The crown of the blessings (Gen 49:26) was that the Savior would descend from Joseph.  The sacred scriptures were altered thousands of years ago to show that the messiah would descend from Judah and not Joseph.  Now in the latter days the truth has been revealed. 

Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith (1898–1976) apparently knew that Christ was a Gentile and not from the House of Judah -- Refer to "A Collection of Notable Lives", originally published in Arkansas Biography appears in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture in an altered form.  Arkansas Biography is available from the University of Arkansas Press.

Buddy Johnson later in about 1990 also recognized  the fraud concerning Judah.   “In the latter days knowledge shall be increased.”  Dan 12:4

Historically due to the chronologies of Christ listed in Matthew,  Luke and Chronicles it has been taken for granted that Christ descended through Judah.  The most typical support for Judah being the progenitor of Christ comes from Matthew 1 and Luke 3.  However they had to get this information from somewhere else.   They got it from Chronicles.  The scribes who translated Chronicles from the original Hebrew were jews. 

Christ descended from Joseph and there are numerous scriptures to confirm this.  Some jew scribe (in his tribe’s own self-interest) only needed to change one word and has perpetuated one of the greatest lies and frauds in the history of man.  This fraud has lasted for at least 4000 years.

In the last few years with computer searching and on-line biblical resources, a greater understanding of this situation has evolved.  We can now present overwhelming evidence to expose and repudiate this jewish fraud. 
The bible in spite of its alleged many translating mistakes has got to have a trend, message or some consistency about it.  Whatever does not fit is extraneous.  Yahweh is not a God of chaos.  The jew scribes probably had just to change one word and in their own self-interest changing Christ's genealogy and making him a descendant of Judah.  The New Testament writers failed to see this but in the latter days with computer searches, Strong’s concordance, 2000 later years of history etc., it has come out.  The only way that the bible makes sense is if we realize that Christ descended from Joseph and was born in Galilee.  Everything about Christ reflects upon Joseph and the House of Israel and NOT Judah.  All of the pieces have to fit together.  The following stories have to be reconciled.  i.e.

1- Rachel weeping
2- Judah bowing
3- Judah descending down to Canaan to associate with a Canaanite (Shulah) and a whore (Tamar)
4- Christ came only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, not to Judah
5- Judah’s evil children of a Canaanite woman, Er, Onan and Shelah
6- Rachel, the chosen vs. Leah and her deception in the dark
7- The scepter which ultimately has to belong to Christ
8- The birthright which ultimately has to belong to Christ

9- Jacob’s blessings in Gen 48 and 49
10- Bones of the Kings and Princes of Judah being exhumed and dried out in the sun, Jer 8:1-3

11- The bones of Joseph were carried during the Exodus from Egypt  to Shechem and buried there.               Joshua 24:32.  
12- Numbering of all of Judahites in the captivity, wilderness and the Promised Land with the satanic             Shelahites for over 500 years
13- Joshua directing Judahites in the Promised land, to abide or to be separate from the House of Israel. 
14- Zerah and Pharez being products of whoredom and incest

The bible must have a consistency which has to be the sine qua non of truth.

How Joseph, a nearly sinless man, could be chosen over the race traitor and mixer, whore monger, pledge welcher Judah, whose whole progeny including the satanic Shelahites, were counted and numbered (1 Chr 2:3, Num 26:20) in the captivity (430 years) and wilderness (40 years) before being segregated (abide) in the promised land (Jos 18:5).  Judah incidentally was given the sorriest land away from the best sources of freshwater by that Joseph descendant, Joshua.  Joshua had the scepter and Judah did as they were told.   The bones of Joseph were carried as directed by Joshua, a descendant of Joseph and a fellow Ephraitmite, during the Exodus from Egypt  to Shechem and buried there.  Joshua 24:32.  

Gen 49:26 states that Joseph received the “crown” of the blessings.  This had to be that the messiah would descend through him.  Can you think of a better or higher “crown”?  Joseph was also declared to be the “Stone Sheppard” of Israel.  Judah along with his brothers and parents, in a great sign of obeisance and that Joseph had the scepter, bowed down to Joseph.  Joseph received the coat-of-many colors and the double-portion two tribes  etc.  We need to clarify that the blessings described in Gen 49:1 show us what is going to happen in the latter days.  Gen 49:10 refers to the scepter and is ignorantly used to justify Judah having it forever.  This specific blessing is qualified to state that the blessing is not unlimited.  It will end with Shiloh who has to be a non-Judahite.  Presently the Judah-jews do in fact have the scepter but they will only possess it till Shiloh (Christ) comes.  This scenario reflects present reality and no other possibility exists.

