By Russell Walker

Daniel 12:4, states that in the latter days that “knowledge shall be increased.”  There is no doubt that this statement is true – just consider the Internet and the fathomless amount of information that is readily available to all of us.

Another consequence of this eruption of knowledge is that the truth about Yahweh’s Israelite calendar is now being understood.   Modern knowledge about astronomy and the cataloging of the days of the year as shown in calendars has matured.   The historical use of a so-called “Lunar Calendar” has become suspect due to its many disadvantages.  This has led to an examination of the Paleo Hebrew that has been the underlying text for all translations into modern languages. 

It has been known for a long time that the Israelite Calendar had no named months or named days.   How then could we have been led into the error that Abib was the name of a “month”?   If Abib was a month why have we not heard about the other months?   The fact is that Abib is an event, namely the point of time of the Vernal Equinox and not a month of days or any other duration of time.    An exegesis of the various underlying biblical script in Paleo Hebrew shows that there had been some tampering with the scriptures while they were still in their ancient language.   The basis of this new calendar knowledge is the discovery that two letters from one word were transposed to another.  

The copying from Microsoft Word to this website did not include the Paleo Hebrew characters.


Remember that words in Paleo Hebrew are read from right to left and the resulting conclusion is that what was translated as “abib” is actually  “abibet” .   Neither the Interpreter nor Strong’s  Concordance caught this error, which assumed authorities are viewed by many as infallible.  This false assumption has helped to keep us in this error.  

Some of the obvious problems with the so-called Lunar calendar are:  (1) complexity in determining the start date of the Lunar Year and the other various days of the lunar year, its (2) ultimate dependence upon the Vernal equinox which is solely an earth-solar consequence, (3) the extreme variable change in various days such as Passover in its calendar due to its dependence upon the “New Moon”.   Passover can occur from early March to mid-April on the Gregorian Calendar.   The fact that the “new moon” is simply non-observable when the moon and the Earth are in conjunction, (4) due to the opaqueness of the “New Moon” it is necessary to resort to the ridiculousness and uncertainty of determining the “first crescent” of the new moon.  This “event” frequently is dependent on clear weather, the latitude and longitude of the observer, (5) the lack of any determinable relationship between the lunar cycle and the solar year and (6) the fact that all primitive and satanic nations have used the lunar calendar with disappointingly or inaccurate results.  Even today the most backward nations of the world use a “Lunar” calendar for their religious feasts etc.  We know of no nation with the exception of the Israelites who have ever used a truly Solar calendar.  The current Gregorian Calendar is essentially a corrupted Solar calendar because it is ultimately based upon the Sun.   The Gregorian calendar is corrupted because it requires adjustments every 4, 100 and 400 years.

People say that they plant crops using the Lunar calendar.  Tell me should we plant the sweet corn and eggplants in January or February.  The only farmers who would use a lunar calendar are starving farmers.


As a consequence of the previous six (6) characteristics of the lunar, we believe that the Israelites used a Solar Calendar as part of their superior way of life and the knowledge that Yahweh gave to them.  The trouble is that various translations of the Bible always referred to “moons” etc.  How can this paradox be resolved?

An exegesis of the subject of “months” versus “moons” needs to be illuminated in the light of 21st century knowledge.  This will be done as follows.

A translation of Strong’s # 3218 Hebrew word: wdh (cha-dash), as meaning the renewing of the “Month,” needs to be made and realize that this has absolutely nothing to do with the renewing of the Moon, or a “New Moon.”   If Strong’s # 3394 Hebrew word:  hri yar-rach  (Moon), is used in combination with the word for Month then, it could be said to be the renewing Moon or “New Moon.”   The following passage shows us why the Lunar calendar is held in great suspect.


Isa 47:13 “Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels, Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the ” new moon prognosticators, stand up and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.”   


Strong’s # 2320, (from 2318), uses a word interpreted to mean: “New Moon,” where here it is altered to: “Monthly prognosticators.”


This verse brings suspicion on the Lunar Calendars.  The logical translation of “New Moon Prognosticators,” when combined with the prohibitions against the City of Jericho, (City of the Moon) should go a long way in making our point.  The Hebrew word: “Jericho,” literally means: Moon-Month!   The Hebrew word: “City” is a “center of learning,” and when combined with the word Jericho, means: “A center of learning of the Moon-Month.”   This understanding is not clearly explicit in the English language but lets review this matter.  Jericho was built about 19 stone observatories, each tracking one of the nineteen-year cycles of the Moon.  Even given a period of time of nineteen years the Moon’s position relative to the earth does not precisely repeat itself.  This is an indisputable fact.   Now, let us read from the Paleo Hebrew Text about Jericho. 


