Words are used to convey information and unfortunately can be used to deceive and control.  Words are some of the mightiest weapons in any war.  The fact of the matter is that the world's jews control the media and entertainment and use words to accomplish their primary goal which is ultimately the destruction of the Caucasian race or less commonly known as the House of Israel.  Esau, the jews, and Jacob, the father of the House of Israel, will always be at war till the jews are sentenced to the eternal lake of fire.  In the meantime, we must fight them and have answers to being called, racist, bigot etc. in an attempt to intimidate others who do not agree with their positions.

Ultimately the position proffered is that all two-legged humans are equal and deserve respect.  This is a blatant attempt to destroy pure race Caucasians due to racial mixing and make all humans nothing more than a bunch of hybrid mongrel animals.  This paper gives others the linguistic tools necessary to refute the evil universalism that others are trying to push on us.

"All men are created equal."  So said slave-holding Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  This phrase as been used to destroy reality and the truth about the inequality of all men. For starters, certainly Jefferson was not equal with his slaves.

There is no such thing as equality!  Whenever I hear the ludicrous comment that "All men are created equal."  I ask, Is a baby born with AIDS equal to one who is not? How about blind or missing an arm or two? Equality is the greatest of all lies. How about being born in the African bush versus being born in a Western hospital? Is that your idea of equality?  

There is nothing in this world or universe that is equal.  Not people, not races, not soils, not elements, not isotopes, not ions, not snowflakes, not fingerprints, not retina scans, not stereo-isomers, not voice prints nor DNA.  

Some people say "We all bleed red".  So what.  So do my horses, chickens and dogs.

We live in a world and universe of inequality where no two things or ideas are equal.  Not even in mathematics is there equality!  4 = 4 is a lie regardless of what most think. Physical location or position is a characteristic of numbers.  The right four is in a different position than the left four, hence the two "4's" are unequal.  If there is no equality in a pure science such as mathematics then there can be no such thing as equality in anything else.  Equality is a Martin (Marxist) Lucifer Koon lie.

The only equality in the world and universe is that all people, animals, plants, minerals and all rocks receive 24 hours a day.

The Bible says that there is a group of people, the House of Israel, Deut 7:6, that is above all others on the face of the earth.  The Bible talks about heaven and hell.  Christ said, "In my house, there are many mansions", John 14:2 inferring a different and unequal status of each.  Another excellent example is of Christ speaking to the jews telling them that he is from above and they are from beneath.  
John 8:23 "And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world."
How can anyone even speak about equality after knowing about these two verses?  The right science and the right religion will always agree!


Words are weapons.  When someone uses a word-weapon against you, you must have a weapon to deflect and destroy the weapon of the aggressor.  When someone calls you a name that is intended to intimidate you, big, tall, ugly, short fat etc. you must and I mean must immediately come back with a response that intimidates them.  Any other kind of response is ineffective and will subject you to further ridicule.  Neutralizing the attempt to intimidate is the necessity as you win all draws.  You will have successfully intimidated the other person because they have no answer and the whole world will know it.


Hate is frequently used as an attempt to silence others.  Hate is increasingly used every day. Don't be silenced.  What is wrong with hate?  

I hate snakes, hate dishonesty, hate fraud, hate disease, hate starvation, hate poverty, hate slothfulness, hate inefficiency, hate greed, hate liars, hate perverts, hate child molesters, hate pride, hate selfishness, hate corruption, hate evil, hate those who would suppress Freedom of Speech, hate those who would undermine the values of Western Civilization and most of all I hate hypocrisy.  

"Esau, I have hated."  Mal. 1:3  "I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies." Psalms 139:22

Hypocrisy has no redeeming value. There is nothing wrong with hate but everything wrong with hypocrisy.   Hate is a positive protective defensive mechanism that we use to protect us.  I am a hater and proud of it.  Any sentence with the word "hate" in it is logically "hate speech".

We hear the phrase "Hate Crimes".  Well, the concept of "hate crimes" infers that there are love crimes. non-sense. All criminality is a function of some kind of hate. The jews are a hate group.  This is just a modern-day continuation of Esau and Jacob and the birthright with Esau sold for a bowl of porridge.     They hate white Christian society and will do whatever it takes to destroy it. Symbols first.   The reason for the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution was due to hate.  The colonists hated the excesses of the British monarchy.  The Bill of Rights was instituted as the recipe for the protection of themselves and their posterity.

