Global Warming Fraud

The entire global warming concept is a fraud. The amount of energy the earth receives from the sun is about 2.5 million times the amount of energy that man creates and uses every day.  Man is an insignificant creature on the face of the earth.

The Sun controls the earth's climate and not man.  Sunspot numbers typically follow an 11 year cycle, allegedly due to Jupiter's 11 year period to complete its travel around the Sun.  We are now (Dec 2015) in cycle 24 and the current sunspot numbers are nearly zero.  It is the Sun that controls our weather and not Carbon dioxide.  Carbon Dioxide is a fertilizer and an indispensible ingredient for life.  Currently the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is about 400 parts per million or 0.04%.

The January 23, 2016 blizzard that affected the North Eastern United States with near record amounts of snow for Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York should put to rest the global warming non-sense.  The storm -- dubbed "Snowzilla" -- killed at least 18 people after it walloped several states affecting an estimated 85 million residents.  

Forecasters said 26.8 inches of snow fell in New York's Central Park, the second-highest accumulation in the city since records began in 1869, and more than 22 inches paralyzed the capital Washington.
Al Gore said that snow would become a rarity in the United States.  This snow storm was an inconvenient truth.

Here are the details

Winter Storm Jonas (2016) produced prolific amounts of snow in parts of the East, rivaling infamous snowstorms of the recent past. Snowfall totals from the storm topped out near 42 inches in West Virginia and at least 14 states in total received more than a foot of snow from the storm.

Below is a look at Jonas' ranking in history among some of the biggest storms on record, topping the Blizzard of 1996 or the February 2003 President's Day II storm in some cases. 

Where Jonas Was the All-Time Heaviest Snowstorm

Jonas was the single biggest snowstorm on record for at least six locations in the East:

Allentown, Pennsylvania: 31.9 inches Jan. 22-23, 2016 crushed the Jan. 7-9, 1996 blizzard total of 25.9 inches.
Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Maryland (BWI): 29.2 inches Jan 22-23, 2016 beat the President's Day II storm of Feb. 16-18, 2003. Records date back to 1892.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 30.2 inches Jan. 22-23, 2016 tops 25 inches Feb. 11-12, 1983. Records date back to 1888.
New York - LaGuardia Airport: 27.9 inches Jan. 23, 2016 beats the previous record snowstorm of 25.4 inches Feb. 11-12, 2006. Records date back to 1945.
New York - JFK Airport: 30.5 inches Jan. 23, 2016 beats the previous record snowstorm of 26 inches in the President's Day II storm of Feb. 16-18, 2003.
Newark, New Jersey: 27.9 inches Jan. 22-23, 2016 surpassed the Jan. 7-8, 1996 blizzard total of 27.8 inches. Records date back to 1893.

Jonas also ranked high among the biggest snowstorms on record in the following locations, but fell short of the record.

New York City's Central Park: Jonas dumped 26.8 inches of snow on Central Park where records date back to 1869. This was just shy of the record snowstorm of 26.9 inches set Feb. 11-12, 2006.
Washington, D.C.: The storm total of 17.8 inches at Reagan-National Airport tied Feb. 5-6, 2010 as the fourth heaviest snowstorm dating to 1884. 
Philadelphia: A storm total of 22.4 inches was recorded in Jonas, ranking as the fourth heaviest snowstorm. This is also equal to the amount of snow Philadelphia averages during the course of an entire season.

New Year's 2018 -- It was 9 degrees in Times Square. Coldest for that date since records have been kept.  On around 5-6 January 2108, the US had record cold weather.  The global warming people had no explanations.

Here are some calculations regarding global warming. 

Solar Radiation

Using the base number of 1367 watts (energy rate) per square meter for Solar flux radiation, a global diameter of 8000 miles and a 0.707 coefficient for angle of incidence for the surface of the earth, 8760 hours per year,  comes to a calculated radiated energy from the sun at 3.9 E23 (hundred thousand mega mega mega) watt-hours per year.   The cursory calculations are shown below so anyone can review the calculations.  The conclusion will not change, however. 

