The so-called Confederate Battle flag is the symbol of the House of Israel.  It has been referred to as the Flag of Righteousness. WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS SO HATED?   The 13 stars represent the 13 tribes of the House of Israel (HOI) including Ephraim and Manasseh before the separation of the House of Israel from the House of Judah.  The diagonal cross refers to the Genesis 48:13 blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh by Jacob crossing his arms.  This arm crossing is the basis of the St. George’s flag. This is the flag that will fly in heaven!!

Typically a cross or a fish is used as a Christian symbol.  No the Confederate Flag is the ultimate Christian symbol representing the 13 tribes.  The cross is an abomination representing Christ's suffering and humiliation.  The fish is rather shallow and meaningless.  Anyone can be a fisherman.

This flag is perfectly symmetrical relative to both axes.  It displays the colors of red, white and blue.  To my knowledge no other flag in the world meets those criteria.  The flags of the UK and France meet the color criterion but they are not perfectly symmetrical.    

Non-Israelites, whether Genesis 1 beast-animals-of-the-field or others who have no interest in this symbol would like to quash its symbology of superiority as the House of Israel was declared to be a  special and Holy People, above all  of the people that are upon the face of the earth.  Deut 7:6.   Relegating this symbol to a museum is just an excuse in a path towards its eradication.    Are we to expect the Rainbow flag of the queers and other perverts ultimately to take its place?  

Numerous lies have been told to remove this symbol of righteousness.

1-  It is racist.  Yes, it represents the 13 tribe House of Israel.  Don't be intimidated by an anti-God anti-Christ message.  If someone calls you a racist, respond with "There is nothing wrong with being racist!" / "What is wrong with being a racist?" etc.  God was/is a racist.  God is the biggest and greatest racist in the universe.

The colored races are not part of the House of Israel and that is why they do not revere it.  They hope to obliterate this sacred symbol.  

2-  Wrong side of history.  Wrong.  The history that counts is what will be remembered in 1000 or 2000 years. When people stand before Yahweh on the day of judgment that will be the history that counts not just today's politically correct ephemeral feelings.

3- It is offensive.  Tough.  I am offended at people's lack of respect for the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, Expression and Religion.  We allegedly have a First Amendment which protects Freedom of Speech and Expression. We will either have Freedom of Speech or we will have a tyranny.   If you are offended then I am offended.  I am especially offended by hypocrisy.  Do as I say not as I do.   Some people are offended at everything especially the truth.

4-  HERITAGE NOT HATE --  This is a pathetic attempt to defend the flag and a blatant admission of that you have been put on the defensive.  Be positive in the repudiation of the "hate" or h-word. This phrase is a reaction to a negative and frankly, this phrase will not be believed just as denying that you are prejudiced or a racist, you will not be believed.

Use a positive example that the flag is a deeply and long held religious symbol of the House of Israel. Red white and blue.  Symmetrical about both axes.  Possibly the only flag in the world with those characteristics. 

The removal of the flag is a step towards the ultimate goal of White Genocide.  Don't be fooled.  This is Satan via his children, Edom-Esau, the current jews of today, trying to remove the descendants of Jacob from the face of the earth and institute total evil and control.

5-  We hear the words "inclusion", "diversity" and "tolerance" today but those concepts are never to be applied to the Confederate Flag.  The hypocrisy is unbelievable.  The current attack on the Confederate Flag is an attack upon God (Yahweh) and First Amendment Freedom of Expression.

6-  Former South Carolina Governor Halley is an Indian alien Sikh shit colored mud.  Her election and the elections of Tim Scott, the present colored  US Senator and Lindsay Graham a queer, were all violations of Deut. 17:15.  The people of South Carolina will suffer for these violations of Yahweh's law.  She initiated the Confederate flag removal process by first calling for the removal of the flag.  The state is noticeably poorer than its two neighbors, Georgia and North Carolina.  South Carolina is 42nd in per capita income. Driving over the state line one immediately feels the difference.  The roads are noticeably worn, the general standard of living is lower.  It has the 5th highest percentage of colored residents of any US state.  The state is in the umbra (shadow) of the Southern Baptist Church and its adherence to the universalist doctrines (racial reconciliation) of "Paul" and "Christ was a jew" ignorance.  Does anyone ever expect such an errant ignorant society to be blessed by Yahweh?  I don't.

