Probably the world's longest lasting and greatest fraud is the concept of transubstantiation.  Here some puke priest commands Christ to come down from heaven and Christ submits to the command.  


The priest then allegedly in Christ's presence turns wine into blood and flour into flesh.  The Greek, Russian and Roman Catholic churches call it a miracle, any objective observer would call it a fraud.  The Mass celebrates the death of Christ.  How satanic, how sick.  


In nuclear reactors transubstantiation occurs when Uranium 235 is bombarded with neutrons and turned into a multiplicity of other elements.  Energy and atomic rays are emitted.  The fact of the matter is that the original Uranium material is irreversibly changed both as a nuclear change and as a chemical change. This change can be demonstrated in nuclear reactors or atomic bombs.

No such demonstration can be nor ever has been demonstrated in the Mass.  Wine is still wine and flour is still flour.


Let's use some estimated numbers to show how ludicrous the entire matter is. Official Roman Catholic Church data says that in 2014 that there were 17,433 Parishes around the world.  Lets assume that with Russian and Greek Orthodox churches that the total number approximates 20,000.  Assume that the Mass is celebrated once a week in the typical parish.  Assume that one pound of wine and 1/2 pound of crackers (flour) are used per service.  Therefore using these minimal numbers 20,000 pounds of blood which at the density of water would be 2674 gallons and 10,000 pounds of flesh are produced each week.  Christ would have to be an absolutely enormous man to be able to absorb this amount of blood and flesh every week.  The entire concept is so ludicrous that it defies the imagination yet 1.2 billion people believe and wars have been fought over this fairy tale.  This is mysticism at its best. No truth just imagination.  Who was it who said, Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.