DIVERSITY IS DEATH to White Christian Societies

No nation, civilization or organization has ever survived invasion or its more modern term, diversity.  Not ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome and for more modern examples review what immigration did for the American Indian and ask the Palestinians about the advantages of admitting strangers with their ideas and strange genetics to their society. Western World is dying in case you have not figured it out.

Furthermore, no society has ever survived when it succumbed to the perversions of homosexual queers.  The queers have perverted the English word “gay” from meaning happy to acceptable.  There is nothing gay about being queer. In the interests of decorum, I need not detail the perverted practices that queers participate in.  No beast animal in the world stoops so low and is so perverted. 

Examples of diversity are urine, chlorine or fluorine in drinking water, feces in food, sand in motor oil or water in gasoline.  Maybe we should go into pharmacies and just mix up all of the drugs in the interests of diversity and increase the entropy.  Let’s go to a feed store and mix up all of the seeds.  After all, all seeds are created equal.  Let’s put stones and weed seed back into garden soil.  There is nothing so diverse as trash! Increasing the entropy of any system diminishes its usefulness.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Le Chatelier’s principle have societal consequences. 

Diversity is related to a thermodynamic concept called entropy.  Entropy is a measure of disorder.  The fact of the matter is that the greater the entropy of a substance the less useful it is.  Consider all of the heat in the oceans of the world.  A lighted match has much more useful heat than all of the world's oceans.  Man has been trying for decades to extract energy from the oceans with little or no success.

Diversity never seems to include Diversity of speech, belief, thought or expression.  Some complain that unfettered Freedom of Speech is offensive.  Well, any good communication is going to be offensive to someone.  Does that mean that we need to censor everything?  I find censorship as the repudiation of the Values of Western Civilization, to be one of the most offensive concepts possible. 

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."   Ethnic Cultures do not "assimilate," but instead segregate into divisive geographic segments of a nation's society. We see this truth in virtually every nation in the world especially in present-day Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Germany, England Australia, etc.  It does not work now and has never worked in all recorded history. The more ethnic and cultural division in a nation, the more violent and oppressive the government force it takes to quell the inherent violence and government deliberately instigated conflicts between the cultures.  All truth models reality. The World-ruling Elite are very much aware of this fact and use it to advance their oppression of all people, in the name of protection.  Those of ethnic and cultural diversity are deliberately pitted against one another by playing on the inherent bigotry these cultures have for one another. They never look beyond their personal bigotry long enough to see who is deliberately agitating them into violence, and the resulting loss of their liberties, (for their protection, of course), that is the only remedy ever offered by the government. 

This same Zionist tactic finally brought down the Ten-tribe Northern House of Israel. The land was flooded with foreigners, the foreigners were protected and provided for over the needs of the Israelities themselves. There was widespread corruption in the Churches and in the government. The last four years were marked by the Israelities civil war of rebellion against their own oppressive government.  We are witnessing deja vu all over again! The only thing we have learned from history is that we have learned nothing from history. It is said: "No man is an island."  While this may be true concerning a single man, a Sovereign Nation must be an island, ethnically and culturally if it is to survive. The first commandment found in scripture is "Kind after its kind" nine times in Genesis 1.   The "mixing of seed" (kinds) is the forbidden sin of Adultery.  In the Revelations of that which is to come, the Adulterer (mixer of seed) cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If it is to be "on earth as it is in heaven," No nation should promote, sanction, or permit the mixing of seed.