Jos 6:17, “And the City, (the center of learning of the Moon-Month) it and all that is therein shall be accursed unto Yahweh  - - -


 v-18, And Ye must keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourselves accursed, when ye take the accursed thing and make the Camp of Israel a curse and trouble it.”


Jos 7:2  But Achan, - - -  - - of the tribe of Judah took the accursed thing, and the anger of Yahweh was kindled against the children of Israel.


Jos 7:21 (Achan said): “When I saw among the spoils a beautiful Babylonian Priest’s- garment, two hundred shekels of Silver, and a wedge of Gold - - - - - I coveted them and I took them. 


Isa 1:14  “Your New Moons and your appointed Feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me: I am weary to bear them.”                   

We are all familiar with the following verse –

Gen 1:16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: [he made] the stars also.

It has always been assumed that these two greater “lights” were the Sun and the Moon.  This may be true in the physical demonstration, as the Sun may be said to be the light of the Day and the Moon the light of the night.  But the light of the Moon is only a reflection of the light of the Sun.  So it cannot give light without the Sun. 

Analysis of the original Paleo Hebrew indicates that the two greater sign-luminaries demonstrated in the physical, Speaks of the Spiritual, wherein the “signs” are actually the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes.  This understanding is confirmed as follows:

“Let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for Years.”  

(Gen 1:14) Notice: This does not say for Months or New Moons.

                        THE TWO GREATER-SIGN LUMINARIES

                                         (Of Genesis 1:16)


First, in order to be a “Luminary,” the person or thing spoken of must be the source of light, not just the reflected light from the source!  Applying the Urim, (lights / Paleo Hebrew Text), we find there are two greater Sign-Luminaries.  Applying the Thumim, (to expand / Magnify), we see these are the Vernal Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox.  The two Greater Sign-Luminaries simultaneously mark the change in the length of the day and the length of the night (darkness) simultaneously.

In the Northern Hemisphere when the Vernal Equinox occurs, the Autumnal Equinox is occurring at precisely the same time in the Southern Hemisphere!   One Luminary Event, marking two different Signs simultaneously.  In one hemisphere the days become longer and the nights shorter, while in the other hemisphere, the opposite is taking place.  

If the existence of “two greater Sign-Luminaries” is confirmed then of Necessity, there must be two lesser Sign-Luminaries with the first two being greater than the last two.  The two lesser Sign-Luminaries are the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice.  We know today that these are the four Cardinal Signs of the Year.   The function of these Signs, is to give light / knowledge to the Israelites of the Earth. 


The word luminaries: xrame you will note is built upon the root-word: rva  Ore) meaning: “light,” and from which same root is also built the word: xrvam  “Ma-ort-tah” (luminaries / Teachers), the first letter ( m ) being the Preposition: “for,” shows us that this combination when expanded, by Thumim, (severing the Preposition “ m "  from the beginning of the root word), and reading its generic meaning: “for,” denotes the Hebrew word Teachers: “xria- m , “Ma-ort-tah,” which literally means: “for lights.” Applying the two-edged sword, (Inversing the root word) we have: avr, which is Strong’s number 7200, “to see or perceive”, “to behold.” So the light is also knowledge! 

All of the words spoken by YHWH speak of the physical and the Spiritual simultaneously on multi levels, which we have just demonstrated.  There is always a physical consequence of the Spiritual!  If the physical does not demonstrate the Spiritual, it is not a correct translation, but an error in interpretation!

That is why you have no need of anyone to translate for you.  Correct translation is:  “Not by power nor by might, (or even by the human intellect), but by my Spirit, sayeth evei!”

The “light” spoken of herein is: “knowledge!”  Thus the Book of Genesis:  xiwarb  “Bey-rah-sheet” is a plural: “In the Beginnings!”  For it sets forth in the physical, the beginning of creation, which serves to simultaneously demonstrate that which is Spiritual: “The beginning of the knowledge of evei!”  Thus the two beginnings much like the two greater sign luminaries marking at one time, two simultaneous events, the Vernal Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox.     

Just how this ties into the yearly “self-correcting” Calendar of YHWH given to Moses for the Children of Israel, is the very substance and essence of this work.  This work must be verifiable and demonstrable from the Books of the Law to have any validity whatsoever. 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was in evei and the Word IS  evei! (John 1:1)


“In the end is the Word and the Word is evei and the Word is in man.”  (The indwelling of the Spirit of the Holy, in man.)


