Genesis 49 reviewed


 In context, Jacob/Israel is speaking to his sons:

Gen 49:26 “the blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors, unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills. They shall be upon the head of Joseph and on the crown of the head of him that was separate from his brethren.”


 Gen 49:26 from Ancient (Paleo) Hebrew, Strong’s Numbered, Hebrew-to-English Interlinear Bible.

                                                                                <<---  reads  <<  


             2029            1293            5923      1396              01                 1293

    irve  xkrb - lo  vrbg  kiba   xkrb


      1961                  5769                 1389                8379                5704

   niiex   mlvyo   xobg    xvax    do


               251                   5139                   6936                     3130         7218

    viha   rizn   dqdqlv  psvi warl   

Incidentally, this above text is written in the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, from which both the Old English and Modern English Alphabets were derived.  It is referred to as: “N. Semitic” (Northern Semitic), in many English Dictionaries referencing Root Word Origins.  Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, published in the mid 1980’s, Identifies the origin of each letter of our modern English Alphabet, linking it directly to the corresponding letter of the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet from which it evolved!

 Gen 49:26, From: Strong’s Numbered KJV, Blue Letter Bible.

“The blessings H1293 of thy father H1 have prevailed H1396 above the blessings H1293 of my progenitors H2029 unto the uttermost bound H8379 of the everlasting H5769 hills H1369. They shall be on the head H7218 of Joseph H3130 and on the crown of the head H6936 of him that was separate H5139 from his brethren H251.”


Note:  These are Jacob’s last words, which he first qualifies in Gen 49:1 as being: “. . .that which shall befall you in the LAST DAYS.  While we may debate the precise time of “the last days” to which Jacob refers, it seems clear that Jacob is speaking herein of what was at that time, “future events.” 


Given the world wide events of our present age and adding the words of Yahshua concerning the last days, it is suggested that those last days spoken of are what we live in now.   Only the blind, (which seem to be in majority among our people), cannot relate the present world events, to the “Last days” biblical event markers.


Even many of those now awakening, cannot identify the progeny of Jacob Israel, or the two adopted by Jacob / Israel as his own sons; whom were chosen specifically by Jacob / Israel: to bear His name, his father Isaac’s name, and Isaac’s father, Abraham’s name. 


Gen 48:16 Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh were adopted by Jacob, being separate (as in: added, or in addition to): Joseph’s other brethren.  Thus, they each are counted as “separate” Tribes of Israel.  This fact is well beyond a mere opinion, Religious Dogma, or Doctrine. 


Whether through scriptural ignorance, or an inability to understand, or an adversarial deliberate design (which we suspect), the effects are the same.  The apostate, organized, Judeo-Christian (Zionist) worldly Churches, have ignorantly  claimed the Blessings that Jacob/Israel received and passed down to Joseph and the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were given to the Talmudic Zionist Jews.  And after teaching and promoting this false claim, beguile their Judeo-Christian members, into bowing down before, endlessly supporting, serving, and worshiping these same apostate, Talmudic, Zionist, false Jew Whores!  Unfortunately, nearly all of what has become known as “Identity,” is only under the illusion they have come out of Babylon.  In reality, they have carried Babylon completely intact, over into Christian Identity, making themselves the Daughter of the Great Whore!

The who and the what regarding these very last-days events are specifically identified in the OT writings by Jacob / Israel in Gen 49:8-10, and confirmed by the Prophets: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah; And, in the NT writings by Yahshua, to John in the Book of Revelations.  


The Zionist-Jew-Judah’s hand is indeed upon the neck of his enemies.  Judah’s “enemies” are his own brothers, “his father Jacob / Israel’s children!” And his hand (control) is on the necks (the governments), of every single one, as well as all worldly governments.


Gen 40:10 This worldly scepter/rule was given by Satan (the Zionist god of this world) to his priesthood and seed /offspring. The worldly scepter rule was not given by Yahweh, nor given by Jacob /Israel in a blessing to Judah! Jacob only acknowledged, understood, and expressed the reality, that Satan was granted worldly dominion for a time and grants it to whom ever he pleases!  This appears confirmed in NT writings.


Matthew 4:8-9 & Luke 4: 5-7.   Satan reminded Yahshua that the power over all the Kingdoms of the world was delivered into his hands, and that to whom so ever he willed he could give it!  But he would only give this power to Yahshua, if Yahshua would fall down and worship him!  Yahshua did not dispute Satan’s words, but rejected the offer. The Zionist Judeo-Christian Churches and the governments of the world have not! They have accepted and agreed to the terms!


The adversary’s identity, location and Synagogue are clearly made known by Yahshua, & by Jeremiah 8:1-3 to all with eyes to see and ears to hear.


The governments are their necks and the continuous lies and deceit claiming that the Zionist Jews, are a poor mistreated and persecuted people, is the hand/power of the Zionist sons of Judah, upon the *necks (governments) of Jacob Israel’s sons. 