The best answer for someone who decries hate and does not agree with you --

  I may be a hater but at least I am not a hypocrite.


"Racist" has become the worst epithet in the English language.  Calling someone a racist is an attempt to intimidate and silence them.  Don't ever be intimidated but have arrows in your quiver to immediately refute the intimidation attempt.  The best answer is --


Make the other person explain their position. They will not have a decent answer.   I have used this response over 250 times and have never been given a satisfactory response.  After your initial response, you can then assert that God was and is the greatest racist and that you are proud to be a racist.

God was the first and greatest racist!  You can't get better or bigger than God.    If someone calls you a racist, respond with "What is wrong with being a racist!"   

What is wrong with being a racist?  

I am proud to be a racist. 

Denial of race is the denial of God. 

Denial of race is the denial of reality.

Don't ever be intimidated by an anti-God anti-Christ message.  White Snow, Snow White as well as black coal are all racist.  I was in a shouting match with an East Indian mud.  He needed to be reminded that he was a shit colored mud and I was not.  Always have a comeback.  Never allow yourself to be intimidated.   Most of the third world wipe their rear ends with their fingers. Toilet paper is a western invention.

If you don't have a powerful and deflecting response, the race weapon will be continually used against you and you will be intimidated and defeated.

N.B. I have used these techniques many times.  No one has ever answered the question to me --  

"What is wrong with being a racist?" etc.



Today tyrants, real or would be, are calling those who believe in individual freedom of speech and action - fascists, in an attempt to suppress differing ideas.  

Fascism comes from the Latin fascis (fasces) or bundle of sticks for example.  Merriam-Webster defines fascism as follows --  A political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.

John Rappaport defines fascism as follows -- "A fasces is a Roman device. Actually, it originated with the ancient Etruscans, from whom the earliest Romans derived their religious jurisprudence nearly three thousand years ago. It's an axe-head whose handle is a bundle of rods tightly strapped together by a red sinew. It symbolizes the ordering of priestly functions into a single infallible sovereign, an autocrat who could require life and limb of his subjects. If the fasces is entwined with laurel, like the pair on the House [of Representatives] wall, it signifies Caesarean military power. The Romans called this infallible sovereign Pontifex Maximus, 'Supreme Bridgebuilder'."

It's hypocritical that the people typically calling others fascists are fascists themselves, trying to eradicate Freedom of Speech and suppressing differing viewpoints.  Stand up for the rock bottom principle of Western Civilization, Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Examples of U.S. fascism are the forced integration of the school system and the abolition of individual and property rights under the so called civil rights laws of the 1960's.

PREJUDICE -- This is probably the oldest word used to intimidate others.  Is it prejudice to believe that black and white are equal?  Is it prejudice to believe that we all have different and unequal DNA or is modern science to be eviscerated because it does not support ignorance? Is it prejudice to believe that some mud bitch by wearing a diaper on her head is somehow smarter or more virtuous than others? Is it prejudice to believe that people growing up in some mud country where they practice "Honor Killings" or "Genital Mutilation" are going to be able to adapt to Western Civilization? Is it prejudice to believe that Muslims who bow down to Mecca five times a day are intelligent and able to create a first class society? Is it prejudice to believe that those coming from backward countries where even the concept of time is unknown are going be productive and not extremely jealous of others?  Is it prejudice to believe that white and black are different and unequal?

We hear that we are on the wrong side of history.  Wrong.  The history that counts is what will be remembered in 1000 or 2000 years. When people stand before Yahweh on the day of judgment that will be the history that counts not just today's politically correct ephemeral feeling.

Your comments are offensive.  Tough. "Offensive" is a ubiquitous attempt to stifle freedom of speech and expression. Your use of "offensive" is offensive to me.    I am offended at people's lack of respect for the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Religion.  We allegedly have a First Amendment which protects Freedom of Speech and Expression. We will either have Freedom of Speech or we will have a tyranny.  Freedom of Speech and Expression is the bedrock of Western Civilization and its superiority to all other so-called civilizations and cultures.   If you are offended then I am offended.  I am especially offended by hypocrisy.  Do as I say not as I do.   Some people are offended at everything especially the truth.

