We have begun to call into question the sanctity of modern-day Jebus-Jerusalem as ever having been placed where Israel was commanded worship YHWH.  See Deut 27:6-12

The Messiah Yahshua himself stood on the very steeps of the Jebus-Jerusalem temple and called the Jewish Priests the “seed of Satan, The Temple, “the synagogue of Satan.  John 8:44   It is time we asked:  Why?


Our research brings into question, the popular mistaken belief that the Jews or Judah are a chosen people of YHWH, Gen 49:10 is qualified by Gen 49:1 and applies only to the “Last days!”  The Jews have only held the Scepter over the Tribes of Israel since about the 1550's with the establishment of the House of Rothschild.    The Jews have been cast out of scores of nations.  All truth models reality.  Neither the sons of Judah on nor the Jews were “holding the scepter” while they were being routed out of these many nations.

Will someone, anyone, please provide us with a list of the nations of the world the jews or Judah have blessed?  They have been a cancer, a plague and a parasite to every nation they have entered, until they were finally drived out by force.  Again “all truth models reality”.


Our research calls into question the popularly held belief concerning the location of the crossing of the Jordan, the location of Jericho and the location of Ai.  Which appear over time, to have magically migrated south on jewish maps about 20 or 30+ miles from their previous biblical location.   see Deut 27:12.

Our research indicated that crossing of the Jordan was about 40 miles east from Mt. Gerizim which is 43 miles north of modern day Jebus-Jerusalem.  One truth never nullifies another.  The crossing was called Adam's Bridge.  It was a historic ford over the Jordan.

Can we begin our journey back to our Father, not knowing who we are or where we have come from?  How will we recognize the way?  We have been deceived!

Our research indicated that Judah scepter is a “Scepter of fiction” (infect ruling our lives and our minds, by the deception).  Except by divine intervention for chastisement, the Scepter is by Birthright of the firstborn.  Judah was fourth-born.  Ruben was a firstborn son, but lost his claim for defiling his father’s bed.

Below please find our research supported by biblical cites suggesting that Mt.  Gerizim in the Northern House of Israel, the only place in the O.T.  writings where Israel was Commanded to worship YHWH. This location is within the inheritance of Ephraim, not Judah.  This research has produced numerous questions herein, which we believe are prudent and reasonable to ask.  We have now made our case and our writing are now ready for intense biblical scrutiny, “testing by  fire”. (The word of YHWH).  This is a Spiritual Burnt Offering, that which remains, (is not consumed by the fire of testing against the Word of YHWH), will the TRUTH of the matter.

We welcome corrections, suggestions and scholarly input. supported by cited OT texts.  Please limit your comments to the subject at hand, well-studied positions citing biblical references and minimal unsupported opinions.  All are free to accept or reject our understandings and writings, “without offense”.  We reserve to ourselves the same rights concerning the understandings and writings of others which we will test against the Word.  until we come to unity we eqach must walk in the ligfht we are given. May the Blessings flow!  Scott



Gen 12:6 “And Abraham passed through the land unto the place of Shechem (Strong’s #7937) to the great Morech (teacher Strong’s #4176).  He moved from them once to the mountain (Gerizim) on the East side of Bethel (Luza) (Strong’s #1008) and pitched his tent, having Bethel (Luza) on the West and Hai (Ai, Strong’s #5857) on the east, and there he build an Altar to YHWH.


Gen 13:1-4 (in part) Abraham returning from Egypt:  v3 “Went to Bethel to the place he had pitched his tent in the beginning, between Bethel (Luza) and Hai (Ai) ,unto the place of the Altar he had made.

Gen 14:18 “Abraham met Melchizedek, King of Salem” (Strong’s #8004)

Note:  Abraham is near Mt. Gerizim (Gen 13:1-4), There is no City of  Salem on or near Mt. Gerizim.  We believe “Salem” is “Shechem”.   So either the text is saying: Melchizedek is ”King of Peace” or, we have a Scribal error or deliberate corruption of the text in an attempt to deceive.

Note in Concordance re #8004.  Most Jewish commentators affirm the same Salem is Jerusalem.