Why was an alleged Israelite, a whoress named Tamar, living in the land of Canaan?  I believe but cannot prove that Tamar was a Canaanite.  Why else would she be living in Canaan?  No where in the bible does it say the Tamar came from an Israelite family.  Furthermore there were most probably no other Isrealites other than Jacob and his sons at this point in time.  Why did Judah leave his presumed Israelite brethren to go “down” (H3381) (Gen 38:1) into Canaan?   “Down” means to descend or sink in this context.    

Judah in Canaan

There is not a more sorry character in the entire bible than Judah.  He left his own and went “down” (Gen 38:1) to Canaan.  The inference is not that “down” refers to a change in elevation but to a lower standard or class of people.  It is not hard to imagine that there were Canaanites living in the land of Canaan. 

Gen 10:15-19 lists the families of Canaan.  Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkkite, Sinites, Zemarites and Hamathites.

The Amorites were one of the peoples of east Canaan dispossessed by the Israelite incursion from Egypt.  The Girgasites were descendants of one of the nations living east of the sea of Galilee when the Israelites entered the promised land.  The Hivites were descendants of Ham.  The Sinites, Arvidites, Zemarites, Hamatites and Arvites were tribes descending from Canaan.   The land of Canaan included the cities of  Sodom and Gomorrah.   

Canaan (Strong’s H3665) was the 4th son of Ham and the progenitor of the Phoenicians and of the various nations who people the sea coast of Palestine.  I find it extremely hard to believe that Tamar could possibly have been an Israelite after doing this exegesis of the people who lived in Canaan.

Judah took a Canaanite wife named Shulah.  This was a forbidden marriage and a clear violation of Israelite law.  If Judah and Shulah had done this in Israel, they would both have been killed, Phineas style.   Judah’s first two sons,  Er and Onan were so evil that Yahweh had them killed. 

Judah took Tamar as a wife for his mongrel son Er.  Judah was acting as a pimp because that was a knowing violation of the law by him facilitating a marriage between a Canaanite-mongrel Er and an alleged Israelite woman.  If Tamar were an Israelite, she was then in violation of Israelite law, then and there.  She was clearly contaminated by mongrel Er.  Of course if she were a Canaanite, then there would have been no problem.    Judah promised Tamar that she would marry Judah’s third mongrel son, Shelah, as a consequence of Yahweh having Onan killed.  After Shelah had grown (Gen 38:14) Tamar realized that Tamar realized that Judah was lying and that he would never facilitate a marriage between Shelah and her to marry.  Tamar enticed Judah through deception to become a whore.  Judah through whoredom pledged his signet, bracelets and staff to Tamar.  When Judah realized that his daughter-in-law (1 Chr. 2:4; Gen 38:11) was pregnant with child by whoredom, Judah wanted Tamar to be burnt.  What a vicious person!  
Even though Er was dead, Tamar was still Judah's daughter-in-law.  Incidentally Judah never redeemed his pledge.   The mongrel children of whoredom and incest were Zerah H2226 and Pharez H6557 meaning breach.  Zerah's hand was to emerge first and a scarlet thread was wrapped around his hand.  If Christ allegedly descended from Judah, Pharez being born first would not have carried the hereditary privileges.

Typically the first born receives the Birthright.  Theoretically as the first-born (Gen 38:28-30) Pharez, the birthright would have naturally gone to him.  However it is clear that the birthright was Joseph's, see Birthright page 1 for more detail.  Zerah had a “scarlet thread” H8144 placed on his hand.  The color red is symbolic of Satan, fire, red blood and jew communism.  Considering that both Zerah and Pharez were products of whoredom, incest with a Canaanite, the color scarlet is appropriate as in The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne.

Pharez and Zerah  -- products of Incest.  

We all know that Pharez and Zerah were products of whoredom.  Lets now separately discuss how they were also products of incest.

Pharez H6557 means "Breach".