“The heavens and the earth shall pass away, but My Word shall endure forever.”  

Therefore, you and I must also become the Word! Let us begin!

The bottom line is that the scriptures have been corrupted.  Abib is an event, the vernal equinox, and not a month!.  


 For those of you unfamiliar with the Paleo Hebrew Language, the Letters of each word are written and read from right to left.  The Text (words) are also read from right to left.   Consequently, the first English translation directly under each word must be read from right to left.  To facilitate your skills in applying this knowledge, we are providing herein a Secondary translation as written in English below the first translation, see:(2).   Below.

The Paleo Hebrew characters did not copy from Microsoft Word.  If you want this document with the Paleo characters, e-mail me at

                                                                                                                 Deut 16:1            

 <<<<<- NOTICE, Hebrew Reads Right to Left--<<<<<<<◄▬


                         (Taken directly from the Paleo (Old) Hebrew Text)                ↓                                                                                      

eveil hsp  xiwov   bibae wdh xa  rvmw ← 

          of               Passover        ??         and                 the Vernal        renewing      Sign            Mark

    Yahuweh                                           keep             Equinox                                     (by observation)  

2) → Mark (by observation) the Sign renewing the Vernal Equinox and keep the Passover of  evei (Yahuweh).


Note:   Strong’s Concordance # 24. biba , is Not the actual word used in the above cited text. It is in error misread as Strong’s # 24: biba (Abib), which is defined as: “The Canaanite Name of the first Month of the Jewish Calendar.”  Although “Abib” is both a Canaanite word and a Hebrew word, it is not the name of a Month in Yahuweh’s Calendar, as His Months are not named, but Numbered! Before the Tower of Babble, “the whole land was of one language.”  That one language was the Tongue of the Holy, we today call: Paleo Hebrew. Thus, you see the similarities in the Ancient Script of the Canaanites, and the ancient Paleo Hebrew Script.

              An alternate suggested reading for the translation of: Deut 16:1

                                ↑→ →→↓                                   << read <<         ←

eveil hsp  -↑-wov xibibae   wdh   xa     rvmw

        of            Passover        and       the Vernal           renewing     Sign               Mark

Yahuweh                              keep        Equinox                                                  (by observation)      




Hebrew Dictionary: “Vernal Equinox:

                                                                                                                           << read <<

Modern Hebrew                                    :תיביבאה   -        תוותשהה


Paleo (old) Hebrew:                           xibibae  -   xvvxwee

                                                                                  The Vernal Equinox          the balance line mark



Source: page # 4041, The Complete English-Hebrew Dictionary, by Rueben Alcalay, Massadah Publishing Co. Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem  (1981)

          The Questions We Considered and Tried To Answer.                                 


1)  Why are the two superfluous letters (xi) on the end of the Hebrew word: xi-wov “vey-osh” (and keep) in the first biblical text cited, left un-translated and not mentioned in the Hebrew Interlinear, or in the Strong’s Concordance of the Bible?


2)  Do you think it strange that these two same letters when placed at the end of the preceding word bibae becomes  xibibae, the word defined in every Hebrew Dictionary as: “The Vernal Equinox!”


3)  When Yahweh gave Moses His Calendar of numbered Months, did He name only the first of His Months, by the Canaanite Name: “Abib”?

4)  If His Months are named, what are the Hebrew names He gave the other Months of the year?   (Not the Babylonian named Jewish Months).

5)  If Yahuweh’s Calendar is Lunar, with its occasional 13th Month, why didn’t one single event ever occur on a single day of the 13th Month in over six thousand years in our entire Bible?

6)  Why is the Vernal Equinox, the greatest of the four Cardinal Signs in the year, (used to correct nearly every known calendar) not mentioned in the Hebrew Interlinear or the Strong’s Concordance?

                             THE VERNAL (SPRING) EQUINOX
 Herein is an exhaustive study into the biblical beginning of the Year from which to count the days of the Week, the weekly Sabbath, the Weeks of the Months, the Months of the Year, and the High Sabbaths known as the Feasts of evei, for the House of Israel.  Each and every biblical mention found on the subject of the Sacred Calendar, has been laid out line upon line and precept upon precept for your review.   Differing understandings held by many groups have resulted in some keeping Friday, some keeping Saturday and some keeping Sunday as a weekly Sabbath.  Even among those who agree on the day of the Week, there are divisions over the day that the Year begins, the time that the day begins, and the time that the Feasts begin.  The only absolute certainty is that they cannot all be correct. 