This has got to be one of the greatest lies told in contemporary society.  It's only the color of his skin.  No that lie is not only false but a repudiation of DNA science where race is indicated in every cell.  Are albino nigras white or black? Nigra is the historic polite term for Negroes.   Was Michael Jackson white or black? Well if it is the color of skin, why don't we use the term skinists or colorists?
The issue is race, pure and simple.  Every cell in any plant or animal's body is characterized by its DNA. Every cell in a body, even cadavers, has DNA markers from which we can determine race and sex.  The "Only the color of his skin" phrase is not just a total lie but a repudiation of known science.  Race is the imprimatur of Yahweh.  No man is going to change any DNA regardless of money, education, position etc. Whatever a person's genetics are at birth they will be that way for their entire life and pass those genetic characteristics on to their descendants.  It's called the Facts of Life.

Next time someone mentions Color of Skin, say "Do You mean color of shit colored skin?"

Nigras go from high yellaws to blue gums.  High yellaws are cream colored.  Blue gums are so black they appear to be purple.  Albinos are Snow White.  Which color are you talking about?

How about Michael Jackson?  The attempt to minimize the racial differences in people by excusing one of their physical characteristics is false and intentionally deceitful.  We don't hear people called "skinists" or "colorists" but "racists".  Why not?   This use of this deceitful phrase is just another weapon to attack racial purity and promote the mongrelization of the Caucasian race which is on the path to its extinction. Look at a nigra's fingernails and tell me that we are all the same.  If this is not the greatest indication that they are part of the animal kingdom, I don't know what else could be a better indicator.   

It is a person's  DNA and not their skin color which is their determining genetic characteristic.  It is possible for two "whites" to have a "black" child and visa verse where recessive genes come to the forefront.    The mixing of races not only mandates inferior hybrid mongrelization but makes provides for "throwbacks" which separation was designed to prevent.

When I hear people using the term "Whites", "Blacks", etc.  They are simply using terms which are Politically Correct in spite of having been repudiated by science.  Put a sheet of white paper next to your face and tell me if you are still "white".  Skin color is never a replacement for race.

The ultimate basis for using colors to describe races is just another attempt to inject equality into an unequal situation.  Red, green, blue, white, black etc. are typically called colors.  Black is actually the absence of all color.  They are all "equal" to each other.  Absolutely false. They have different frequencies and wavelengths.  That is hard science.    Political correctness is ultimately a force intent on destroying the Caucasian race with its customs and its mores.  It is based upon the concept of the necessity of respect for all people. Yahweh made the House of Israel above and unequal to all of the other peoples on the face of the earth,  Deut 7:6.  

We should not follow our Judah-jew master's determination of language and use scientifically correct rather than politically correct terms.  
We should always use science (knowledge) to confront the politically correct people and their wrong usage of language.  

Language is a studied science.  The Judah-jews of the world control the language through the media and cinema and have exclusively used the terms white and black versus the historical terms such as darkie, negro, nigger, nigra, high yellaw, blue gum, kaffir etc.

Political correctness is sanctioned for the very specific reason of the promotion of racial mixing, mongrelization and the eventual extinction of the Caucasian race.  Even though the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has "colored" in its name.  When is the last time you saw or heard "colored" in any media or cinema presentation?  Colored has different meanings in different countries.  Historically in the US, it has meant that that person had some Negro ancestry.  In South Africa, it means a person also of mixed race but not exclusively Negro.


This is one of the favorite terms that the Southern Poverty Law Center uses in an attempt to intimidate people. Tell the truth.  The answer is YES --

I am a white supremacist.  What is wrong with being a white supremacist?  

Someone has to be supreme because there is no such thing as equality, not even in mathematics. People, races, animals etc. are either superior or inferior. Equality does not exist in this world or in the universe as explained above, therefore there has to be supremacy.  Viewing the three races, the conclusion is overwhelming regarding inventions and discoveries and exploration of the earth. Whites explored the earth and the two other races did not.   Deuteronomy 7:6 ratifies this where we find out that the House of Israel is above all of the nations on the face of the earth.


THERE IS NOTHING AFFIRMATIVE ABOUT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.  This is one of the greatest lies of the last 50 years.  There is nothing affirmative about selecting a person for a job, promotion or school admission who is inferior.  It is pure race discrimination and the net conclusion is a dumber work force and educational establishment.  This society is declining under these kinds of ludicrous lies and policies.