Lets discuss the word “Breach”.  The KJV translates Strong's H6556 in the following manner: breach (14x), gap (2x), breaking (1x), breaking forth (1x), breaking in (1x).  While I believe that in this case “breach” refers to breach of the covenant as Tamar was without question Er’s wife and Judah’s daughter-in-law, twice over with both Er and Onan.  
The law clearly states that you cannot marry your daughter-in-law.  Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law and that relationship between the two of them will last forever.  The death of Er did not extinguish that relationship.

The bottom line is that what Judah did was wrong: (1) giving alleged Israelite Tamar to mongrel Er (2) giving alleged Israelite Tamar to mongrel Onan (3) lying to Tamar and telling her to wait for Shelah  (4) whoredom.  What Tamar did was also wrong: (1) marrying a mongrel Er (2) marrying a mongrel Onan (3) deception and (4) whoredom.   That is why Pharez means “breach” or breach-of-the-covenant. Pharez did not breach the womb, he breached the vaginal outlet and Yahweh's laws.   The scarlet (red) thread that was wrapped around Zerah’s hand signifies blood, fire, communism and Satan’s color.  Everything about the entire matter is permeated with deceit, corrupt and evil. 


It is claimed by some that Zerah did not go on the migration (exodus)  etc.   The fact of the matter is that the Zerahites were STILL mixed and numbered with all of the other judahites which included the Shelahites for 480 years.  See Chr 2:3  and Num 26:20.  NOTHING CHANGES.  All Judah is Shelahite filled.   No exceptions and Christ would never descend from such tainted seed..

Eli James claims that Zerah and Pharez were contending for the scepter etc.  Eli needs to reread Gen 49:1 and see that the scepter bit in Gen 49:10 must of necessity only apply to the “Last days” and not during Zerah’s life.

Tamar - daughter-in-law of Judah

The bible mentions, four times specifically with regard to Judah, the daughter-in-law relationship.  Gen 38:11, Gen 38:16, Gen 38:24 and 1 Chr 2:4.  Note the word LAW in the compound word daughter-in-law.

Tamar was Judah's daughter-in-law without a doubt.  This relationship would survive for all time. Note in Gen 38:24 about three months after Judah tried to locate Tamar, that she was referred to as Judah's daughter-in-law.  Er and Onan were long dead at that point and Tamar was still Judah's daughter-in-law through both Er and Onan.   The only way to defeat the daughter-in-law relationship is to declare that no marriage could have existed between a half Canaanite mongrel and an Israelite as that marriage ab initio was not even recognizable in the law.   

Judah was referred to as Tamar's father-in-law in Gen 38:13 and 25.  These verses occur after the deaths of both Er and Onan.   There are four verses stating unequivocally that the familial relationship survived the death of the former spouses.    

The law is very clear in regard to fathers and daughters-in-law.  

Lev 18:15
Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy daughter in law: she is thy son's wife; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

Lev 20:12
And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.

Judah with Tamar sired by whoredom and incest, twins Pharez and Zerah.  Er's death did not extinguish the familial relationship between Judah and Tamar.  She was still Judah’s daughter-in-law as the word "law" is part of daughter-in-law H3618.  

While Judah wanted Tamar to be burnt in Gen 48:24, the law stated that both should have been killed. Refer to Leviticus 21:9 which talks about burning in this kind of a situation.

Was Tamar an Israelite?

If Tamar were not an Israelite, then Pharez and Zerah were Canaanite mongrel hybrids and Christ descended from this unlawful and satanic derived union.


The bottom line is that if Tamar were an Israelite, regardless of how improbable that might be, then she was pimped by Judah to mixed race satanic mongrels Er and Onan.  Pharez and Zerah were still products of incest and whoredom.  

Even Joseph, the 11th son born to Jacob, could not find an Israelite wife.  How much more improbable is it that Judah, the 4th born son, could find an Israelite wife because there was less time in which to have had Israelite wives born by Judah's time.   

Decision time

Tell me which is it, whoredom and incest or mongrelization?


Calling Yahshua’s name in vain is nothing by comparison.

