Language is a studied science.  Liberals, news media etc. use words to destroy the Caucasian race.  Most people have no idea how to respond to being called a racist, bigot etc.   I have taken the most commonly used words in the English language used by liberals and integrationists and given responses that nullify or greatly reduce the impact of the offensive words. 

RACIST -- Racist is the most used word to intimidate those who do not believe in equality or integration etc.   It must be powerfully repulsed.    Respond with -- "What is wrong with being racist?" OR  "God created the races". OR "God was the first and greatest racist!"  "Denial of race is denial of God."

Don't ever let some shit colored MUD put you on the defensive. God made you black for a reason.

The worst and I mean worst answer is;  "Who me, I a racist!"  Eddie Murphy style.   No one will believe you.  You  will not only be a racist you will be a liar. Trump has recently said that, "There is not a racist bone in my body."   I don't think anyone believed him.


BIGOTRY - Bigotry is getting increased favor because the term "Racist" as an intimidation term is losing its effect.  Use the same general response as racist.  What is wrong with being a bigot?  Make the other person explain his ignorance.  Most people don't even know the dictionary definition of bigot.

OFFENSIVE - Tough.  I am offended at people's lack of respect for the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, Expression and Religion.  We allegedly have a First Amendment which protects Freedom of Speech and Expression. We will either have Freedom of Speech or we will have a tyranny.   If you are offended then I am offended.  I am especially offended by hypocrisy.  Do as I say not as I do.   Some people are offended at everything especially the truth.

INCLUSION -  Are we to include feces in food, urine in drink, sand in motor oil, water in gasoline?  Weeds and stones in crop fields?  Foxes and chickens together?  Exhaust in breathing air?   No we only mix or include when that mix is beneficial and not destructive.  Inclusion is another word for pollution.    

TOLERANCE - Are we to be tolerant of ignorance, tolerant of  disease, tolerant of fraud, tolerant of sickness, tolerant of hypocrisy AND FINALLY tolerant of intolerant people such as myself?  Tolerance is a lack of or abdication of standards, especially of excellence and meritocracy. tolerant of intolerant people such as myself?

EQUALITY -- There is no such thing as equality!  Whenever I hear the stupid comment, that "All men are created equal." it sickens me.   Was Jefferson created equal as with his slaves?  I ask if a baby born with AIDS is equal to one who is not? or how about someone blind or having one arm etc.   Equality is the greatest of all lies. There is nothing in this world and universe that is equal.  Not people, not races, not soils, not elements, not isotopes, not ions, not snowflakes, not fingerprints, not retina scans, not stereo-isomers, not voice prints nor DNA.  Not even in mathematics is there equality!  4 = 4 is a lie regardless of what most think. Location or position is a characteristic of numbers.  The right four is in a different position than the left  four, hence inequality.  If there is no equality in a pure science such as mathematics then there can be no such thing as equality in anything else.  Equality is a Martin Lucifer Koon lie.

The only equality in the world and universe is that people, animals, plants and rocks get 24 hours a day.

DIVERSITY -- There is nothing so diverse as trash!  Let's just mix up all of the drugs in a pharmacy or all of the seeds in a seed store, all of the nails and screws in a hardware store and increase the diversity (entropy) and uselessness.

Examples of diversity are urine, chlorine or fluorine in drinking water, feces in food, sand in motor oil or water in gasoline.  Maybe we should go into pharmacies and just mix up all of the drugs in the interests of diversity and increase the entropy.  Let’s go to a feed store and mix up all of the seeds.  After all, all seeds are created equal.  Let’s put stones and weed seed back into garden soil.  There is nothing so diverse as trash! Increasing the entropy of any system diminishes its value and that is hard science.  The Second law of Thermodynamics and Le Chatelier’s principle have societal consequences. Diversity is death. Death to purity and usefulness.  Diversity is the harbinger of mongrelization and hybridization -- the destruction of pure plants and animals.

No advanced nation, civilization or organization has ever survived invasion or its more modern term, diversity.  Not ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome.  For more modern examples review what immigration did for the American Indian?  Ask the Palestinians about the advantages of admitting strangers with their ideas and strange genetics into their society. Western Civilization World is dying in case you have not figured it out.

Furthermore no society has ever survived when it succumbed to the perversions of homosexual queers.  The queers have perverted the English word “gay” from meaning happy to acceptable.  There is nothing gay in being queer. In the interests of decorum I need not detail the perverted practices that queers participate in.  No beast animal in the world stoops so low and to be so perverted. 

Diversity never seems to include diversity of speech, diversity of belief, diversity of thought or diversity of expression.  Some complain that unfettered Freedom of Speech is offensive.  Well any good communication is going to be offensive to someone.  Does that mean that we need to censor everything?  I find censorship to be the repudiation of the Values of Western Civilization and one of the most offensive concepts imaginable.



