This is a take off on the Canadian statement that truth is no defense to hate speech.  In the last several years we have seen the demonization of so called Hate Crimes and Hate Speech.  
The first question that needs to be asked is


After all Yahweh God almighty said, "Esau, I hate"  Mal. 1:3, Rom 9:13.   

Psa 139:22 -- I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

The words "hate" or "hatred" exist about 85 times in the King James Version of the bible.  

WOW you can't get much better than that.  In the last 20 years a concept known as "hate crimes" has evolved.  If there are "hate crimes" then logically there must be "love crimes".  Of course "love crimes" would be a contradiction of terms as all crimes involve some kind of hatred towards another person, concept or organization.  This of course is hypocrisy pure and simple.  

‚ÄčI hate disease, hate corruption, hate filth, hate dishonesty, hate ignorance, hate poison ivy, hate snakes, hate mosquitoes, hate trash, hate evil, hate hypocrisy etc.  I guess that makes me a hater.

We are witnessing an extreme example of hypocrisy here.  Others can hate some concept or speech but the condemned people are not supposed to respond as their speech might be "hate speech" as defined by others.  "Haters" are supposed to be silent, apologetic, and consumed with shame and remorse.  NO WAY. Stand up for the truth as Daniel Webster said, "There is nothing so powerful as the truth".

The concept of Hate Crimes is an oxymoron.  All crimes have some kind of hate associated with them. Mens Rea meaning criminal mind and has been an essential element of all criminality for over probably 500 years.  Murder, arson, cheating, fraud etc.  However we have made a special kind of crime motivated by a racial or ethnic animus.  Apparently ordinary murder or assault is not as "criminal" as any crime motivated by a religious or racial animosity.  The situation is ludicrous.