Judah's Satanic Seed

There are several more problems with the Judah was the progenitor of Christ scenario.   Assuming that Tamar was an Israelite, even though she was living in Canaan and Judah had to travel down there to meet her.  Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law (1 Chr. 2:4; Gen 38:11) and hence Pharez and Zerah were children of incest.   The Shelahites were definitely Satan’s seed.  1 Chronicles 2:3 and Numbers 26:20 tells us that all of Judah including the clearly satanic Shelahites were numbered and grouped together for 430 years in the captivity, 40 years in the wilderness and ultimately in the Promised land.  Over 500 years of integration had to produce a totally mongrelized group.  Before the House of Israel entered the Promised Land, (Jos 4:14) Yahweh magnified (H1431) Joshua.  In the promised land, Joshua, an Ephrathite (son of Nun and holder of the scepter) descendant of Joseph, ruled that all of Judah had to be separated (abide) from the rest of the House of Israel.  See Joshua 18:5.  Israel to the North and Judah to the South.  It was segregation in its finest form.  Joshua must have known of the evil satanic background of all of the Judahites and dictated their exclusion from the rest of the House of Israel.

Judah did not have the scepter when he bowed down in fear to Joseph.  He did not have the scepter in the captivity nor in the promised land.  The simple fact of the matter is that jew-Judah has the scepter now in the last days (Gen 49:1) and he will have it till Shiloh comes.  Reviewing Genesis 49:10 we find out that jewdah’s hold of the scepter is only till Shiloh comes.  It is not unlimited!   We can clearly conclude then that Christ being Shiloh, is NOT part of Judah.

The bones of the Kings and Priests of Judah will exhumed and are to be bleached out in the Sun for DUNG.  Jer 8:1-3

Jeremiah 8:1-3 gives us some of the most startling verses in the entire bible.  The kings and priests of the evil family of Judah will have their bones dug up and bleached out in the sun and shall be dung on the face of the earth.  If Christ is part of Judah, certainly he would be a King of that Tribe.  Is anyone going to tell me that Christ is going to have his bones be exhumed and bleached out in the Sun for dung?  How could Christ be a king of Judah especially when he has been resurrected and his bones are nowhere to be found?  That would make Jeremiah a false prophet.  Another reasonable conclusion is that the Kings and Princes of Judah being dung will never be resurrected.  That certainly agrees with their satanic nature considering that Christ told them that they were the descendants of Satan (John 8:44, Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9).

We don’t need to explore the activities of one of the greatest pieces of trash in the bible, Judah.  There is nothing praiseworthy about him.  Joseph was in contrast a nearly perfect man.  As a aside we find out that David was a son of an Ephrathite and not a Judahite. 1 Sam 17:12

Lets review the antipathy of the House of Israel towards Judah.  When Moses was leading the House of Israel from the captivity into the wilderness at no time did the House of Israel enter the area where Judah would ultimately be assigned land.  Moses sent spies into the Wilderness of Zin (Numbers 13:21) which largely constitutes today's Sinai, but the House never traversed this soon-to-be cursed land.  The Exodus continued through Moab (Num 21:11 et seq.), an area east of the Dead Sea, and then north into the Jordan River Valley.  After the death of Moses, Joshua the Ephraithite led the crossing of the Jordan at Adam Bridge into land which ultimately would be part of Manasseh.  The first thing Joshua, descendant of Joseph, did was to direct Judah including the "mixed multitudes"  to abide SOUTH (Jos 18:5), and away from the other 10 tribes.  During the sojourn in the wilderness (Num 13:16) Moses sent spies into the wilderness of Zin and knew what the land was like.  Joshua knew exactly what kind of land the Judahites were going to inherit, the sorriest land away from the best sources of freshwater.

Christ’s connection to Galilee

Yahshua had a strong connection to Galilee and the House of Israel.  Considering the overall biblical importance of race and family it only natural that he came to his own. 

 “He came unto his own and his own received him not.” John 1:11

He first came when he was born.  Christ was born in Galilee, Ephratah for short.  Lets review Micah 5:2 and Matthew 2:6.  See how the scribes changed the scriptures.  The numbers refer to Strong's.  

"H" stands for Hebrew and "G" for Greek.

Micah 5:2  But thou, Bethlehem H1035 Ephratah, H672 though thou be little H6810 among the thousands H505 of Judah, H3063 yet out of thee shall he come forth H3318 unto me that is to be ruler H4910 in Israel; H3478 whose goings forth H4163 have been from of old, H6924 from everlasting. H3117 H5769

H1035 Bethlehem, House of Bread

H672, a place near Bethel where Rachel died and was buried

Ironically the false Bethlehem-Judah south of Jerusalem is world famous.  the Bethlehem in Zebulon is hardly known showing the proof of the Micah 5:2 verse in the latter days that "thou be little".  