7-  10 July 2015 will be a day that will go down in infamy because the Confederate flag was removed from its place of honor in front of the State Capitol building in Columbia.  May Yahweh further curse South Carolina for that evil practice.  The Charleston area is in effect a river delta and the central part of the state is in a Zone 3 earthquake area.  The saltwater of the ocean causes the colloidal river mix that has soils that are suspended in the river water to separate out as a fine silt.  The result is that river deltas have a soil structure while fertile they have little or no resistance to any seismic disturbance.   In 1886 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook Charleston.  May Yahweh avenge this area again.

During the October 1-12, 2015 period, South Carolina experienced rains and floods of biblical proportions. Bring it on Yahweh.  By December 2015 South Carolina farmers acknowledged that they suffered crop wipe out and millions of dollars in losses.  

Hurricane Matthew during the October 8-9, 2016 period caused 473,000 customers to be without power in South Carolina.  Significant flooding was reported to have occurred in Charleston after a sea wall was breached.   Hilton Head Island experienced widespread power outages, and two roads onto the island were blocked by fallen pine trees and numerous others were submerged.   The Waccamaw River crested in Conway at 17.9 ft, breaking a record set by the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane.

Substantial and long-lasting flooding due to the Waccamaw, Little Pee Dee and Lumber Rivers overflowing their banks has affected Socastee, Conway and the low country.

On May 13, 2017,  a 20 foot by 30 foot Confederate Flag was raised on Route 151 just north of Hartsville, South Carolina.  It is the intention that this flag continuously flies all year, day and night.  

The coastal low country has a higher than average percentage of colored nigras and they are disproportionately suffering.  Central South Carolina is in an earthquake zone 3.  The Charleston area sits on alluvial soils which basically are accumulated silt. This area is not a good place to be in an earthquake. As the Ashley and Cooper rivers drain towards the salty ocean, the silt previously held as a colloid is deposited in the delta as with other deltas of the world.  In 1886 Charleston experienced an earthquake about 9:50 p.m. August 31 with an estimated moment magnitude of 6.9–7.3 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme).  

The people of South Carolina need another lesson to realize that they are offending Yahweh and his greatest creation, The House of Israel.

SOUTH CAROLINA IS CURSED AND WITH GOOD REASON.  May God Almighty Yahweh seek revenge.

in 2017 South Carolina has about $11 billion tied up in two nuclear plants which may never be completed. The electrical rates for the electric consumers are being raised to provide increased funding for the plants.   Another blessing for taking down the Confederate Flag.  This is a continuing nightmare in operation. Lawsuits, pointing fingers, delays etc. are the rule.

From the Internet --

SCANA Corp. on Thursday (23 Feb. 2017) filed a petition for a hearing before the S.C. Public Service Commission for it to approve higher costs and later completion dates for two reactors under construction at the V.C. Summer plant.

In the petition, SCE&G, the corporation’s electric utility, said the cost for completing the new nuclear units at the Jenkinsville plant are likely to rise by $1.2 billion from its initial $9.8 billion price tag – to $11 billion. Completion of the Unit 2 reactor will be pushed back three years from 2016 to 2019.

The Unit 3 reactor at the plant north of Columbia is not expected to be finished until June 2020, after an initial projected completion date of 2019, the company said.

From the internet -- 

Westinghouse and Toshiba Remain Committed to VC Summer Completion

FEB 17, 2017

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, a subsidiary of SCANA Corp., received confirmation from Westinghouse Electric Company that Westinghouse and Toshiba remain committed to completing two new nuclear reactors at the V.C. Sumner Nuclear Station.

Additionally, Westinghouse revised its in-service dates for the reactors, with Unit 2 expected to come online by April 2020 and Unit 3 by December 2020.  SCE&G said it will monitor Westinghouse’s ability to adhere to the new schedule, as well as the financial condition of Westinghouse and Toshiba in regards to the effect on their ability to complete the project.