Gen 23:2  Sarah died at Kirjath-Arba, the same is Hebron is near the Terbinths (oaks) of Mamre where Abraham bought the cave and field from Ephron for 400 Sheckles of Silver (Gen 23:16).

Abraham bought the cave machpelah and a field from Ephron, the son of Zohar the Hitite.  Thus the name Ephron could also be associated with to this place.  The cave was the untended burial site for his wife Sarah, and eventually for himself.  (Gen 25:1)  Jacob/Israel and Joseph.  All other patriarchs and Matriarchs of what became the Northern House of Israel save for Rachel and the Southern House of Judah had died and were buried in Egypt.

Jacob entered Shalem (Salem, Strong’s #8003).  a city of Shechem (Strong’s #7927) in the land of Canaan.  Jacob entered peaceably the city of Sheckem in the land of Canaan”

Note herein, Salem is mis-spelled “Shalem” and given a different Strong’s number

Jacob at BethEl (Luza) says: v22  “This stone which I have set for a pillar,  shall be the House of YHWH.

BethEl (luza) is near the city of Shechem.  Gen 33:18 Shechem lieth in the valley between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  This fact is undisputed.

When Joshua led Israel into Canaan, an Amorite King, Adonizedec was dwelling in Shechem.  (Jos 10:1).  Here “King of Schechem” is deliberately corrupted to ”King of Salem”, then claimed by the jews to be Yeru-Salem, (city of peace) “Jerusalem”.  The obvious problem with this falsehood is that Jebus-Jerusalem is 43 miles south of Mt. Gerizim and remained unconquered for another 400 years.

Joshua 10:1  Adonizedek was the Amorite King of Shechem near Mt. Gerizim, while Jebus-Jerusalem, 43 miles south of Gerizim, a city of the Jebusites which remained unconquered until the days of David for another four hundred years)

Which means that Jerusalem was not originally a part of Israel being that “Shechem was in the center of the land of Israel.  It would be difficult for Jerusalem to be in the center of the land.

Schechem was in the center of the Northern House of Israel.  Jerusalem was in Benjamin.  Benjamin’s lot fell in between Israel and Judah.  We had never caught that before.  If Benjamin were counted as the Northern House of Israel, Jerusalem would be at the southern most border of Israel.  If Benjamin were counted with Judah then Jebus Jerusalem would not even be with the Northern House of Israel.

Shechem is in the valley between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  Mt. Gerizim is where YHWH commanded through Moses (Deut 27:1-7), that upon crossing the Jordan and entry into Canaan to possess the land; the sons of Israel were to build an Altar (v5-6) on Mt. Gerizim.  And, there upon to make (27:7) their offerings and rejoice before YHWH.

The Torah of the jews says, Mt. Ebal, But the much older Israelite Samaritan ”Scroll says Mt. Gerizim.  the book of Joshua 4:19; 5:9 and many subsequent verses, confirm the Altar Gilgal was built on or near Mt. Gerizim.  (NO it says Gilgal in both verses!!)

Deut 27:12 (in part) “These shall stand on Mt. Gerizim to blest e people when you come over the Jordan . . .”

Deut 27:13 (in part) “these shall stand on Mt. Ebal to curse . . . (v14) with a loud voice.”

Note:  If the crossing of the Jordan  was where we have been led to believe as indicated on Jewish bible maps, the sons of Israel would have been hard pressed for have heard the Blessings of or the Curses from 20-30 miles south of Mt. Gerizim.

If Israel crossed the Jordan where Jericho is shown on modern Jewish biblical maps, they would be crossing the Jordan twenty or thirty miles south of Mt. Gerizim.  I am persuaded Israel crossed at Adam Bridge, the “Fjords of the Jordan” nearby directly east of Gilgal,  a trade route from ancient times. 

Deut 27:2 Moses had commanded Joshua upon crossing the Jordan to take possession of the land, to set up great stones and and plaster them with plaster.

Josh 4:3 To take up twelve great stones from the midst of the Jordan and to set them up where they camped that very night. (modified)

Josh 4:19 And the people came up our of the Jordan on the 10th day of the First Month and encamped in Gilgal, in the east border of Jericho.