Matt 2:6  And G2532 thou G4771 Bethlehem, G965 in the land G1093 of Juda, G2448 art G1488 not G3760 the least G1646 among G1722 the princes G2232 of Juda: G2448 for G1063 out of G1537 thee G4675 shall come G1831 a Governor, G2233 that G3748 shall rule G4165 my G3450 people G2992 Israel. G2474

G965 Bethlehem, House of Bread.  A city about 6 miles south of Jerusalem.  This is where the change took place.  Modern archaeology (Israel Antiquities Authority)  says that Bethlehem-Judea did not even exist in the 1st century.  It is a hill of rocks and not suitable for agriculture in any event.   Take a look on Google Earth and the only crops you are going to find are rocks.  

It was prophesized that the Messiah would descend from David.  Without any examination of the situation it is assumed that David was descended from Judah.  This is demonstratively false.

Reviewing Strong’s concordance for the meanings of the various words and their Hebrew meanings we find.

1 Sam 17:12 

Now David H1732 was the son H1121 of that Ephrathite H376 H673 of Bethlehemjudah, H1035 H3063 whose name H8034 was Jesse; H3448 and he had eight H8083 sons: H1121 and the man H376 went H935 among men H582 for an old man H2204 in the days H3117 of Saul. H7586

This is a very interesting verse.  It contains both a genetic component, Ephrathite and a geographical component, Benjamin-judah.  When the bible refers to Judahite, Moabite, Ephraithite etc. it means race and not geography!

H673 means an inhabitant or descendant of Ephraim.  H1035 means a city in Judah.  H3063 means a son or tribe of Judah.  H376 means man.

When Christ came to his own, he first came when he was born, and he had to be born in Ephraim Galilee for he came to his own to be of effect.

What does this mean?  It means that he came to the House of Israel, Northern Kingdom, and the House of Israel did not accept him.  He did not go to the Jews, he did not go to Judah, they were not his own, it is that simple.  Christ hated the jews as was shown in John 8:44 calling them the children of Satan.  Rev 2:9 and 3:9 echo this statement.

Christ said that he come only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and by express inference not to the House of Judah.  Matt 10:6 and Matt 15:24.   Remember that Joshua had strictly separated the two Houses and for a good reason. 

Christ built his church upon Peter who also was a Galilean, See Matt 26:73 and Mark 14:70.   Historically there have been severe wars between the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  Racially they were different and with different speech, they were separated.  It was the Romans who in Christ’s time that forced them into a confederation under Roman rule. 

Before Christ was even two years old,  Herod (Roman Governor of Galilee)  issued a decree that all male children under two years old be killed.  It was only the children in the Bethlehem area who were affected.  Rachel, meaning the women who descended from Joseph,  wept for her children.  Her children were of the House of Israel and none other.  Herod did not seek to kill the children of Judah.  Herod knew of what tribe the Messiah would come.   It was his business to know.   See Matt 2:12-18.

Jesus descended from Joseph and his connections to the 10 tribe Northern Kingdom, not Judah, are strong and overwhelming.  The following examples show his connections.  

Jesus (really Yahshua) was from Nazareth which is part of the Northern Kingdom.   He came and dwelt in a city called  Nazareth that  it might be fulfilled which was spoken  by  the prophets, “He shall be called  a Nazarene”.  See Matt 23:23   The multitude  said, This  is  Jesus  the prophet  of  Nazareth  of Galilee Matt 21:11.  And when he was gone out into the porch, another  [maid] saw  him, and  said  unto them that were there, This  [fellow] was  also  with  Jesus  of Nazareth.  Matt 26:71

Christ was baptised in Galilee  And  it came to pass in those  days, that Jesus  came  from  Nazareth  of Galilee, and  was baptized  of  John  in  Jordan. Matt 3:13 and Mark 1:9

Even the satanic spirits knew that Christ was from Galilee --

Saying, Let [us] alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God.  Mark 1:24.  Also a man with an unclean spirit knew that Christ was from Nazareth Luke 4:33-34

Bartimaeus knew that Christ came from Galilee Mark 10:46-47.