Joshua 18:5 The sons of Judah and those tribes separated by Joshua, the Ephramite Scribe of Moses, who succeeded Moses in rule over Israel; Separated the sons of Judah entirely from the tribes comprising the Northern House of Israel, and commanded they each “abide” within their own borders.  The sons of Judah, and the tribes inheriting their lands  within Judah,  are parasites, seeking alms from, stealing from, and betraying the trust of their Israelite brethren!  All the while in reality, enslaving, destroying, and plundering each nation’s wealth through gaining complete control within each of their governments, (their neck); And, plundering them from without, in conspiracy with their private, corrupt, worldwide, Criminal Banking Carte: the IMF! 


These things are what we believe Jacob / Israel foretold were to come in the last-days, upon Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh, (adopted by Jacob / Israel as his own sons).  And, coming upon Joseph’s later begotten sons, whom are to be counted as Sons of the tribe of Joseph. See Gen 48:16.


In essence, only Joseph i.e. Ephraim, and Manasseh were   blessed by Jacob Israel.  In Genesis Chapter 48 and Genesis Chapter 49, we can only confirm with certainty that Joseph and his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh came to Jacob / Israel on his deathbed! Nowhere, does the text of either  Genesis Chapters 48 & 49, state that anyone told: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, or Benjamin, that Jacob Israel was dieing; nor that these other sons of Jacob / Israel were even present at his death!  In the Genesis 49 references relating to these other sons of Jacob by name, nowhere does Jacob state the word “blessings.”  In Gen 49:25, Jacob is speaking to Joseph, not the other tribes.!


After drawing them near and laying his hands upon each of them; in the blessings of Joseph and his sons, Jacob invoked by request, the blessings of “the Angel which redeemed him from all evil,” to bless Joseph and his sons. (Gen 48:16)


Where is it recorded the Jacob laid his hands upon any of the other tribes and asked the Angel to bless any of them?  This was not done with respect to any of the other sons of Jacob / Israel?  To count what was revealed by Jacob to Joseph and his sons, concerning most of the other sons of Jacob as blessings to them; is like counting the flood as a blessing to the vile and corrupt multitudes in the days of Noah!


We believe these other sons of Jacob were not blessed, but what has been erroneously assumed to be a blessing of each of these other tribe, were not blessings, but Jacob warning and revealing to Joseph and his sons, the good or evil nature of his other sons. Thus, warning Joseph and his son’s future, last-days generations, of which Israel brethren they must remain on constant guard against for their evil acts and treachery!   WOW


This immediately aforementioned concept above, focuses great suspect of Gen 49:28, as being a deliberately corrupted text, by which the Jewish Scribes and Interpreters attempt to make it appear:  that the blessings of Jacob were extended to all the sons of Jacob, disregarding entirely their evil acts!

Reviewing the word H1288 (barak) "bless" in Gen 49:28 means to "bend the knees", "kneel down".  The word "blessed" (berakah) H1293 does mean blessing.  There is some confusion in at least my mind over this interpretation.  Believing Gen 49:28 to be a correct interpretation however, would require one to believe that Yahweh gives blessings to un-repenting evildoers.  On it’s very face this is offensive and contrary to all concepts of truth and moral justice expressed and taught within the Commandments and precepts found in the Laws of YHWH.


From the Paleo Hebrew text of Gen 49:28, I believe we have found where the Hebrew text may have been corrupted, when being interpreted into the English KJV of this verse.  From the Paleo Hebrew text, my reading of this text, somewhat paraphrased, is as follows:


“The sum-total of those who *branched-off the twelve tribes of Jacob / Israel, are they to whom their father Jacob / Israel spoke to.  Each one, according to his blessings, he blessed them.”

 *( branched-off the twelve”), herein means: from the same source, but placed separately above the  others. Gen 49:26)       A family tree, is not unlike like a tree in the forest, it may have many branches / (children), but only one main branch is elevated to the very top or crown. Joseph, was that Crown.

I will add the Strong’s Numbered Paleo Hebrew text here ASAP, so the reader can review and compare the Hebrew text with the text of the English KJV shown in the Blue Letter Bible.

Even a cursory review of Genesis Chapters 48 & 49, will confirm: only “Ephraim and Manasseh” were blessed in Gen 48: 8 through Gen 48:16; And only Joseph was blessed in Gen 49:22 through Gen 49:26.  


This new understanding, (that only Joseph, vicariously through Manesseh and Ephraim, Joseph should be removed per se), Ephraim and Manasseh were blessed), is what we hope to confirm and make abundantly clear to all, through seeing through the veil over Gen 49:26.   That veil is created through giving the extremely important biblical text of Genesis Chapter 48 and 49, only a cursory reading.  That is to say, reading without seeking its purpose, meaning, effects, and implications.   We all at times have read biblical text as though the bit of biblical text was of no real or significant importance.  Only later to discover, that very text was a key to understanding or confirming a truth. 