 We would remind the reader, that the Almighty does not dwell in confusion, but conceals His knowledge in simplicity. And we humbly submit to you the complete evidence from the Commandments given in the Books of the Law, and only from the Commandments given in the Books of the Law, will we focus our inquiry and ultimately base our conclusions. Why, you may ask? Because, the historical Books of Scriptures concerning the House of Israel and the House of Judah, are not very good examples of keeping the Commandments. But rather an example of the harsh consequences resulting form a near continual rebellion against the Commandments.

We need not apologize to one another for holding a well studied and researched minority view. And we are not offended if you hold a view different than that of our own. For the sake of unity, we being in the minority, we are compelled by the Spirit of the Holy to make manifest the very roots of our belief and understanding that each may judge the matter without offense. For one can only walk in the light they are given and remain true to self.  And, “Above all, to thine own-self  be true!”

 (5th Century B.C. Athens)

This then is an exegesis of the Paleo (old) Hebrew Script and modern knowledge of translation of the Paleo Hebrew into Modern English which manifest the following:

1) “bibae,” (Ha-ah-bee-bet) is “an event,” and not the Hebrew name of a Month of the Year.  That event is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.  The six scriptural uses of the word: bibae are exclusively used in conjunction with those scriptures concerning the beginning of the Sacred Year.

2) An interpretation of the word biba “Awe-beeb” as an interpretation from the Old Hebrew text word: bibae  would be and is demonstrable error.  It is not the true meaning, but a miss-application of the word bibae “Ha-ah-bee-bet,” by both the interpreters and the Strong’s Concordance of the Bible.   The word Abib, (green ears), is indeed the Canaanite name of the first Month of the Year of the Jewish Lunar Calendar.  But, Abib is not the word used in the Hebrew text concerning the beginning of the Year!

3) The Lunar Calendar is an extremely complex 19 year cycle and does not fit, nor can it be made fit, into any description of the biblical time frame of accounts of events enumerated in the Books of the Law.  Although superficially the Lunar Calendar is based upon the Moon, ultimately it is really a Solar Calendar because it attempts to reconcile itself with the Sun on a 19 year basis.  The Lunar calendar is full of perturbations such as the changing dates for Easter.

4) The Israelite’s biblical Calendar given by Yahuweh has no named Months, and no named days of the Week. Both are numbered!

5) The present-day name of every Month of the Year and every day of the week are named for pagan gods!

6) That the meaning of the two Hebrew words: “biba” and “bibae” can be amply demonstrated by their “exclusive” usage in the Hebrew text, to be two completely different words.  Much like the word: “Sword” is distinguishably different from: “Word,” in English usage.

7) The Jewish Interpreters and the Strong’s Concordance Dictionary, make no distinction between these two very different Hebrew words. Nor, does the Strong’s Concordance include a definition for bibae  in the Strong’s Dictionary numbering system.

8) We have shown in all six biblical texts, that the usage of the word: bibae, is exclusively and always in conjunction and combination with the Hebrew word for Month, or Year, or both, in context and always in reference to the beginning of the new Year.

9) We have shown that in all three biblical texts, that the Hebrew word “biba,” (Abib) is never used in context anywhere in the Books of the Law in conjunction or in combination with the word:  Month or Year, or speaking of the beginning of the Year.

On the following pages we will display a true and correct copy of each of the seven verses taken directly from the Paleo Hebrew Bible. These are the only biblical texts where the words under study appear in usage in the Books of the Law.  This, you are invited and strongly urged to confirm by your own inquiry, to see if these things be so. You are at complete liberty to agree or disagree without offense, with any or all of our expressed conclusions. The only purpose of this work is to find and to know the truth in this matter. To those who can receive it, consider this our Gift to you, which we are each commanded to bring every Year, from the work of our own hands, (Studies) to share with the children of Israel at the Feast of Booths (Tabernacles) now upon us.

Herein, are shown the exclusive uses of the Hebrew word bibae, Ha-ah-bee-bet, a short form of the Hebrew word: “xibibae ,” and every time it is used, it is in conjunction with the Hebrew words for Month: “wdh” and the Hebrew word for Year: “enw.” And in every cite it is specifically speaking in context, about the beginning of the Year!  Our Conclusion: Abib differs from Ha-abee-bet, in the same manner “sword” differs from “word” in the English. Two entirely separate words!


