Hurricane Irma was caused by a unique alignment of the Sun, Earth and the moon.  During early September 2017, Hurricane Irma slammed the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States especially Florida and the Florida Keys.

Let's discuss this most vicious of hurricanes.  The United States witnessed a total eclipse of the Sun on 21 August 2017.  A full moon occurred two weeks and two days later on 6 September 2017.

From James Mccanney we learn that hurricanes are electrically driven by an electrical field generated by particles emanating from the Sun.  McCanney calls it the Electrical Solar System (Solar Capacitor).  The energy in a hurricane is so unbelievably huge that "warm water" simply cannot provide the energy. Furthermore, there have been hurricanes in January so "warm water" cannot be the cause. 

First, the solar flux on the equatorial regions is maximized in the period of the equinoxes.  In 2017 the equinox is on the 22nd of September.  This means that the evaporation of water from the ocean to the atmosphere is maximized during these periods.

The alignment of the Sun, earth and the moon was perfect at the time of the total eclipse and nearly perfect just two weeks and two days later.  The main difference is that during a full moon, the moon and the earth together are gravitationally (vectorially) pulling material (Solar wind) from the sun towards the earth.  During a new or Dark Moon, the moon blocks solar radiation as well as particles from the sun reaching the earth.

Florida for all practical purposes has not seen a major hurricane since Andrew in mid-August 1992.  If Carbon dioxide causes global warming etc., then there should have been a continual increase in hurricanes due to an alleged and continual increase in Carbon dioxide and not an extreme aberration that cannot be accounted for. 

September 2017 has featured three massive hurricanes upon the United States.  Harvey in Houston, Texas. Irma in the Caribbean and Florida and lately Maria in Puerto Rico.  Irma made landfall on Marco Island on Sunday 10 September as a Category 3 storm. The NHC in Miami said Irma's powerful eye roared ashore at Marco Island just south of Naples with 115 mph winds.  The full moon occurred on 6 September.  

Category 4 hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico on Wednesday, 20 September 2017, during a new moon. The Virgin Islands were raked the previous day in the evening.