Jos 10:1 -- Jerusalem is first mentioned here in the Bible.   The King of this Jerusalem is  Adonizedek.

Jos 10:6 -- Adonizedek was a king of the Amorites  not of the Jebusites


Jos 10:7 -- The location was up from Gilgal on Mt Gerizim!  Note Mt. Gerizim was the site of Yahweh’s blessing.  See Deut 11:29.

NOTE: This location is in The Northern House of Israel was in Ephraim, NOT in Judah.

Jos 12:9 -- lists the 31 Kings slain by Joshua on the Western side of the Jordan.

NOTE:  To the very astute among us, this older Jerusalem, was called Jeru-Salem (City of Salem), while the present day Jerusalem, was still called: “Jebus!” 

Jos 18:5) The Northern House of Joseph-Israel and The Southern House of Judah were commanded to remain within their borders separate from each other.

NOTE:  NO KING OF “*JEBUS” (the modern-day southern Jerusalem), IS LISTED among the 31 kings slain by Joshua!

Now let us focus on the Jebus-Jerusalem

Who are the Jebusites?



The Jebusites, are the descendants of the third son of Cain!  see: Strong’s Concordance # 2983


Jebus-Jerusalem, is still, was then, and has always been the highest (elevation assumed)  place of worship of the seven Royal Cities of the Canaanites!


Jebus-Jerusalem, was never conquered by force.  Jebus, was in the territory given Benjamin by lot, but claimed and occupied by the Jews of Judah. This is the second or Southern Jerusalem!  The Jebusites were assimilated into the Sons of Judah.  So the inhabitants of Jebus-Jerusalem are of mixed blood Canaanite descent.  They did not deceive the Prophet Jeremiah!


Jeremiah 8:1-2
“At that time sayeth YHWH they will bring out the bones of the Kings of Judah and the bones of his Princes and the bones of his Priests and the bones of his Prophets and the bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem out of their graves. 2) And they shall spread them before the Sun and the Moon and the hosts of heaven - - - -. And they shall not be gathered nor be buried. They shall be for DUNG upon the face of the earth!”

Can anyone still believe Messiah, King of Israel, Prophet of Israel, and High Priest of Israel, was a Jew or of Judah after reading this? 

BOTH Jerusalems were in the Northern House of Joseph-Israel!  The Southern one, Jebus-Jerusalem was in Benjamin, not Judah!   And the Northern one, Salem (Jeru-Salem) was at Mt Gerizim, belonging to Ephraim, not Judah.  


 1) Where did the Sons of Judah worship during the isolation ordered by Joshua? (Jos 18:5)  (The isolation spans all the days of Joshua and all the days that Judges ruled Israel).


2) If the Jews of JUDAH were Yahweh’s chosen people, why was His commanded place of worship in the Northern House of Joseph-Israel and not in Judah? 


3) If the Jews were still counted among the Sons of Israel, why didn’t Joshua and the subsequent Judges who ruled Israel, rule over Judah also?


4) No Judges ruled over the sons of Judah, ever!  Why?


5) Why did Yahshua curse (Matt 21:19-21)   the Fig Tree, which was symbolic of the unfruitful Sons of Judah?


6) Why are the Sons of Joseph-Israel symbolically an Olive tree?


7) How can one people be two different trees?


8) Why would YHWH choose the Sons of Judah to be His People to “dwell among;”  Then choose for Rulers, His Servant Joshua, (who was not of Judah BUT AN EPHRATHITE); followed by Judges (who were not of Judah), to Rule only (Who were not of Judah) 

Answers please. scott