“Come out of her my people”    Revelation 18:4

The historic position of Talmudism, Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judeo Christianity including Mormonism and most Protestant sects is that the Messiah descended from Judah. 

This paper challenges this historic assumption using current computer searching techniques, new revelations from knowledge of ancient Hebrew and Greek and observation of history up to an including the present time.

We believe that we can show by scriptures, that Joseph, a nearly perfect man, had the Birthright of the Firstborn, fulfilled the prophecies, and through his son Ephraim was the progenitor of the Messiah, Son of YHWH.

Christianity has not Come Out Of Her.  Christianity is the “HER” we must come out of! 

Faith requires a personal commitment to know the truth; the blessing of the Spirit of the Holy to understand the Word; the wisdom, vision and courage to act upon the Word in the face of great public ridicule, slander, vicious attacks, persecution, and threats of violence.  All who seek truth will pay the price. It is the dues we must each pay for the right of passage.  Faith requires “full contact study,” it is not a spectator sport!

NOTE: Herein, it is not our intent to judge any man for the purpose of condemnation. Judgment belongs to YHWH.   We are only calling attention to the deeds of individuals and weighing those deeds by the same Laws and Commandments by which we must judge ourselves.  Those who say they love YHWH and do not keep His Commandments are liars!  Regardless of majority opinion, we must judge the “Saints” to know if they are truly of our Father.   Satan is a master of deception and the father of lies. From the very beginning, Satan has attempted to make evil appear to be good, and good to appear to be evil.

Satan has transformed himself into an angel (messenger) of Light and his Ministers into ministers of the Gospel.  Where else could he better employ his ministry of deception but within the Word of evei and in the teachings of the Judeo Christian Churches?  Where would you expect to find Satan’s ministers?  In the writings of the Atheists?

If you believe the Word of evei cannot be altered by evil men, then turn back now and read no further.  We, nor any man we know, have a cure for stupidity!

Why would we be accused of perverting the Word if it is impossible?   To assume that all before us, including the Interpreters and “Saints” were all righteous men who would not alter a single word, is a Lemon-leap we are not willing to take!   We are warned Satan has been transformed into an angel of light and his ministers into ministers of the Gospel. Where would you expect to find his ministers?

“Know ye not that ye shall judge the Saints?” (need verse)

We not only know that we should judge the Saints, we know why we should try the Saints. Why? To see if they are Ministers of our Heavenly Father, or the Ministers of Satan!

“From Sabbath to Sabbath and from new Moon/Month to new Moon/Month, all flesh shall worship Me.”

Is this one-day a week worship?   No!  Read it again!   Which day has YHWH left out?  We cannot enter the Sabbath Rest until we worship YHWH every day!   Our “work of the Six days” is not done until our work is competed.  Only then, do we rest, while YHWH in the Seventh Day, completes the work He has begun in us.  And concerning His work, which He completes in the Seventh day, it is written: “YHWH  does not rest, nor does He slumber!”  There is no rest for the wicked! (the inference is that Yahweh is wicked)

Our work of the “Six days” is specifically spelled out in the enumerated obstacles (stumbling blocks) we must each overcome.  Each obstacle to be overcome by us, is enumerated in Yahushua’s message to the Seven Churches in Asia.

The inability of modern Christendom to understand Yahshua’s Revelations is in the fact that they only see the obstacles to overcome (our work of the six days) found in revelation, as applying only to others and never directly to themselves. This is appropriate, because the Revelations are not sent to non-believers, but only to His Servants! Rev 1:1

(Mystery), Rev 2:1-29.  We began our work of the first day at Ephesus, by the trying of: “those who say they are Apostles, and are not, and hast found them to be liars.”  And overcoming the “Deeds of the Nicholaitans.” That is, their Antinomian teaching that the Law has been done away.

Our work of the Second day, begins at Smyrna, (a time of testing). “Those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”

 This brings us to this current study, our work of the Second Day, a study of Judah, his Sons and the false claim that Yahshua is a descendant of Judah. 

 scott vaught