(Christ was not a jew)

The logic is simple and irrefutable.  Pursuant to Gen 49:1 and 49:10 Judah has the scepter in the last days (verse 1), till Shiloh comes (verse 10) when the jews and Judah no longer have the control or Scepter.  The present and fact of the matter is that the jews presently have the scepter and rule the world. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.  The jews are Judah, not Ireland or Germany.  Is anyone going to say that Ireland or Germany rule the world?  Maybe in being defeated or being invaded.  

Historically due to the chronologies of Christ listed in Mathew,  Luke and Chronicles, it has been taken for granted that Christ's genealogy is through Judah.  The most typical support for Judah being the progenitor of Christ comes from Matthew 1 and Luke 3.  However they had to get this information from somewhere else.   They got it from Chronicles.  Who were the scribes in Chronicles?  You know.

Some jew scribe (in his tribe’s own self-interest) only needed to change one word and has perpetrated one of the greatest lies in the history of man that has lasted  for at least 4000 years.

Daniel 12:4 says that "In the latter days knowledge shall be increased".  In about 1990, Buddy Johnson realized this Judah fraud.  In the last few years with computer searching and on-line biblical resources, a greater understanding of this situation has evolved.  I now believe there is overwhelming evidence to expose and repudiate this jewish lie.

There are several problems with the Judah as the progenitor of Christ scenario.   Assuming that Tamar was an Israelite, even though she was living in Canaan and Judah had to travel there to meet her.  The Shelahites were definitely Satan’s seed.  1 Chronicles 2:3 and Numbers 26:20 tell us that all of Judah including the clearly satanic Shelahites were numbered and grouped together for 430 years in the captivity, 40 years in the wilderness and ultimately in the Promised land.  In the Promised Land, Joshua, Magnified (Jos 4:14) an Ephraithite, descendant of Joseph, ruled that all of Judah had to be separated (abide) from the rest of the House of Israel.  See Joshua 18:5.  Israel to the North and Judah to the South.  It was segregation in its finest form.  Joshua must have known of the evil satanic background and dictated the exclusion from the rest of the Hose of Israel.

Judah did not have the scepter when he bowed down to Joseph.  He did not have the scepter in the captivity or in the promised land.  The simple fact of the matter is that judah has the scepter now and he will have it till Shiloh comes.  Reviewing Genesis 49:10 we find out that Judah’s hold of the scepter is only till Shiloh comes.  It is not unlimited!   Remember that Gen 49:10 is subject to Gen 49:1, the preamble verse for Gen 49,  which tells us what will take place in the last days.  We can clearly conclude then that Christ being Shiloh, is NOT part of Judah.  In an eternity of time a non-Judahite will hold the scepter!

Furthermore in Jeremiah 8:1-3 we find one of the most startling verses in the entire bible.  The kings and priests of the evil family of Judah will have their bones dug up and bleached out in the sun and be dung on the face of the earth.  First of all if Christ is part of Judah, certainly he would be a King of that Tribe.  Is anyone going to tell me that Christ is going to have his bones be exhumed and bleached out in the Sun for dung?  How could Christ be a king of Judah especially when he has been resurrected and his bones are nowhere to be found.  That would make Jeremiah a false prophet.  Another reasonable conclusion is that the Kings and Princes of Judah being dung will never be resurrected.  That certainly agrees with their satanic nature considering that Christ told them that they were the descendants of Satan (John 8:44, Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9).

One of the strongest verses leading to the indication that Christ would descend from Joseph is

Matt 2:18 –

“In Rama (the Greek form of Ramah) was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.”

See also Jer 31:15 where this event is prophesized. 

Rachel means the women who descended from Joseph and who children were of that tribe.  No where do we find Leah, the mother of Judah weeping.

After all it was Herod whose business it was to know from which tribe the messiah would come.  Ironically Christ’s earthly father was named Joseph.  Christ was born in Bethlehem-in-Galilee and not in Judea.  

We don’t need to explore the activities of one of the greatest pieces of trash in the bible, Judah.  There is nothing praiseworthy about him.  Joseph was in contrast a nearly perfect man.  As a aside point we find out that David was a son of an Ephrathite and not a judahite. 1 Sam 17:12

If you were Christ, whom would you rather have a as progenitor, Judah the race-mixing producer of bastards or Joseph?  Not only was Judah a product of deception in the dark, Pharez was the product of whoredom and incest (1 Chr. 2:4) with his daughter-in-law.  Pharez means "breach".  Pharez was a breach of the Covenant.

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