"For whom does the bell toll, it tolls for thee."  Hemingway.  

Recent events (November 2015) at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) are showing how the universities in the United States are being turned into African tribal dance ceremonies, all show, lots of noise but no education.  Football has the definite preeminence over scholarship and academic learning.

Several African students had complained about racist comments and graffiti at the University.  Someone spread feces material on a white wall.  The main complaint was that the feces were “brown” and the wall was "white".  The students complained about tolerance yet they are intolerant of other's comments. They complain about discrimination yet they wish to discriminate against other's speech and actions.  They complain about lack of inclusion yet they do not want to include other’s comments and written remarks in the university sphere.  They complain about racism and yet they are advancing a racist admissions policy and hiring program that are based on quotas which reject meritocracy. They would institute the scourge of all time --  Roman Catholic, Chinese or North Korean censorship --  where only their ideas could be propagated without challenge.   Talk about discrimination.  The one thing they do not complain about is hypocrisy yet hypocrisy is their radiated message.

The main function of a university is to bring together differing ideas and concepts where these ideas can be modified, criticized, rejected or improved.  Censorship has no place there because it destroys the primary function of the institution.    The main reason why the United States has risen to world prominence is because this society embodied Freedom of Speech and Expression as its primary principle.  A society will either have Freedom of Speech and Expression or it will have Tyranny.

While the football team is disproportionately African and probably preferentially subsidised, the recipients are provided with the ultimate in oxymoronic benefits, "football scholarships”.   They still are not happy and threaten to strike and not play.  Allegedly if a game were to be forfeited, it would cost the “school” $1,000,000.  Some “student” went on a hunger strike to try to force the administration to change the operation of the school. 

The traitors, meaning the president and the Chancellor, decided to resign, instead of standing up for the values and principles of Western Civilization including Freedom of Speech and Expression.  They probably pocketed millions in severance funds for not standing up to the complainers.  By quietly and apologetically resigning they sold their souls for an eternity of time.   After all the taxpayers of the State are picking up the bill and are being robbed in the process.  The tuition can always be raised. 

The word EQUAL is frequently mentioned.  Well if we believe in equality then college graduates are equal to non-college graduates, Students equal to teachers,  modern feminine dance equal to Electrical Engineering, the blind equal to the sighted, Freshmen equal to seniors, AIDS afflicted equal to non-AIDS afflicted.  I understand that a new taxpayer funded position; the vice-President for Diversity etc. has now been created. He will be equal to the students.

The governor of the State of Missouri, Jay Nixon has said in the past that racism would not be tolerated at the university.  Well God was the first and greatest racist and neither God nor I care what Nixon believes or says about it.  If Nixon were a true leader instead of a fawning sycophant, he would have stood up for the principles of Western Civilization and not for the bread-and-circuses football team. 

The University of Missouri has become the de facto leader in the decline United States' education and the fall of Western Civilization.  Instead of taking a stand and communicating to all football players that if you do not show up for practices and the games, your scholarships will be terminated and consideration will be given to shutting down the football team, the non-leadership showed cowardliness and caved in the the demands of the animals. 

George Orwell in "Animal Farm" said that the dogs (judges) and pigs (police) ran the farm.  In 2015, the football animals run the farm and farmers just pay the taxes and are obedient to the animals.  The farmers silently watch as the farm denigrates into a non-productive excuse.  Now that the beast-animal-of-the-field nigras are in charge the result is predictable. Students will spend 4 years in college learning that black is superior to white and that only nigra's may have a voice in university affairs.  The lie about "its only the color of his skin" will be accepted as truth regardless that all DNA science states that race is indicated in every cell of the body.  Rest assured that the animals' insatiable demands will continue to be made and that satisfaction will never occur.  A University of Missouri degree will show that all will have graduated with the same major, Political Correctness.

The University of Bologna is the oldest University in the world.  It was founded in 1088 as a European institution.  We have now gone full circle.  Today United States' Universities are controlled by non-Europeans, maybe not de jure but certainly de facto.    Just as with Detroit, Camden, Congo, Zimbabwe and South Africa,  the death and demise of an institution, the University of Missouri, formerly based upon excellence and achievement is inevitable and its epitaph has been written.