Christ -- King of Israel not Lion of Judah

 Rev 5:5 Lion of Judah

Christ -- King of Israel not  Lion of Judah.

Judah is the Lion of Judah.  It is necessary to do an exegesis of Revelation 5:5.  This verse with its Strong’s numbers taken from the KJV appears below. 

And 2532 one 1520 of 1537 the elders 4245 saith 3004 unto me 3427, Weep 2799 not 3361: behold 2400, the Lion 3023 of  5607 1537 the tribe 5443 of Juda 2455, the Root 4491 of David 1138, hath prevailed 3528 to open 455 the book 975, and 2532 to loose 3089 the seven 2033 seals 4973 thereof 846.

Bill Finck's translation of this verse follows together with his Greek source:

καὶ   εἷς    ἐκ   τῶν πρεσβυτέρων    λέγει  μοι·       μὴ κλαῖε,

And  one  of   the       elders          said    to me:   do not weep;

ἰδοὺ          ἐνίκησεν     ὁ λέων     ὁ ἐκ   τῆς φυλῆς   Ἰούδα,      ἡ ῥίζα    Δαυίδ,

Behold! Has prevailed  the  lion      of    the  tribe   of Judah,  the root of David,

ἀνοῖξαι     τὸ βιβλίον  καὶ    τὰς   ἑπτὰ     σφραγῖδας  αὐτοῦ.

to  open   the  book   and    the    seven    seals of it.

This verse refers to opening a book or scroll and not to any genetic comment.  People have historically read fantasies into it. 

My first comment is that Finck’s translation does not say who or what prevailed (overcame) the Lion of Judah, only that he was overcome.  In English this translation is in the passive tense, i.e. the window was opened by John.     While we may disagree over who was the Lion of Judah --  obviously Yahshua, Lord of Lords and King of Kings,  could not have been overcome so the Lion of Judah had to be someone else. May I suggest that that person was Judah or more affectionately known as in Greek as Judas.  Judah-Judas was overcome by Shula, a Canaanitess, by his two-time daughter-in-law Tamar, by his own sinful character and ultimately by Joseph.  Judah bowed down to Joseph (Gen 44:14) which was a fulfillment of Joseph's dream (Gen 37:7 & 9) where the word "obeisance" is found in both verses.   

The translated word "Lion" from several Hebrew and Greek roots, appears 98 times in the KJV.  Let's only examine the Rev 5:5 word Lion, Strong’s G3023 which appears 6 times in Revelation and 9 times in the KJV.  It means beast animal in every case.  Maybe Rev 5:5 is telling us that the Lion is the mascot or enforcer of the tribe of Judas.   Reviewing the word “Lion”.  Never is there a positive character associated with this word.  NEVER in the entire KJV is Lion associated with the Lamb of God, namely Jesus.  

Gen 49:9 tells us about Judah’s character.  This is from Judah’s blessing.

Judah 3063 [is] a lion's 738 whelp 1482: from the prey 2964, my son 1121, thou art gone up 5927: he stooped down 3766 , he couched 7257 as a lion 738, and as an old lion 3833; who shall rouse him up 6965?

Lion, Strong’s 738 is found 72 times in the KJV.  It means a lion tearing apart.  Whelp 1482 means a young lion or a cub.  It is reasonable to state that Judah is like a lion tearing up its prey.

Psalm 10:9 is as follows:

He lieth in wait 693 secretly 4565 as a lion 738 in his den 5520: he lieth in wait 693 to catch 2414 the poor 6041: he doth catch 2414 the poor 6041, when he draweth 4900 him into his net 7568.

Psalm 17:12 is as follows:

Like 1825 as a lion 738 [that] is greedy 3700 of his prey 2963, and as it were a young lion 3715 lurking 3427 in secret places 4565.

Let's now examine the word Lamb 721.  This word appears 107 times in the entire KJV and  27 times in the Book of Revelation.   Most typically this word means mutton to eat.  In Revelation, it clearly means the Messiah.  Nowhere in the entire Bible is there a verse with the words Judah and Lamb in it.

Hosea 5:14 is very interesting:
For I [will be] unto Ephraim 669 as a lion 7826, and as a young lion 3715 to the house 1004 of Judah 3063: I, [even] I, will tear 2963 and go away 3212; I will take away 5375, and none shall rescue 5337 [him].

Note that there are different Strong’s numbers applied.  H7826 to Ephraim’s lion and H3715 to Judah’s lion. Here Ephraim H669 actually means, double portion and the lion is a full-sized lion.  

The lion for Judah H3716 is a small lion.  Judah's blessing in Gen 49:9 associates Judah with a lion. What more does it take?

Regardless that nowhere in the bible is Christ ever described as a lion.

Christ said that “my sheep (not Lions) hear my voice”.  

John 1:36 --  And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God! (not the Lion of God)

Daddy told me that Lions can't father any sheep because “kind after kind” is still the rule.  


See Rev 21:14 -- And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. (not the Lion)

Whoever heard of a Lion herding a flock of sheep or of Judah having Apostles?

Judah is the Lion of Judah, not Christ.