I would like to give some introductory information about Free Masonry.  Any interested person can search the Internet to confirm what I have presented.  

Masonry is not free because Masons, in the interest of "getting ahead", have sold their souls to Satan whether they realise it or not.  32nd degree Shriners worship Allah and the Illuminated 33rd Masons worship Lucifer.


The passwords for the first three degrees are Tubal-Cain, Shiboleth and the Grand Masonic Word


The verbal Grand hailing sign of Distress is, "Oh Lord my God, Is there no help for the widow's son?"  These were Mormon Master Mason Joseph Smith's last words and apparently, he was serious because he was killed moments later. 

The famed Masonic "G" Symbol letter allegedly stands for "Geometry" while the cynic says it stands for "Gold", "Gain" or "Grand Architect of the Universe".  The ultimate truth is that it stands for "Genitive Power" meaning a phallic symbol.  Obelisks are phallic symbols. That is the reason why women cannot become Masons.  

Others say that the "G" really stands for "Gnosis"... i.e., secret kabbalistic knowledge.  

From Wikipedia -- "Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (γνῶσις, gnôsis, f.).  The term is used in various Hellenistic religions and philosophies.  It is best known from Gnosticism, where it signifies a knowledge or insight into man's real nature as Divine, leading to the deliverance of the Divine spark within man from the constraints of earthly existence."

In the 3rd degree, Master Mason ceremony, the "Lion's Paw" grip is used to raise Hiram Abiff from the dead.  Upon the Five Points of Fellowship, MAH-HA-BONE is whispered into the initiates ear at "low breath".  Grand Master Mason Hiram Abiff was allegedly killed because he would not disclose the Masonic secrets and consequently did not see the completion of Solomon's temple. The Bible refutes that allegation in two separate verses.  1 Kings 7:40 and II Chron. 4:11 where they clearly state that Hiram lived to see the completion of Solomon's temple.

Many of the handshakes, symbols etc. for both the Free Masonry and Mormon ceremonies are very similar if not identical.  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both high-level Free Masons in the Masonic Temple which they founded in Nauvoo Illinois.

One of the alleged purposes of Masonry is to make men better, or "polished tumblers".  My experience in life is that I have never met a Mason whom I could trust.  They were always out for themselves.