Luke gives us the best examples.   The angel Gabriel was sent unto Nazareth of Galilee. Luke 1:26.  Christ’s own city was Nazareth.  Luke 2:39

Christ went with his parents to Nazareth and was subject to his parents.  Luke 2:51.  Luke 4:16 Christ had been brought up in Nazareth

The multitude knew that Christ was from Galilee  Luke 18:36-37

The prophets, did write, Jesus  of  Nazareth, the son  of Joseph. John 1:45

Christ proclaimed it himself, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou  persecutest.  Acts 22:8

He said that even after he rose that he would return to where?  Galilee.  I wonder why?  But after I  am risen again, I will go before you  into  Galilee  Matt 26:32

And go  quickly, and tell  his  disciples  that  he is risen  from  the dead; and, behold , he goeth before  you  into  Galilee; there  shall ye see  him: lo, I have told  you.  Matt 28:7 see also Matt 28:10

And  he preached  in  their  synagogues  throughout  all  Galilee, and  cast out  devils.  Mark 1:39

Luke 2:42-51 is probably the best indicator of whom Christ was --. 

When Christ was 12 years old his parents took him to celebrate the feast in Jerusalem.  When the feast was over Christ stayed in Jerusalem while his parents went back to Galilee.  The parents traveled for a day to their and his home in Galilee and could not find their son amongst their kinsfolk and acquaintances.  When Christ was not there his parents went back to Jerusalem and searched for him.  They were afraid that he had died.  Ultimately Christ returned back to Nazareth with his parents because he was subject to them.

This  beginning  of miracles did Jesus  in  Cana  of Galilee, and  manifested forth  his  glory; and  his  disciples  believed  on  him. John 2:11

This [is] again  the second  miracle  [that] Jesus  did , when he was come out  of  Judaea  into  Galilee, John 4:54

After these things Jesus  walked  in  Galilee: for  he would  not  walk  in  Jewry, because  the Jews  sought  to kill  him.  John 7:1

What more needs to be said?  He would not even walk among the Jews in Judea because they sought to kill him!

It is not just symbolism that Christ’s father was named JOSEPH.  That is what we have been trying to say all along.  He descended from Joseph. 

One of the strongest verses leading to the indication that Christ would descend from Joseph is  Matt 2:18 – “In Rama (the Greek form of Ramah) was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.”  Rachel means the women who descended from Joseph and whose children were of that tribe.  No where do we find Leah, the mother of Judah weeping.

After all it was Herod whose business it was to know from which tribe the messiah would come who issued the murder order.    Christ came and dwelt in Nazareth in Galilee and not in Judea. 

See Mat 2:22-23

Christ descending from David

It was prophesized that the Messiah would descend from David.  Without any examination of the situation it is assumed that David was descended from Judah.  This is demonstratively false.

Reviewing Strong’s concordance for the meanings of the various words and their Hebrew meanings we find.

When Christ came to his own, he first came when he was born, and he had to be born in Ephraim Galilee for he came to his own to be of effect.

Christ never in his life set foot in the land assigned to Judah.  Jerusalem is in the land of Benjamin which was part of the Northern Kingdom.  If you were Christ, whom would you rather have a as progenitor, Judah the race-mixing producer of bastards or Joseph?

The Separation of Judah from the remainder of the other tribes

We need to examine the separation of the House of Judah from the House of Israel.  Joshua, an Ephraimite, the son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, 1 Chron. 7:27 assigned all of the tribes including Judah to their lands in Joshua 18.   The entire tribe of Judah was absolutely segregated from the other tribes for a very good reason and as directed by Yahweh.   

Jos 18:5 --  And they shall divide it into seven parts: Judah, including the mixed multitude, shall abide in their coast on the south, and the house of Joseph shall abide in their coasts on the north.

Note that the non-Judah tribes were not primarily segregated from each other only that Judah was to be segregated from the others.

Note that in the Exodus (Ex 12:37), the Sons of Israel included the mixed multitude House of Judah (Ex 12:38).   

The strangers, people of the land, were excluded in Ezra 10:11 (see also Neh 9:2).  The mixed multitude mongrels were excluded in Nehemiah 13:3.  They had been mixed in the captivity for at least 430 years. 

The Tribe of Judah were in fact the “mixed multitude” (Ex. 12:38 and Nehemiah 13:3) which came out of Egypt with the sons of Israel.  The House of Israel once separated (Jos 18:5) was then cleansed and ”mixed multitude” free.

It should not escape our notice that by first dividing the promised land into two large parcels and placing only the sons of Judah in the southern portion, and commanding them to remain there,  Joshua under the direction of Yahweh, was dividing the Northern from the Southern Kingdoms.  His first act was the separation of the two kingdoms which signifies its importance on Yahweh’s agenda. 