It's amazing that some people have the guts or ignorance to mention affirmative action and equal opportunity at the same time.  How can you have affirmative action and equal opportunity at the same time?  These two terms are just two more lies to destroy the hard working white most probably male.


Of course, I am a redneck and proudly so.  I am Anglo-Saxon, fair and not afraid to work hard in the garden or in the field.  My neck becomes red from the sun.  Only fair skinned people can become rednecks.  Don't ever be intimidated for being fair.


NAZI means National Socialism.  When called a NAZI, I quickly agree.   The US is a NAZI country with social security which is neither social nor secure, compelled Obamacare, compelled auto insurance in spite of the alleged right to travel, compulsory payment of property taxes to pay for "free" education which is directly from the playbook of Karl Marx, compelled Roman Catholic 1040 confessions under the rubric of Income Tax.  Better to be a NAZI than a hypocrite.


We hear more and more use of the word bigot because "racist" has lost its punch.  Overuse always destroys the impact of any word.  There can be nothing more bigoted than saying or supporting the lie (1) that white is equal to black or (2) refusing to admit any difference in varying races or groups.   CHRIST TOLD THE JEWS IN JOHN 8:44 THAT THEIR FATHER WAS SATAN AND THAT THEY LUSTED AFTER THE DESIRES OF THEIR FATHER.  

Matthew 10:5-6
These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel

CHRIST WAS A BIGOT and the world's foremost one at that.

There is nothing more bigoted than saying that white is the same as black or that all races are equal.


There can be nothing more prejudicial and ignorant than saying or supporting the lie that black and white are equal.  White never came from black and black never came from white.  Is it prejudice to say that white and black are just not equal but absolute opposites.  The Stephan-Boltzmann law says so with the long known concept of "Black Body Radiation".


It's not about color, it's about being blind.  Color Blind is still blind.  Blind to the obvious truth.  Blind to God's creations.


This is the jews' response to any criticism.  The jews are NOT Semitic.  They are satanic as they all genetically descend from Satan.  Christ said so in John 8:44.  i.e. Askanaz descended from Japheth, not Shem.  See Gen 10:1-3.


Are you tolerant of ignorance, tolerant of disease, tolerant of filth, tolerant of fraud, tolerant of hypocrisy and tolerant of intolerant people such as myself?  There is nothing redeeming about hypocrisy. Tolerance is the abdication of standards.  

The mantra for today's politically correct is  -- NO TOLERANCE FOR INTOLERANCE


There is nothing so diverse as trash!  Let's just mix up all of the drugs in a pharmacy or all of the seeds in a seed store, all of the nails and screws in a hardware store and increase the diversity (entropy) and uselessness.  Diversity is just another word for destruction.  It's ironic that the rainbow nation of South Africa uses the rainbow as its symbol yet tries to integrate the whites out of existence.  Hypocrisy and dishonesty at their best. 

The Hypocrite's motto is -- Diversity commands uniformity at least when it comes to politically correct mandated thought. Only one view is permitted. Black is the same as white.  Everything and everyone is equal.

The diversity of speech thought and expression is simply not allowed yet the lie of diversity is promulgated. Actions speak louder than words.  


INCLUSION IS POLLUTION.  Inclusion is destruction --  destruction of purity.  Are we to put tomato sauce on apple pie, sand in motor oil, water in gasoline, urine in drink, manure in food etc.?  Inclusion is just another word for pollution and destruction. Should I be forced to associate with those who have smallpox, HIV, Typhoid, AIDS, Cholera, Chikungunya Fever etc.?


What is wrong with discrimination? Discrimination is freedom in action.  Discrimination is an essential part of life.  When we go to the food store;  are dog food and people food the same thing?  Are sewer water and drinking water the same thing? Flint Michigan showed all that brown water and clear water are equal and identical.  Sure.

Let's not discriminate.  Let's just mix up all TV and radio stations and we will only have chaos and useless cacophony. All animals are the same.  We can handle snakes as well as birds.  Honey bees are identical as wasps and hornets.  Poison ivy is the same as spinach, after all, they are both green colored.


We are all the children of God.  What a lie.  Is Satan a child of God?  How about Judas?    The House of Israel was made to be above all of the other races of the earth.  Deut 7:6    Others are Genesis 1:25 Beast animals or the seed of Satan (jews) Gen 3:15, John 8:44, Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9.      God only knows and loves the House of Israel, Amos 3:2, now that is discrimination.


