all of the drugs in a pharmacy or all of the seeds in a seed store, all of the nails and screws in a hardware store and increase the diversity(entropy) and uselessness.

Inclusion - Are we to put sand in motor oil, water in gasoline, urine in drink, manure in food etc.?  Inclusion is another word for pollution.

Discrimination -- Yes, what is wrong with discrimination?  Discrimination is an essential part of life.  When we go to the food store, dog food and people food are the same thing.  Lets not discriminate.  Lets just mix up all TV and radio stations and we will only have chaos and useless cacophony.

Children of God -- We are all the children of God.  What a lie.  The House of Israel was made to be above all of the other races of the earth.  Deut 7:6    Others are Genesis 1 Beast animals or the seed of Satan (jews) Gen 3:15, John 8:44.      God only knows and loves the House of Israel, Amos 3:2, now that is discrimination.

We all bleed red -- Big deal.  So do cows, horses, chicken and fish.  The chemical hemoglobin is an iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein and is not an indicator of equality or race.