To Satan / the Adversary has for a time, been delivered the Scepter/dominion over all kingdoms of the world and their glory.

This was foreseen by Jacob / Israel and proclaimed to his sons from his deathbed. (Gen 49:8)  “The things that should befall them in the last days” (Gen 49:1).  After revealing these things, Jacob gave Commandments and instructions for his burial.  Then, “gathering his feet into his bed, yielded up his spirit, and was gathered unto his people.” (Gen 49:33)

This Scepter / dominion is clearly to be given Judah till Shiloh comes! (Gen 49:10) and confirmed within Satan’s hand: (Luke 4:5-7), in the tempting of Christ.

Today, only the brain dead masses among us, cannot see the reality of who holds the Scepter / dominion over all the kingdoms of the world and over the Priesthood and Law givers.  They are well known to all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear.  We even know many of them by name; we know their genetic and ethnic origin; we know they are called “Jews,” under the cloak of “Judah!”

It is written: “My people parish due to the lack of knowledge.” (Hos 4:6) Therefore, the Scepter / Dominion over us is “knowledge!”  Thus, the Adversary rules by concealing knowledge from us, while making it easily accessible to his priesthood, (the Judeo Zionist churches), his law-givers, (the worldly governments), his followers, and his worshipers.

How is this knowledge hidden from us?   It is hidden in plain sight under the Satanic Cult Symbols of the Five and Six pointed Stars! So barbaric, so offensive, so evil are the acts associated with those identified with these symbolisms, that Christians avoid them like the plague!  Unaware that beneath these evil symbols, is the very concealed knowledge they seek!

Over the vast frequency range of radiation waves, only 0.005 % are visible to the unaided human eye.  Thus we are more than legally BLIND!  But in the world of the blind, the one eyed man is King.  In this world, Satan / the Adversary is that undisputed king.  Thus, we are controlled and manipulated by and from what to us is darkness, because it is beyond of our ability to see with our limited sight.  

Bottom line.  Christ did not come to show us the way to die!  He came to show us: “the way to live in real time,” the infinite present! That we might have life and that life in real time more abundantly! That it might be on Earth as it is in Heaven. The choice is up to us. Live free through knowledge, or die as slaves chained in darkness (ignorance)!  Blessings Scott