JUDAH FORFEITED HIS SIGNET, BRACELETS  AND STAFF  TO TAMAR BECAUSE OF HIS WHORE MONGERING. In the latter days Judah will have the scepter till Shloh comes. (Gen 49:10)

Esau sold his Birthright for a morsel of bread and soup.   Judah pledged his Signet, Bracelets, and Staff for the services of a Harlot. 

Esau never regained his Birthright! Judah never redeemed his pledge!  The numbers refers to Strong's Concordance.
                           H2368       H6616     H4294
Judah pledged his: Signet, Bracelets, & Staff to Tamar.

*Pledge:  nvbro (ar-aw-bone) *6162 from 6148  *(Mortgage / surety)

Signet:  mxh  (kho-thawm)  *2368 from 2856  (one’s Sovereign Mark)

Bracelet: lixp (paw-theel) *6616 from 6617 (a binding token)

Staff:  etm ( met-teh’) *4294 from 5186 (Patriarch or Ruler of Tribe)

NOTICE:  Do not confuse “Birthright,” with the “The Birthright of the Firstborn.”   In the world every child inherits the name of their father by birthright, regardless of birth order.  Judah was the  “fourth-born” son.  Therefore Judah can claim to be a son of Jacob / Israel. 

But Judah’s only claim to the attributes enumerated above, were upon his own worldly authority as the head of his Tribe and  NOT by “Birthright of a Firstborn!”

The Birthright of the Firstborn (by the Laws of YHWH) clearly went to Ephraim, the Son of Joseph!  By Law,  only the firstborn male is “Consecrated to YHWH.”   Only one holding the Birthright of the Firstborn can convey that right to his Firstborn son.

Tamar did NOT restore Judah’s pledge!  Judah did NOT redeem his pledge!

 When the Tamar the harlot could not be found, Judah said:

                                      3947 (el - hqx)

Gen 38:23 “Let her *take it to her, lest we be shamed.”

(“Let her ‘keep it for herself’ lest we be shamed.”   

                                       6162 - 6148

Three months later, Gen 38:24, Tamar still had Judah’s pledge when she was discovered with child by whoredom and incest!

Applying the same standard to Judah, that was applied to Esau.  In the light of what Judah said in Gen 38:23, indicates whatever is signified by Judah’s “Signet,” “Bracelets,” and “Staff” was transferred to “TAMAR!” 

Judah said: “Let her keep them lest we be shamed!” He clearly had no intention of redeeming his pledge!

Judah gave up his claim to: everything the Signet, Bracelets and Staff that were traded for the favors of a Harlot!

“The workman is worthy of his hire.”   This apparently applies equally to the “working woman.”

Everything Judah pledged then belonged to Tamar, as a matter of Right and as a matter of Law.  This was no different than not redeeming an article at a Pawn Shop.

Bottom line:

Tamar is now the Chief / Ruler / Matriarch of the sons of Judah!

Questions we need to answer:

Who was Tamar? A daughter of Ishmael, Canaan  or Shem?
By her deeds, can we know what Tamar was?  (especially her character)
Is this why Judah’s sons claim descent through their mother? 
Is this why the Sons of Judah have acquired and maintained a virtual monopoly on the possession and interpretation of ancient sacred writings?
Is this why it has taken years for even small portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls to be published by the alleged “Experts?”
Is that virtual monopoly an attempt to steal the Birthright of the Firstborn from Joseph’s son Ephraim? 
Do the Talmudic Zionist sons of Judah not rule over Judeo-Christian churches,  in the very same manner they rule over all of our political institutions.  Are we in denial of the facts, or can we believe our lying eyes?

Judah Summary

There is not a more sorry character in the entire bible than Judah. 

Judah was the #4 child of Leah, a product of deception in the dark by Laban and Leah.  Do any of you really believe that Christ would come descend from any form of deception in the dark?  Jacob wept upon seeing Rachael, Gen 29:11 and loved her Gen 29:18.  Laban and Leah beguiled, Jacob. Gen 29:25.   Jacob loved Rachael more than Leah.  Gen 29:30.

Judah was not just a whore monger but an associate of Canaanites.  He was the father of serpent-seed Er, Onan and Shelah Gen 38:2.  

Two of Judah’s sons, Onan and Er,  were so evil that Christ slew them. Gen 38:7,10.  Judah wanted to burn Tamar the whore.  Gen 38:4

He left his own and went “down” to Canaan.  The inference is not that “down” refers to a change in elevation but to a lower standard or class of people.  It is not hard to imagine that there were Canaanites living in the land of Canaan. 

Gen 10:15-19 lists the families of Canaan.  Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkkite, Sinites, Zemarites and Hamathites.

The Amorites were one of the peoples of east Canaan dispossessed by the Israelite incursion from Egypt.  The Girgasites were descendants of one of the nations living east of the sea of Galilee when the Israelites entered the promised land.  the Hivites were descendants of Ham.  The Sinites, Arvidites, Zemarites, Hamatites and Arvites were tribes descending from Canaan.   The land of Canaan included the cities of  Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Canaan (H3665) was the 4th son of Ham and the progenitor of the Phoenicians and of the various nations who people the sea coast of Palestine.  I find it extremely hard to believe that Tamar could possibly have been an Israelite after doing this exegesis of the people who lived in Canaan.

Judah took a Canaanite wife named Shulah.  This was a forbidden marriage.  Judah’s first two sons,  Er and Onan were so evil that Yahweh had them killed.  Later Judah took Tamar as a wife for his mongrel son Er.  After Er was killed, Judah wanted Onan to marry Tamar.  Onan practiced coitus interuptus and Yahweh had Onan killed.  Judah refused to give his third mongrel son, Shelah to Tamar to marry.    Consequently Tamar through deception became a whore and enticed Judah into intercourse.  Judah through whoredom pledged his  signet, bracelets and staff to Tamar.  When Judah realized that his daughter-in-law was pregnant with child by whoredom, Judah wanted Tamar to be burnt (Gen 38:24).  What a vicious person!  Incidentally Judah never redeemed his pledge.   The mongrel children of whoredom and incest were Zerah and Pharez.  Zerah was the first born with a scarlet thread around his hand.  Pharez means "breech" for breech of the covenant.

Judah was the #4 child of Leah, a product of deception by Laban and Leah.  Do any of you really believe that Christ would come from any form of deception?  Jacob wept upon seeing Rachael, Gen 29:11 and loved her Gen 29:18.  Laban and Leah beguiled, Jacob. Gen 29:25.  This sounds like Gen 3:15,  Jacob loved Rachael more than Leah.  Gen 29:30.

Two of Judah’s sons, Onan and Er,  were so evil that Christ slew them. Gen 38:7,10.  Judah wanted to burn Tamar his former lover and whore.  Gen 38:24
If calling Yahshua’s name in vain is a sin, imagine saying that Yahshua descended from a satanic, evil, whore monger, breech of the covenant and product of whoredom and incest.  There is nothing good in Judah's life and you are going to convince me that Christ choose Judah to be his ancestor.

Judah in the last days -- 

The logic is simple and irrefutable.  Pursuant to Gen 49:1 and 49:10 Judah has the scepter in the last days, till Shiloh comes.  The present and fact of the matter is that the jews presently have the scepter and rule the world. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.  The jews are Judah, not Ireland or Germany. Is anyone going to say that Ireland or Germany rule the world?  Maybe in being defeated or being invaded.