Toshiba announced it would exit nuclear construction after reporting a write-off of more than $6 billion in losses from Westinghouse.   Additionally, the company plans to sell all or part of its controlling stake in Westinghouse Electric company, and Toshiba chairman Shigenori Shiga will resign, the New York Times reported.  However, the company also said it would complete eight AP1000 reactors the company has under construction, including the two at Sumner.

The New York Times noted Toshiba has struggled to make Westinghouse profitable since that acquisition in 2006 but many more of the troubles came from the 2015 acquisition of CB&I Stone & Webster.  Toshiba president Satoshi Tsunakawa said the purchase of CB&I Stone & Webster was approved in the hopes of improving efficiency and cost overruns in South Carolina and Georgia. However, the move caused Westinghouse to absorb more of the costs that would have otherwise gone to CB&I Stone & Webster.

Lights Out for a South Carolina Nuclear Power Project

A pair of utilities announced that they were pulling the plug on construction of two nuclear reactors, leaving only one nuclear plant under construction in the United States.

JULY 31, 2017
4:28 PM EDT

South Carolina utilities have pulled the plug on two overbudget, behind-schedule nuclear reactors under construction there, dealing a fresh blow to the already staggering US nuclear power industry.

The price tag for the expansion of the existing one-reactor VC Summer nuclear plant north of Columbia had ballooned from about $10 billion to $16 billion since the project was launched in 2008. And with completion dates slipping to 2024 following the March bankruptcy of primary contractor Westinghouse, the partners behind Summer — SCANA subsidiary South Carolina Electric and Gas and Santee Cooper — announced Monday that the project was no longer worth finishing.

“The best-case scenario shows this project would be several years late and 75 percent more than originally planned,” Santee Cooper CEO Lonnie Carter said in a statement announcing the decision. “We simply cannot ask our customers to pay for a project that has become uneconomical. And even though suspending construction is the best option for them, we are disappointed that our contractor has failed to meet its obligations and put Santee Cooper and our customers in this situation.”

The decision leaves Southern Company’s similarly troubled twin-reactor project at Plant Vogtle, near Augusta, Ga., as the last nuclear plant still under construction. Summer and Vogtle were the first new American reactors ordered since the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

RELATED: Westinghouse Bankruptcy Deals a Blow to America's Nuclear Renaissance

Santee Cooper, the junior partner in the Summer project, said lower demand forecasts and the boom in cheap natural gas combined to make the project less economical. And majority partner SCANA said its analysis showed the company would be unable to make a January 2021 deadline to qualify for federal tax credits that were aimed at reviving the struggling nuclear industry.

“Ceasing work on the project was our least desired option, but this is the right thing to do at this time,” SCANA chief Kevin Marsh said. The company said it still believed in the benefits of nuclear energy, but couldn’t justify the additional cost.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, a leading critic of both the Vogtle and Summer projects, said the new reactors are about one-third complete — but ratepayers are paying for them already, thanks to laws that allow utilities to charge them for construction costs up front. In a statement Monday afternoon, the group cheered the South Carolina plant’s cancellation.

“This project has been a multi-billion-dollar disaster,” said Stephen Smith, the group’s executive director. “We also call on Georgia Power and their utility partners to protect their customers from the similarly risky, mismanaged project in Georgia at Southern Company’s Plant Vogtle.”

RELATED: Here’s Why the US Nuclear Industry Is in Jeopardy

Southern Company announced last week that it would take over management of the Vogtle project from Westinghouse as the work continues.

Only one US commercial power reactor, the long-planned Watts Bar Unit 2 in Tennessee, has come online since 1996.  And in states where nuclear plants sell the electricity they produce on deregulated markets, the industry is reeling as cheap natural gas and an increasing share of renewables undercut its profits.

Faced with the planned closures of several plants in the Northeast and Midwest, nuclear operators are trying to convince states to subsidize their plants as a reliable source of carbon-free generation. The Nuclear Energy Institute, the leading nuclear trade association, called the cancellation of Summer 2 and 3 “unfortunate” — but said nukes remain valuable “as a safe, reliable, clean source of energy.”