The 0.707 number is the angle of incidence of light from the sun to the earth's surface.  The cosine of the angle, integrated over 90 degrees is 0.707

Based on an 8000-mile diameter earth and a solar radiation of 1367 watts per meter squared shows as follows.  Remember that a watt is an energy unit per second.

Calculating the area of a plane of the earth through its diameter  (not circumferential) (pi R squared) 

E means 10 to some power.  Scientific Notation.  R= 4000 miles   Area is 5.02 E7 square miles x 2.59 E6 sq. meters/sq. mile  = 1.3 E14 sq. meters

1.3 E14 sq. meters x 1367 watts x 3600 seconds/hr x 8760 hr/yr x 0.707 incidence factor =

3.96 E23 watt-hrs per year of solar radiation.

Man's Energy Creation/Use

The IEA, whomever they are and this figure came from the Internet stated that in 2012 that the yearly energy consumption/production for the earth was 5.6 E20 joules. 

1 joule = 2.7778 E-4 watt hours.  Therefore that equals 15.56 E16 watts  which is 1.56 E17 watt-hours/year

A joule is a newton-meter which is a quantity of energy.  

A watt is a joule per second which is an energy rate.  The watt-second is a unit of energy, equal to the joule.

A watt is 3412 Btu/hr. which is an energy rate  I hate the metric system.  See page 39 infra.

               sun                  /      man
3.96 E23 watts per year sun/ 5.6 E20 joules man / 2.778 E-4 watts/joule conversion factor = 2.5 E6 which is 2.5 million:1

Therefore taking the ratio of sun’s energy to man’s creation/consumption per year gives a ratio of about 
2.5 million:1

Granted the base numbers have a +- 20 to 30% inaccuracy.  The bottom line is incontrovertible, however.  The Sun controls the energy situation on the earth -- not man.  Man is an insignificant factor energy wise.  Global Warming is a blatant lie.  The Sun is now in a solar sunspot minimum phase.  See the Maunder Minimum phenomenon.  When the sunspot number is low or non existent, the radiation coming to the earth is minimized.  I expect a colder than average winter. 

Stephan-Boltzmann Law.  If the earth is in a situation of warming then the amount of heat radiated will increase by the fourth power of the absolute temperature.  This is a powerful limitation in increases in the temperature of the earth.

Carbon Footprint --

Another lie of the environmental crowd is the concept of a "carbon footprint".  No the alleged criminal is not Carbon, its Carbon Dioxide.  Carbon is by weight in CO2 is about 30%.  Carbon Dioxide is a fertilizer. Don't ever forget that. OK Tell me what the Carbon footprint looks like and where can I find it?  What color is it?  How much does it weigh? Can I see it?  Does it smell?  Does the carbon footprint have 5, 10, 15 or 20 toes?

You can't see it, touch it, taste it, hear it or smell it and yet you tell me the footprint  exists.   What a fraud.  From time to time we hear about climate change. I was one of the dummies who was good in math, chemistry and physics and I decided to become an engineer.  Engineers are typically thrown under the bus many times in their lives.

Climate Change -- 
  Just where should we measure with a thermometer so-called climate change.  Maybe we should take hundreds of measurements, in the air, soil, oceans or on the Antarctic ice shelf and somehow factor all of these measurements together.  Spotted Owl Gore will not tell us as he is making millions of dollars foisting this fraud.

I can say without hesitation that the earth’s climate is absolutely controlled by the Sun.  We can easily measure the Sun’s total radiation to the earth.  The Sun has been sending a decreasing amount of total radiation to the earth for at least the last 20 years.  In my opinion the earth has been in a cooling mode and will continue at least to the end of current Solar cycle 25.

A reduced or absence of Sun spots correlates to a cooling in the world.  Refer to the Maunder minimum and the little ice age in 1645-1715.  I have shown that the total amount of radiation from the Sun compared to man’s total estimated energy generation is about 2.5 million to one.  The bottom line is that man is an insignificant contributor to the earth’s temperature and climate.