One of the greatest lies in the world is the concept of multiculturalism.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It assumes that there are many cultures existing within an overall society.  Is it cultural to have genital mutilation and honor killings?  Differing groups of people, easily identified, comprising of different races, historic backgrounds, differing mental abilities, economic levels can never fit harmoniously into one so called society.  The root word in Latin for social is "socialis" which means companion.  For that reason "multicultural society" is an impossibility and an oxymoron.  It can NEVER exist in reality only in theory.    "A house divided against itself can never stand".  Mark 3:25. So called multicultural societies are inherently unstable due to ingrained conflict and will ultimately destruct. They are multipuke in fact. Diverse as trash and useless due to their lack of any uniformity.

Competition, jealousy, lack of communication and distrust in a multipuke mix will always exist and this is the  group's inherent weakness.   There is only one culture, White Caucasian European which is above all others Deut 7:6.   All other groups are degenerate frauds jealous and anxious to destroy the group that is has led the world in language, architecture, science, agriculture, medicine, invention, manners, law etc. for the world's entire existence.

When ever two differing groups come into contact, inevitably there is rape, marriage and the purity of the two former groups is merged into an increasing hybrid mongrel component.  Hybrid mongrels are genetically inferior and the society declines. This is exactly what has been happening in European settler countries for the last 50 years.

Two of the most diverse multipuke cities in the world, Paris (2015) and New York (2001), have seen the consequences of this phenomenon.  Being bombed, people killed with much chaos.  More to come to other cities.  It has been reported that Obama has allowed 10,000 Muslims, mostly men,  into the New Orleans areas.  It is believed that they will eventually be used to destroy the petroleum and petrochemical areas of Southern Louisiana and Houston besides any increase in crime and violence.    

The bible commands the House of Israel to be separate from the others of the world as we are a peculiar people.  See Deut 14:2; 1 Pet 2:9; Num 16:21; Ezek 6:21; Exek 9:1; Neh 10:28; Neh 13:3,