Please note herein are the only three scriptures where the actual Hebrew word biba (Abib) is used, and it is used exclusively in speaking of:

1) Ex 9:31 The Barley smitten in the Abib (green ear);

2) Lev 2:14 Of the mirvkb Bik-kur-im  (The First-fruits);    

3) Ezekiel 3:15 Speaking of the name of a place: “Tel Aviv”

While the first two events do occur in the spring season of the year, in context, the text says nothing whatsoever about a specific day or a Month that begins the Year!  

These three cites are the only cited text where the word biba Abib, is used and correctly identified and defined as Strong’s Number #24, (Green Ear).   All three biblical cites as we have shown, have nothing whatsoever to do with marking the beginning of the New Year, in context or otherwise!

If there is one single individual anywhere in the entire scriptures who should keep the correct calendar given Israel, it is Yahushua. And the first observance we must focus upon is the Passover observance. Scriptures tell us: “it is a night to be much observed.”  So let each of us “observe” and look into Yahushua’s keeping of the Passover, with attention to detail. Let us see if the Solar or Lunar Calendar was kept while being very watchful in the text, for anything that suggests the line of demarcation between days. First let us agree that Solar days are sunrise to sunrise, while Lunar days are sunset to sunset.


Matthew 26:17-19 The Preparation day for the Passover - - -and they made ready the Passover.


Matthew 26:20 And when evening had come, He sat down with the twelve.


Matthew 26: 30 And after they had sung a hymn they went out into the mount of Olives.


Matthew 26: 47 Then came Judas with the Chief Priest and Elders


Matthew 26:57 And they took him before the High Priest.


Note: He kept the Passover according to the Law on the 14th day of the first month, at evening. The 14th day is the Day of Preparation in which the lamb must be killed and roasted before you can set down at evening to the Passover meal. You cannot wait until sundown to kill the lamb and set down to the Passover meal, because we are commanded not to eat of it raw! It takes three to four hours to cook, after you have field-dressed the animal. The lamb must be killed on the 14th day!

So if the lamb must be killed on the 14th day, and the Passover meal must be eaten on the 14th day at evening, both the killing of the Lamb and the eating of the Lamb must be on the 14th day according to the commandment.


 Matthew 27: 1 When the morning had come they took counsel against him to put him to death.


Note: This is the morning of the 15th day, the First day of the seven days of Unleavened Bread. But it is again the Preparation day of the Jews, in which the Passover must be killed.


Matthew 27:10 He was taken before Pilate.


Mark 15:25 And it was the third hour and they crucified him.


Mark 15:34 And at the ninth hour he gave up his spirit.


Mark 15:42 And when evening was come, that is the day before the Sabbath. (Passover of the Jews).


Mark 15:43 Joseph of Arimatheia came for his body.


Note: He was already in the tomb before the Passover of the Jews began that very evening.


     So, Yahushua kept the Sabbath (Passover) according to the ordinances, on the 14th day of the First Month as reckoned by the Solar Calendar.  Then the very next day at the 9th hour, he became the Lamb of Yah killed for the Jewish Passover which began at dark that day as reckoned by the Lunar Calendar.


    The Sabbaths are said to be forms and shadows of things coming. So in this event it is clear that Yahushua kept the Passover with the twelve (a shadow of that coming event) according to the Solar Calendar, but then became the actual Lamb of Yah, killed on the Preparation day of the Passover of the Jews, according to the reckoning of the Lunar Calendar.

    What we have discovered is the use of both the solar and Lunar Calendars. The Solar calendar is used for the type or shadow, and the Lunar for the actual event.  If this is correct, the Prophecy is by the Solar year and the fulfillment of that prophecy is in the Lunar. 


     The Passover events described in these NT writings, would require four Sabbaths, back to back, with one partial overlapping day.  And this event would require that the Vernal Equinox and the New Moon marking the First day of the year on both calendars, occur very close to one another, some time between the years 30 to 40 CE. 


     Using the U.S. Naval Observatory technology, Russ has discovered that just such an event appears to have occurred in the year 38 A.D. With the actual Vernal Equinox and first New Moon being separated by only 40 hours.  Applying the ordinances of the Passover to the Solar reckoning and the ordinances of the Passover by the Jewish Lunar reckoning, this time appears to be reduced to 30 hours. If, this is correct, it would provide just such an overlap of Sabbaths as required to be in complete harmony with the NT account of the Passover.


     Now that the idea and concept have been stated, please feel free to take part in this study, by forwarding scriptural cites that support or call to question this concept. One truth never nullifies another, and we are searching for the truth in this matter.  


     We do not question that both the Solar and Lunar Calendars are in use. The question is are we to use one or the other, or both?  Blessings. Scott