Gigal is an area in the valley near Mt Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  So if Gilgal were in the east border of Jericho, Josh 4:19 and Jericho is located 20-30 miles south, as depicted on Jewish Bible maps, Jericho, would need to be a City 30 miles long to border Ebal or Geriizim.  And it would have been impossible for Israel to have marched around Jericho 7 times on the seventh day of the siege Jos 6:4

12 + 12 stones Jos 4:1-9

Jos 4:2 “And those twelve stones which they took out of the Jordan, did Joshua pitch???  in Gilgal.

Jos 5:9 “ . . .the place is called Gilgal until this  day.”

Jos 5:15 Joshua, in Gilgal is told by a Price of YWYH “Loose they shoe from off tgfhey foot.  For the placed whereon thou standest is Holy.

Deut 12:5 “Unto the place YWYH shall choose out of all the tribes to put His name there, ye shall come”

Some say that “chose” is preferable over “shall choose”.

Jos 9:7-8 (paraphrased) the Hivites deceived Israel.

Jos 9:15 Israel entered into a league and Oath with the Hivites, not to destroy them.

The Hivites deceived Joshua but Joshua kept his agreement in violation of Yahweh’s law.

Jos 9:27  three days (how do we know this???) later the deception was discovered and – “the Hivites were cursed and that day made Hewers of wood and drawers of water for the Assembly of Israel and the Altar of Yahweh.

The altar cannot have been in Jebus-Jerusalem, which remained unconquered for another 400 hundred-plus years, until the days of King David.

Deut 27:1-7 Gilgal is a few miles east of both Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.

Jos 5:15  Gilgal is Holy ground

Jos 24:1  Israel gathered in Shechem before Eloheim (Strong’s #410)

Jos 24:32  Joseph’s bones brought out of Egypt, buried at Shechem



The misnomer Jerusalem (Jos 10:1) is actually in the Northern House of Israel and is not Jerusalem by Shechem?????


Mt. Gertizim is the mountain of YHWH.  Gilgal is the place the sons of Israel were commanded to make their offerings and rejoice before YHWH, when they first came into the land of Canaan.

Bethel (Luza) is on top of Mt. Gerizim, where Jacob set the Pilar, near the city of Shechem and known by many other names,.  In NT times this area was called Samaria.  We repeat.  BethEl (Luza), the House of Yahweh is on top of Mt. Gerizim.

After Gilgal the tabernacle and the stones were moved to the peak of Gerizim and there, they brought their sacrifices.

Jacob set a pillar there (Luza) and said: “This shall be the House of YHWH”  Gen 28:19-22

Jebus was a Canaanite Royal city is falsely claimed by the jews to be the Holy city.

It is interesting that these cities remain very close to where they are said to be in the KJV in the days of Joshua, and according to the much older Abisha Scroll.  Abisha was the great grandson of Aaron and penned the Abisha Scroll in the 13th year after crossing the Jordan to possess the land. That Abisha scroll differs in more than 6,000 places from the text of the Jewish torah. The jewish torah is said to have been copied from the Abisha Scrolls.

Why was there no place of worship in judah until the days of David some four hundered years after entering the land of Canaan for possession?

Allegedly there was a pagan worship center there, it was a pagan city, even in David’s time, there were at his wife’s origin which David was command not to marry.

There was a rift in the Priesthood and Eli separated himself from he Priest of YHWH and moved to Shiloh and built an Altar there.  We know that establishing another Altar apart from Gerizim was considered a great offense against YHWH.  An offense so great, that it almost sparked a war between those tribes inheriting east of the Jordan and those tribes inheriting west of the Jordan.  Jos 22:10-29

Please read Jos 22:10-29 because it establishes a fact that building an Altar for offerings and sacrifices to YHWH anywhere other than Mt. Gerizim, is an abomination and offense so grea, as to be worthy of the putting to death ot the builders.

If you are still in doubt, read Jeremiah Chapters 8 and 9 concerning and the cities of Judah

Why did David arbitrarily move Israel’s place of worship from “The House of YHWH”, near Mt. Gerizim in the Northern House of Israel, to Jebus-Jerusalem, the highest place of Worship of the Seven Royal Cities of the Canaanites near the Southern House of Judah.

text by Scott Vaught

comments by russ Walker