It has nothing to do with strength, size, muscles, mortality etc.  It has everything to do with perception, understanding and being subject to being deceived.

Garden of Eden

In the Garden of Eden it was Satan who made a direct attack (Gen 3:15) upon Eve.  Satan being more subtil than any beast in the field (Gen 3:1), he seduced her.  See Gen 3:15, John 8:44, 1 John 3:10-12 and the description of Satan's seed.  Satan could not have had viable seed without Eve.  Yet Satan used Eve to seduce Adam.  If Satan had tried to attack Adam directly, Adam would have fought back. Because Yahweh had made Eve attractive to Adam, Adam was subject to her beauty, charm and influence.  Nothing has changed in 7000 years.

Genesis 3 starts off with speech directed primarily to Eve: verses 1, 2, 4 and 6.  In verse 6 we find out that Eve persuaded Adam to partake.  Yes the Garden of Eden story is an allegory yet it is still true today. Satan approached Eve because she was more naive, innocent or just plain ignorant.  She had no idea what she was doing and Satan knew it. 

Advertising is still primarily aimed at women.  Advertising uses women to attract men.  Nothing has changed in 6000 years.  One of the major consequences of the concept of  "equality" of the sexes is voting. Historically the husband or man of the family voted the interests for the entire family.  When women received the right to vote it was frequently observed that the wife cancelled the vote of the husband by voting for an opposing candidate.  One thing for sure is that Bill Clinton and Obama would never have been elected if women did not have the vote and the US is suffering for these events.  That is the realistic consequence.

White bitches and muds

Woman are the weaker sex because today white Caucasian women are much more willing than men to accept non Israelites --  muds, "blacks", "nigras" etc. in the voting booth and in bed,  than are Israelite men.  This is the weak link in our society and the Caucasian race is declining and on its way to extinction because of it.  You can't breed back.  How white women are willing to become intimate with non-whites who typically are violent and treat white women as trash whores (hoes), and have mongrel-hybrid children who don't even look like them is beyond me.  These women are terribly insecure and are race traitors to say the least.  They have stepped not into just the gutter but the sewer and they will have an eternity of time  to suffer for their errors.   Mixed race children, regardless of the combination, are genetically inferior being hybrids and follow the rules of hybridity.  Forget the many violations of Yahweh's laws.  You don't see red birds associating with black birds. Even nature tells us that like belongs with like and that opposites will react to each other.  This is the same kind-after-his-kind command that we find in 9 times in Genesis 1.

The simple fact of the matter is that nigra males being beast-animals-of-the-field are much more prone to be violent and use violence to settle disputes or to intimidate others.   It is in their genes and they can't help it.  Many white women have yet to figure this out and this has frequently cost them their lives and the lives of their children. 


Women seem to be paralyized by the concept of racism.  The jew news media has made the concept of Racism to be the worst evil in the world. Of course God made the races and he is the greatest racist ever. Further considering the the jews descending from Satan and are oposed to Yahweh-God's will, calling evil good and good evil, is the logical consequence.  

Anyone who questions the basic premise of this article needs to read: