Many people believe that all of the apostles were from the tribe of Benjamin.  I don’t know who thought up the idea up or when but just like the Germany is Judah and Paul was an apostle, lies, it is absolutely false.  I believe it was developed to shore up Paul's false apostleship because Paul declared himself to be an apostle and a member of the Tribe of Benjamin.  

Christ was a Galilaean and lived his entire life in Galilee except for the last week when he was taken to Jerusalem. 

Luk 23:6
When Pilate heard of Galilee, he asked whether the man (Christ) were a Galilaean.

 Luk 23:7
And as soon as he knew that he belonged unto Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who himself also was at Jerusalem at that time.

Herod knew that Christ was a Galilaean.  Christ apparently did not object to this determination.  

Galilee was in the Northern part of Palestine and separated from Judea by Samaria.  It is reasonable to assume that those apostles not identified by tribe did not come from Benjamin which was part of Judea in New Testament times.

Researching the bible gives the following information.  There are some minor differences between Matthew and Luke regarding the 12 apostles.  The lists in Matthew and Luke do not completely agree.  Ironically both Mark and Luke are never named as apostles.  The list infra follows Matthew chapter 10.

1 - Simon Peter (Matt. 10:2; Luke 6:14) is mentioned in  Matt 4:18 but no tribal information is given.  Simon and Andrew were fishing in the Sea of Galilee.  This same Simon was also called Simon the Canaanite  in Matt 10:4  Peter had Galilaean speech  Luke 22:59 and Mark 14:70

2 - Andrew from Bethsaida, Matt 10:2 Luke 6:14  John 1:44
3 - James no tribal information is given. Matt 10:2 Luke 6:14
4 - John the Baptist no tribal information is given. Matt 10:2 Luke 6:14

5 - Philip from Bethsaida  Matt 10:3  Luke 6:14 John 1:44  Bethsaida was a fishing village on the Sea of Galilee.  It originally was part of the land assigned to Naphtali.

6- Bartholomew,  no tribal information is given. Matt 10:3 Luke 6:14

7 - ​Thomas, no tribal information is given.  Matt 10:3 Luke 6:15

​8 - Matthew, Matt. 10:3 Luke 6:15
9 - James, Matt 10:3  Luke 6:15

10 - Lebaeus Thaddaeus  Matt 10:3

11 - Simon the Canaanite, Matt 10:4  called Zelotes  Luke 6:15

12 - Judas Iscariot Matt 10:4 Luke 6:16

Luke mentions  Luke 6:16, Judah, brother of James but omits Lebaeus Thaddaeus.

Ironically Neither Mark nor Luke are named as apostles and furthermore no tribal information is given about them.  These minor discrepancies are of no matter regarding tribal descent.  

Matt 10:5 says, “These twelve . . “  Note that Paul was not listed. 

The phrase “Jesus of Nazareth” is listed 21 times in the bible.  It is highly unlikely that a Benjaminite would be one of Jesus’ acquaintances considering that Nazareth and Bethlehem-Judea, which was the area originally assigned to Benjamin, were 93 miles apart. 

Paul was never made an apostle as was Mathias.   In fact there is no verse which indicates that Christ and Paul ever met nor talked.

Paul in Acts 21:39 and Acts 22:3 says that he is a jew of Tarsus which is in present day Southern Turkey.  In Rom. 11:1 and Phil. 3:5 Paul claims to be of the Tribe of Benjamin.  In any event there is absolutely no evidence to show that any of the original 12 apostles came from the Tribe of Benjamin.