Numbers 26:20 And the sons of Judah (Judahites) after their families were; of Shelah, the family of the Shelanites: of Pharez, the family of the Pharzites: of Zerah, the family of the Zarhites.

All of Judah’s descendants were numbered together.  Nowhere in the scriptures is there any indication that the families of Judah were ever separated from each other.  They were integrated and presumed to have intermarried over the centuries. 

Joshua under Yahweh’s direction, made no distinction between Judah’s sons through adultery with BedsuEl, the daughter of Shua the Canaanite, or through incest with Tamar and neither should we! 

There was no distinction made between the known Canaanite sons of Shelah and the sons of Tamar, both groups would of necessity have been required to be separated by Joshua, making Judah into two parts.  Otherwise, the Canaanite sons of Judah would be inheriting with the sons of Judah and Tamar (assuming that Tamar was not a Canaanite).  Joshua, the prophet, knew exactly what the situation was as he was in communication with Yahweh.   If Joshua had made a mistake Yahweh would have corrected him.

The families of Judah were commingled and numbered together without regard to any wife or mother.  These are the “Judahites” as they were all descendants of Judah. 

By Law, Those who commit incestuous acts are “Cut off from their people!” (Deut 23:3).       Look at Lot for example.  Due to his forbidden intercourse with his daughters, the sons of Lot became the “Moabites,” with whom the sons of Israel were forbidden to intermarry or bring into the Congregation of Israel, forever!

Blessings from Jacob

When the blessings of Ephraim and Manasseh were being given, Jacob, whose name at that time had been changed to Israel, said as follows:

The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.  Gen 48:16. 

So the name of Israel can only go to Ephraim and Manasseh and to none of the other tribes.  No other tribe was given the right to have the name Israelite.

After Joshua’s separation of all Judah from the remainder of the House of Israel, the Southern Kingdom was called Judah and the Northern Kingdom was called the House of (Israel) Joseph.  The House of Joseph (Ephraim & Manasseh) being later recognized as the House of Israel (Gen 48:16).

When Christ said that he came only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, he said that he came only to the House of Joseph, meaning Ephraim and Manasseh. 

Joshua, the prophet,  got Yahweh to get the sun to stop in the sky for a whole day.  Joshua10:13.   Quite a performance.  Tell me of any “Judahite” ever doing anything comparable. 

The bottom line is that Joshua, a prophet with Royal power and in communication with Yahweh, dictated to all of the tribes what their inheritance was and where they were to be assigned.  Only Ephraim and Manasseh were specifically given the right to call themselves the House of Israel.  Ephraim had not only the birthright he also Royal power as recognized by the Scepter.  When Christ said that he came only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, he did not come to and never will come to  Judah.   The entire Tribe of Judah was strictly separated from the non-Judah tribes because all of the Judahites were mixed race Canaanites.  

Marriage of Yahweh to Israel but not to Judah

Jerimiah 3:6-7 tell us that Israel is blacksliding (v11) but that Judah is treacherous (v11).  Verse 8 tells us that Yahweh divorced Israel but no mention of Judah being divorced is given.  Judah is not mentioned because not only did Yahweh not marry Judah, Yahweh would never marry a treacherous, product of deceit in the dark with a concubine, mixed race Shelahite, 4th in line, product of incest and whoredom Judah.  After all Yahweh came only to the House of Israel and not to Judah.

Verse 12 tells us that Israel justified herself.  Nothing about Judah here so the reasonable presumption is that Judah had no justification.

If you contend that Yahweh married Judah, then they must still be married because they never got a divorce.  You are also having to contend that Yahweh married a treacherous mate.

Some say that that Judah and Israel were reunited after having been separated upon Solomon's death. Absolute non-sense.  First of all Yahweh changes not.  After the time of Solomon Judah and Israel were NEVER to be reunited again. I know of no instances in the bible where Yahweh changed his mind or direction.

Some say that the two houses were reunited and use 37:16-17 as justification about the two sticks etc.  The sticks represent wood or paper as they can be written upon. Never the comingling of two separate families.

Judah's incestuous descendants Pharez and Zerah are products of incest and whoredom. Pharez means breach, breach of the covenant of marriage and purity.   The red scarlet thread on Zerah’s hand can represent Communism, fire, destruction etc.  For the joos of the world mixed with Judahite blood and are all of the synagogue of Satan Rev 2:9, 3:9.  The fire is coming.