If this new understanding is confirmed by and within the Word of Yahweh, it will unveil a clear and certain meaning to a multitude of, until now, what have for centuries remained ambiguous passages of scriptural text.   And these long ago uttered words of the Prophet will ring true and fulfilled:


“In the latter days, knowledge shall be increased!” Dan 12:4

Now let our in depth inquiry into Genesis 48 and 49 begin, with prayerful, meticulous, attention to every detail.  Neither Moses nor our Father in Heaven used superfluous verbiage!  All their words have purpose and meaning, which are made manifest by the Spirit of the Holy, at the time appointed!  

The very first foundation of the Judeo-Christian teaching and belief that Judah is god’s chosen people, is derived from and founded largely upon Gen 49:8 through 12, and highly dependent upon assuming Jacob’s blessings were to  “all the Tribes” of Israel.

Therefore let us also begin our inquiry here, to confirm or disprove that assumption.  We will paraphrase what is said about each of these other sons of Jacob, and watch closely for any hint of a blessing.


Reuben  Jacob said of Reuben:  You are unstable as water. You have defiled your father’s bed. (Incest); Gen 49:3-4                   Q. Is this a blessing?  No.


Of  Semion & Levi : Are brothers (of a kind).  Instruments of cruelty are in their habitations.  Oh my soul, come not into their secret or into their assembly, my honor be not united. For in their anger, they murdered a man.  Cursed is their anger and their wrath for it is fierce.  I will divide them that are in Jacob and scatter them in Israel; Gen 49:5 through Gen 49:7

Q. Is this a blessing?  No.


Of  Judah: Judah is a Lion’s whelp, (offspring of a predator)

For his prey, my sons. Thou has been raised up: He has went down, he couched as a lion (for ambushing the prey?), Even as an Old Lion (the rebellious Patriarch Judah?) Who can restore him?  Gen 49:9 (Judah defiled his own house and destroyed his bloodline?)        

Q. Is this a blessing? No!

Of Zebulun:  Shall dwell at the coast of the sea for a haven for ships, and his border to Zidon.  Gen 49:13

Q.  A blessing?  Yes! Zebulun was entrusted with and received the shipping and commerce center in the Northern House of Israel.  Christ was also born in Zebulun.

Of Issachar: He is a strong ass caught between two burdens, he inclined  his shoulder to bear (serve) and became a “servant unto tribute.”  (a servant unto worshipers ) Gen 49:15

Q. A Blessing? Yes! 

Of Dan: He shall be a serpent throughout the way, an Adder in the path that bites the heels of the horse so that its rider shall fall backwards. Gen 49:17

Q. Is this a blessing? No!

Of Gad: A Troop shall overcome him, but he shall overcome in the end. Gen 49:19 

Q. A blessing? Perhaps.

Of Asher  His bread shall be plenteous and he shall yield (give up) Royal-*dainties.  ( royalties from rulers?) Gen 49:20

Q. A blessing? Perhaps.

Of Naphtali : A Hind set free. He gives goodly words. Gen 49:21

Q. A blessing? Perhaps.         

Of Joseph :  Joseph is a fruitful *bough (branch).  From thence (there) is the Shepherd, the stone of Israel.  His hand are made strong by the hand of the mighty god of Jacob, and by the Almighty who shall bless thee with the blessings of the heavens above, the blessings of the deep that lieth below, blessings of the breasts and of the womb.  The blessings of thy father have prevailed above (greater than) the blessing of my progenitors (children) unto the utmost border of the every lasting hills.  They shall fall upon the *head (of the family) of Joseph.  And the crown on the head of him that was *separate (chosen from among) his brethren. Gen 49:22-26

Q. Is this a blessing?  YES!  Absolutely No doubt whatsoever!


Of Benjamin: Benjamin shall  * “raven as a Wolf.” (like a mad wolf)  In the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil! Gen 49:27

Is this a blessing?  No way! 


Who does Benjamin in darkness (secret), divide the spoil with? Let me boldly suggest:  “Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Dan, and JUDAH, all to whom these tribes either inherited with, or aligned themselves with!


Remember Reuben, Simeon, levi Judah, Issachar and Zebulun were all from Leah, the marriage that was conducted in the dark an filled with deception and fraud.

Of these six from Leah, only Zebulun and Issachar inherited  in the Northern House of Israel.

If you look at the nature of each tribe (above) You must admit the wicked inherited

and were forced to live separately from the Northern House.  Jos 18:5 abide separetly

The Southern House of Judah worshiped Baal the god of the Canaanites in Jebus-Jerusalem. Those serving Yahweh inherited with the Northern House of Israel and worshiped Yahweh at Sechem (Salem) on Mt Gerezim (The Mount of blessings), in Ephraim.  This seems to become obvious and undisputable, only after a first reading of what we have put together so far.