Once upon a time the Roman Catholic Church was the spokesperson for the Western World.  To disagree with its edicts, proclamations etc. was to invite torture, prison, excommunication, dispossession of all worldly goods and death.  The invention of the printing press in the 1560's was a major break in its world power.  Now people could print alternate translations of the Bible, and distribute news, facts and ideas without permission of the Pope.  There still was the local priest or minister with his particular ideas and passions.  Time would bring us the telegraph, telephone, camera, radio, television, e-mail, internet and ultimately U-tube. All further instruments to convey ideas and facts.

Today in 2015 we still have governments, news organizations and sadly religious organisations and their speakers who still try to prevent differing ideas and concepts from being brought to the fore.  Fortunately these attempts will all fail.  We will either have freedom of speech or we will have tyranny.  That is just the unfortunate fact of the matter.  

The open discussion of race today is about as limited as when Galileo wanted to discuss the movement of the earth around the sun.  People must simply believe what the jewish world dictates about equality, color of skin etc.  Fortunately there are those via alternate media who can challenge these lies and ignorance.

The news media of the world is largely controlled by the jews.  No backup is necessary for this elemental statement.    Their continuing pitch for white societies to integrate with mud peoples, support of the Rothschild banks and Zionist terror state etc. is unrelenting.  This control extends not to only what is printed and televised etc. but control over what NOT is printed is obvious.  The bible says in Dan 12:4 that, "In the latter days, knowledge shall be increased."  We are seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy every day.
The control of ideas and control of people is failing.  In the last 20 years a concept known as "hate crimes" has evolved.  If there are "hate crimes" then logically there must be "love crimes".  We know that there is no such thing as a "love crime" so hate crimes must also be ficticious.  All crimes must include hate of some kind.  A "mens rea" is a "mens rea" (criminal mind). The term "hate" crime is only used as an attempt to further inflict certain ideas upon an unwary populace.

In Hobart Tasmania there is a park dedicated to George Orwell.  A plack on a bench says "Freedom of Speech is telling others what they do not want to hear".  allegedly made by Orwell.  There was a New York ACLU Lawyer, William Kunstler,  who said, "The remedy for the abuse of Freedom of Speech is more Freedom of Speech".  I could not agree more.