Yahweh God almighty said, "Esau, I have hated"  Mal. 1:3, Rom 9:13.   

Psalm 139:22 -- "I hate them with perfect hatred.   I count them mine enemies."

The words "hate" or "hatred" exist about 85 times in the King James Version of the bible.  

WOW you can't get much better than that.  In the last 20 years a concept known as "hate crimes" has evolved.  If there are "hate crimes" then logically there must be "love crimes".  Of course "love crimes" would be a contradiction of terms as all crimes involve some kind of hatred or malice towards another person, concept or organization.  "Hate Crimes" are of course hypocrisy pure and simple.  

I hate disease, I hate corruption, I hate filth, I hate dishonesty, I hate ignorance, I hate poison ivy, I hate snakes, I hate mosquitoes, I hate trash, I hate evil and above all I hate hypocrisy etc.  I guess that makes me a hater.

We are witnessing an extreme example of hypocrisy here.  Others can hate some concept or speech but the condemned people are not supposed to respond as their speech might be "hate speech" as defined by others.  "Haters" are supposed to be silent, apologetic, and consumed with shame and remorse.  NO WAY. Stand up for the truth as Daniel Webster said, "There is nothing so powerful as the truth".

NIGGER - No discussion of words without commenting on "nigger" would be complete.  Up to the say 1970's nigger was commonly in use in US contemporary society.  It is still frequently used among colored people and in the rural South.  The liberal, read jewish, press has determined that the use of the word "nigger" is so offensive that its use cannot be tolerated and has decreed that all use the phrase "N-word" in its place.  First of all the liberals have made the word "nigger" the most famous word in the English language.  Some use the phrase "N's" or "N-words" to describe niggers or the more historic "colored" or the historic polite "nigra".

In the first edition of "Language in thought and Action" (1943) S.I. Hayakawa responded to someone who objected to being called a "nigger".  Hayakawa responded with the truth is a defense to libel approach with; "You are a nigger aren't you".  Later editions omitted this response as it was extremely politically incorrect.

NIGGER KIKE CHINK OR DYKE.  Rhymes doesn't it.

SUPREMACIST -- Well someone has to be superior and someone has to be inferior as equality does not exist.  It is that simple

XENOPHOBIC --  There is nothing wrong with being Xenophobic.  It's nothing less than racial self-preservation.  Self-preservation of an existing society.  Ask the American Indians or the Palestinians about being Xenophobic?  Color Blind -- Color Blind is still blind.  Blind to the obvious truth.

ANTI-SEMITISM  -- This is the jews' response to any criticism.  The jews are NOT semitic they are satanic as they all descend from Satan.    i.e. Askanaz descended from Japeth not Shem.  See Gen 10:1-3.

WHITE SUPREMACY  -- Well there can either be supremacy or its absolute opposite, equality.  Equality does not exist in this world or in the universe as explained above, therefore there has to be supremacy.  The achievements of the various races speak more about which one is supreme than any other.  Deut 7:6 tells us that Yahweh created the House of Israel above all others.

DISCRIMINATION --  Yes, what is wrong with discrimination?  Discrimination is an essential part of life.  When we go to the food store, dog food and people food are the same thing.  Let us not discriminate.  Let us just mix up all TV and radio stations and we will only have chaos and useless cacophony.

CHILDREN OF GOD  -- We are all the children of God.  What a lie.  The House of Israel was made to be above all of the other races of the earth.  Deut 7:6    Others are Genesis 1:30 Beast animals or the seed of Satan (jews) Gen 3:15, John 8:44.      God only knows and loves the House of Israel, Amos 3:2, now that is discrimination.

BLEED RED --   We all bleed red -- Big deal.  So do cows, horses, chicken and fish.  The chemical hemoglobin is an iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein and is not an indicator of equality or race.


Ezekiel 3:5 says:  For thou art not sent H7971 to a people H5971 of a strange H6012 speech H8193 and of an hard H3515 language, H3956 but to the House of Israel H3478.  

Strong's numbers are in blue.  Strong's generally translates H3515 as heavy, great and H6012 as unintelligible.

English and especially Southern English is the softest language in the world.  Well spoken English has a charming soft drawl and the words generally do not end abruptly.  English is not crude like Chinese not guttural like, Dutch, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese nor Spanish due the Arabic influence in Spanish.  Italian which is generally considered to be the most beautiful language in the world is also not especially soft regardless of any general perception although the Milanese dialect can be soft.  The African languages that I have heard are harsh also with no softness or drawl. Even French is harsh relative to English with its "th" sound.  Cathedral is pronounced cah-tA-dral with hard short "A" instead of the English cah-thee-drell with a soft "thee" and slight drawl.  

Foreigners have a hard time with the English "th" sound using instead the much cruder "D" instead. These, those, there, etc. becoming dese, dose, dere.  Crude and uneducated sewer speech.