"All the more now, we must impress upon our energy policy decision makers the vital role of nuclear energy in America’s energy portfolio,” the NEI said. “As America’s need for electricity continues to grow, which means hundreds of new generating facilities will need to be built, clean and reliable nuclear energy will be an essential part of America’s energy security."

8-  HATE  We hear that the flag is a symbol of hate.  False, it is a symbol of reverence.  What is wrong with hate?  I hate snakes, hate filth, hate poverty, hate disease, hate ignorance and above all hate hypocrisy because hypocrisy has no redeeming value.  It is absolutely hypocritical for others to hate the flag and then call its supporters, hate filled.  The hate-callers are hypocrites pure and simple.   Others can use words such as racist, bigoted, prejudiced etc. in an attempt to intimidate others and stifle dissent.  Only niggers can say "nigger" in this society -- and that is the ultimate in hypocrisy. There is nothing wrong with hate.  "Esau I hate", Mal 1:3   The word "hate" occurs 85 times in the King James Bible.

The United States' flag is probably the most hated flag in the world.  The US has bombed and invaded numerous countries including the only country in the world that used nuclear weapons on another country. Japan in 1945.

9- Slavery -- We hear that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of slavery.  I guess they have never heard of the IRS.  The Confederacy lasted for 4 years.  A minority of about 10% of the Southern white population had slaves.  The flag of the United Sates, a descendant of the flag of the British East India Company,  has represented slavery from its beginning in 1789 to 1868 when the 13th amendment was passed and from 1913 with the enactment of the income tax to present, a total of about (79 + 104) or 183 years and has affected millions of people and extracting trillions of confessions and dollars from its unsuspecting victims.  If there is any flag in the world which represents slavery, it is the flag of the United States government.

10- Nikki Haley -- South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, née Nimrata Randhawa, made a calculated political decision to sell the heritage and pride of the people of South Carolina for a nomination to be the Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican party ticket in 2016.  She supported Marco Rubio.  Rubio came in second.  She bet on the wrong horse as Mike Pence was selected by Donald Trump.

She is a "woman", "minority", as Southern as the North Star and willing to do anything for power.  A perfect candidate. The people who voted for Halley in derogation of Deut. 17:15, never to put a stranger over them will reap the curses of their ignorance.  Watch the youtube video shown below.  She is a Sikh, now and forever.  She claims to have converted to Christianity but, on a visit to India she told Indian TV (Nov. 14, 2014) "I will never disown my roots." Very admirable, but she's more than happy to disown and degrade the roots of the people of the South, of the people she allegedly serves. After all, they're not her roots.  She is a traitor to the people of South Carolina.

During a visit to India visit, all dolled up in a Sikh costume, she visited the Sikh holy of holies, the Golden Temple in Amritsar and started balling that "this is a very emotional moment."
As she succeeded in removing the Confederate flag, sacred to many of those with Southern roots, it was a very emotional moment for her White victims.

11- On October 26, 2015, the Mississippi State Flag was taken down at the University of Mississippi.  Mississippi Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel commented on this hypocrisy as follows:

“Universities are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas, not cocoons designed for coddling the feelings of the perpetually offended,”

12- Mitt Romney-- Mormon whore poster boy for greed,  has called for the Confederate flag to be abolished to a museum.  Romney is not just the poster boy for greed but an MBA and a lawyer.  He never produced a bit of wealth in his life.  Just allocating wealth produced by others for himself.  He did not become an alleged $250 million dollar man by being interested in society but solely in himself.

Romney claims that the flag is racist.  Of course, the flag is racist.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING A RACIST?  I would tell him and all others that DENIAL OF RACE IS DENIAL OF GOD

The Mormon Endowment service till 1990 used to feature the phrase PAY-LAY-ALE.  This was accompanied with the raising of the hands above the head, holding the hands at the sides and finally dropping the hands.  The entire ceremony is available on the Internet and on another page of this website.  

PAY-LAY-ALE was removed in 1990.  PAY-LAY-ALE is the functional equivalent of the Free Mason, Grand Masonic Word, MAH-HA-BONE.