WHEN JUDGES RULED ISRAEL -- Not a pleasant story

When Christ said that he came ONLY to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, he meant it.  He did not come to either Judah or Benjamin.  The explanation in part is that Judah and Benjamin were racial kindred through both tribes having Canaanite blood.

Upon the death (Judg 2:8)  of Joshua, Judges ruled Israel.  It was during this time that the events are alleged to have occurred as recorded in the Book of Ruth, the Moabitess.  (Ruth 1:1)

Those who advance the doctrine that the people of Moab were totally destroyed to the man by Moses so that not one remained alive may be in great error.

"The Towered, strong-gate cities of Moab presented to Israel arriving from Egypt in the 13th century B.C., a barrier so formidable that after the King of Moab refused passage through this territory (Judg 11:17 and II Chron 20:10) the wanderers went around Moab and sought entry to Canaan through the Amorite territory of Shiloh."  Harper's Bible Dictionary

Well after the days of rule by Moses and Joshua, in the days when Judges ruled Israel, the children of Israel did evil in the sight of YHWH.  (Judg 3:12)

And YHWH raised up "Eglon" the King of Moab against Israel. Elgon leagued with the children of Ammon and the children of Amalek against Israel.  And Elglon smote Israel.  Judg 3:12

"So the children of Israel served Eglon, the King of Moab eighteen years."  Judg 3:14

This pattern is repeated over and over during the days when  Judges Ruled Israel.  We find none the less, that occasionally:

". . . for it repented YHWH because of their groanings by reason of them that oppressed and vexed them."  Judg 2:18                                                                                                                                                                

Example.  In the case of Eglon, referred to above, YHWH raised up Ehud, a Benjaminite Judg 3:15), who killed (Judg 3:21) Eglon, King of Moab and 10,000 (Judg 3:29) Moabites and "judged" Israel  (Judg 3:15 - Judg 4:1).

Harper's Bible Dictionary, page 150, subject:  'Eglon'  "A King of Moab who occupied the territory west of the Jordan and who was assassinated by Ehud."

Conclusion:  Moses did not kill every Moabite west of the Jordan, or else Ehud could not have killed Eglon and 10,000 Moabites.  Thus Ruth, the Moabitess, (Ruth 1:22;  2:2; 2:21; 4:5)  progenitor of the Jews' Moabite King David, was in fact a Moabite, and not an Israelite as some claim without any biblical supporting proof.  In addition, King David took his parents ( 1 Sam 22:3-4) to his blood kindred in Moab to shelter them from Israel's King Saul.  

In Judges 19:10-12, we find that modern day Jerusalem was actually Jebus and a yet unconquered city of Strangers (v. 12) and not the children of Israel.  The Strong's number H5237 for Stranger, "not of the children of Israel" herein and used in the Book of Ruth (Ruth 2:10) is the identical Hebrew Word Strong's H5237.  It means "an alien, one of the foreign blood!"

Let's review in Judges 19 the very unfortunate story of Benjamin, homosexuals and the war that followed. Never forget that Paul was a Benjaminite.  

The Benjaminites, in Sodom and Gomorrah style, protected a few homosexuals and refused to deliver them up to the remainder of the House of Israel.  The HOI went to war with Benjamin and finally almost eradicated them except for 600 men.  All of the Benjaminite women and children were killed. 

The HOI procured wives for the 600 men.  The wives were from Jabeshgilead, a city east of the Jordan. Benjamin was a pariah as the other tribes would NOT give their daughters to Benjamin to men for wives.  I suspect they knew that Benjamin was Canaanite infected.

The Concubine incident (Judg 19:29) where a woman was cut into 12 pieces ultimately led to the destruction of all of Benjamin's females including all children in the cities, took place.  The House of Israel, minus Benjamin, provided foreign wives from Jabeshgilead for those men remaining in Benjamin because of the oath before YHWH of all the tribes of Israel had taken not to ever give any of their daughters to Benjamin for wives (Judg 21:7; 21:18). 

The Book of Judges ends declaring:  "Every man of Israel returned to his own tribe and to his own House within his Inheritance."  Judges 21:25

Thus all of the Tribes were where Joshua had commanded them to be within their own borders when the alleged events of Ruth the Moabite supposedly occurred "while Judges ruled Israel."

The conclusion from the biblical evidence is that Ruth was a Moabite Harlot.  Boaz was a son of Pharez, through Judah's incest and whoredom with a Canaanite Tamar of Adullum in Canaan.  The "breach" cannot be repaired!  You simply cannot un-ring the bell. 

The Prophet Samuel was commanded to go by YHWH to anoint the Jew's  King David as King over Israel, when Israel's King Saul's Kingship and self-rule over the Israelite Tribes of the Northern House of Israel was rent from them for disobedience and given to their enemy-neighbor Judah.

Note the Elders of Beh ha Lachmi-Judah ask the Prophet Samuel if he comes in peace?   If Samuel were yet in Israel, that  would be a strange question to ask of their own well-known Prophet.  Samuel was in Judea.

1 Sa 16:4 -- And Samuel did that which the LORD spake, and came to Bethlehem. And the elders of the town trembled at his coming, and said, Comest thou peaceably?

We have also heard the position expressed that it makes no difference if the god-King David of the jews was a Moabite, because Abraham was a Chaldee and not of Shem.  Those who make that claim are in great error!

Here is the proof that Benjamin and hence Paul was a Canaanite!

2 Ch 11:23 -- And he (Rehoboam, a Judahite) dealt wisely, and dispersed of all his children throughout all the countries of Judah and Benjamin, unto every fenced city: and he gave them victual in abundance. And he desired many wives.

Rehoboam was of Judah and we know that all Judah was part Canaanite from the days of Er, Onan and ultimately Shelah. Benjamin was infected with the same Canaanite blood as was the rest of Judah. Benjamin and Israel were not racial kindred and ultimately went to war.  

The rift between the Benjaminites and the rest of Israel seems to have started in Judges 19:22-23 where some Benjaminite men were homosexual and wanted a man to do wickedly with him.  The situation was nearly identical as with Lot and his daughters in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The man gave the Benjaminites his concubine and the men played with her all night.  The next day the husband of his concubine cut her up into 12 pieces (Judg 19:29) and sent the pieces to the various tribes of the House of Israel to show his disgust with the Tribe of Benjamin.  The House of Israel without Benjamin, put together an army (Judg 20:11) to go against Benjamin.  Benjamin refused to give up the offending members of her tribe (Judges 20:13).  After a number of fierce battles, Israel crushed Benjamin and only 600 Benjamin men (Judg 20:47) remained and they fled into the wilderness.  The remainder of Benjamin including women and children in the cities (Judg 20:48) were killed.