Hurricanes are electrically driven and earthquakes are magnetically driven.  

On 21 August 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun occurred across the United States.  At that point, a perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon and the earth occurred.  The solar flux was maximized upon the earth because the earth and the Moon were aligned to draw the maximum amount of solar flux from the Sun.  The gravitational forces with the Sun and moon vectorally aligned in the same direction,  upon the earth were maximized due to this same perfect alignment.   

During this perfect alignment, the gravitational forces upon the earth are maximized, distorting the earth from its normal oblate spherical shape to a maximized oblate shape.  The stress and strain (distortion) upon the earth was then maximized. 

The earth's magnetic field has to be in its solid crust.  This is not the current NASA position.  NASA and many others believe that the earth's magnetic field is created in the earth's allegedly solid liquid core.  This cannot be because the earth's core must be a liquid due to its extreme heat, preventing any crystalline alignment of any matter.  NASA contends that the inner core of the earth is a solid. Well I guess we have to define a solid.  Due to the intense pressure at the center of the earth no crystalline bond could possibly exist. Can we have solids without any crystalline bonds between molecules or do we define a solid as any material where the individual molecules are severely constrained?  My understanding is that for a magnetic field to be possible that the underlying material has to have its molecules aligned in some orderly way.

Magnetic fields in a fluid can only occur when the flow is organized by being contained into some shape. They will not exist in a randomized state.  That is why the earth's magnetic field can only exist in the solid crust and not in the liquid interior. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) fields can only be created when that fluid is constrained by a solid and the flow is defined and not random.   The Sun is composed of plasma with tremendous dynamic flows.  The Sun's tremendous gravity constrains its plasma. Using the same logic, the Sun's magnetic field has to be created in its corona or exosphere.  The interior of the Sun is turbulent and non aligned.  The particles emitting from the sun are radially oriented and consequently aligned.

You cannot create a magnetic field in a stationary liquid or gas.  The pressure in the earth's core due to gravity and heat is so extreme that no crystalline structure is capable of existing. Refer to a pressure-temperature phase diagram for details.   Therefore the center of the earth must be a noncrystalline liquid under extreme heat and pressure. That is why the earth's magnetic field can only exist in the solid crust and not in the liquid interior. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) fields are only created when a fluid is constrained by a solid.  The Sun is composed of plasma with tremendous dynamic flows.  Because the overwhelming amount of mass in the Sun forces it to be a symmetrical sphere.  Perturbations shown as sunspots and flares are insignificant relative to the huge size and mass of the Sun. 

When the Sun has a mass eruption or a flare commonly called a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), the Sun's magnetic field is changed or perturbed. The magnetic field from the Sun interferes with and distorts the earth's magnetic field causing increased stress to take place in the earth's crust.   That stress is relieved by earthquakes.  The conclusion is that earthquakes occur which relieve the stress induced by the magnetic interference from the Sun.   

In September 2017 there were magnitude 8.1, 7.1 and 6.2 earthquakes in Mexico.  I believe that these massive earthquakes were caused by the Sun's magnetic field at near perfect alignment interacting with the earth's magnetic field.  Gravitational stress may have been an additional factor and was due to the relatively close alignment of the Sun, the moon and the earth in this time period.  The 6.2 quake may have been an aftershock. Time will tell.

How do we explain the movement of the earth's magnetic field?  For at least in the last 200 years the earth's, northern magnetic pole has been in northern Canada.  In the last few years, the northern magnetic pole has been moving about 40 miles a year towards the North Pole.  We know that the Sun's solar flux has a typical 11 year cycle.  We do not know why but this proves that the sun's magnetic field is in a continual state of flux. 

The official NASA story is that the earth's core is a solid. I disagree.

The pressure at the center of the earth is so intense that no crystalline structure could possibly exist and crystalline structure is the sine qua non of any metallic solid.  Temperature is linked with physical movement.  Any physical movement of Iron molecules would have prevented any alignment that could possibly create a magnetic bloc. Its well known that heat destroys magnetism.   The core is called a solid only because seismic waves apparently appear to bounce off of it.  That is a deduced quality and not the same as physical inspection under actual conditions.

I believe that the Sun's magnetic field perturbs the earth's magnetic field and the movement of the   magnetic poles is the consequence.   There is no indication that the liquid in the earth is even flowing let along being turbulent.   Furthermore, the ratio of 40 miles to the earth's circumference of about 25,000 miles is an extremely small number.