National Socialism is actually big government regardless of the underlying name, Democrat, Nazi, liberal etc. Liberals who are actually NAZI's who like to call others what they are themselves.  Hypocrisy at its best.   People are being called the name NAZI in an attempt to ridicule or intimidate them.  The United States is presently a NAZI country. NAZI means National Socialism.  We have government schools Karl Marx style, paid for by the compelled exaction of real estate taxes.  Compelled auto insurance necessary to drive on the "People's" roads.  National Health Obama care being forced down people's throats. Compelled Social Security which is, in reality, not social but a compelled Ponzi scheme.  Social Security is not Social because it is compulsory and it is not secure because it is not Social.


Socialism starts with stealing.  You must steal from someone before you can give it "free" to another.  The essence of "social" is voluntariness.  Not compulsion nor its direct opposite, freedom.  


Big deal.  So do cows, horses, chicken and fish.  The chemical Hemoglobin is an iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein and is not an indicator of equality or race.


The word "gay" is utterly fraudulent when it is substituted for homosexuals.  Queers have perverted the word "gay" as there is nothing gay about being queer.  Homosexuals have higher rates of morbidity and mortality, especially suicide.  The reasons vary. As a group, they are less happy than average.  Possibly because of a general rejection by society.


One of the now standard corporate lies is that everyone deserves respect. Why? Must I respect murderers, how about rapists, maybe traitors, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, people with AIDS or syphilis, corrupt and cheating businessmen, possibly pornographers?  How about sloths or those who are lazy, uneducated or incompetent? 


The latest phrase we hear about is "Community Standards" from Facebook, Google, AirBnb etc. Whose community standards need to be the question?  Of course, the answer is that the so-called Community Standards are in reality no standards, just admit and accept anyone and everyone -- everything and everyone is equal and deserving of respect.  These are the jewish standards that these jew and shit colored mongrel companies are trying to force upon the remainder of the population.  The heart of their Community Standards is discrimination and censorship at their very heart against those who do not agree with their jewish "Community".  My way or the highway.   The abolition of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice is their ultimatum.


S.I. Hayakawa wrote "Language in Thought and Action" in 1941.  In his chapter titled "Race and Words" p. 90; he speaks about a nigra (the historic polite Southern word for Negro) who did not like being called a "nigger". The response was classic. "Well, what's insultin' about that?  You are a nigger, ain't you?"  That was telling it like it is.  Don't ever be put on the defensive by telling the truth.


There is nothing wrong with being xenophobic, a fear of foreigners.  Fear of their diseases, fear of their culture, fear of some for their propensity for violence, fear of their jealousy for westerners.  It is generally believed that Marco Polo brought back insects or viruses that caused the Black Plague in Europe.

From Wikipedia -- "The Black Death is thought to have originated in the arid plains of Central Asia, where it then traveled along the Silk Road, reaching Crimea by 1343.  From there, it was most likely carried by Oriental rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships. Spreading throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, the Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60% of Europe's total population.  In total, the plague may have reduced the world population from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million in the 14th century. The world population as a whole did not recover to pre-plague levels until the 17th century.  The plague recurred occasionally in Europe until the 19th century."

The greatest threat to Western Civilization and human progress is censorship. Long used by the Roman Catholic Church, Hitler, Stalin and by many dictatorships, Chavez and Zimbabwe for example. It posits that there is only one view on any subject and tried to prevent exposure of its wrong by not letting any criticism or examination of its thesis.  Someone declares themselves to be God and only certain views or conclusions may be published. The concept of cross-examination is not allowed because the underlying premise may be not just challenged but destroyed.
Fortunately, we live in 2018 and there are many venues for expression and any vehicle that is restricted may be criticized in other areas. The Mormon church, unfortunately, follows this nonsense with the "You may not criticize the Lord's anointed." as found in the endowment. Hypocrisy is always associated with censorship. Censors always have a good reason for censorship except that they might be totally wrong. The bible says that "In the latter days, knowledge shall be increased." Hosea 4:6
The most ludicrous examples are those who proclaim that black is equal to white and that DNA is racist and has to be excluded as a consequence. God made the races. Not just common sense but science (Stephan-Boltzmann Law) scream out at this insanity.

We will either have Freedom of Speech or we will have tyranny!