Recently discovered archaeological evidence in 2003 and published in "Archeology Journal" in 2005,  challenging the existence of Bethlehem-Judah in the 1st century and discovery of remnants showing that Bethlehem-Zebulon existed in 2700 B.C., the realization that Nazareth is 93 miles from Bethlehem-Judea and an alleged donkey ride for Mary together with the realization that the Jezreel Valley, the greatest Breadbasket (meaning of Bethlehem) in Palestine is also the home of Megiddo, has led to the absolute conclusion that the city of Christ’s birth is Bethlehem-Zebulon about 3.7 miles west of Nazareth.

In John 7:40-52, we find a division of opinion among those hearing the Messiah speaking.  The officers and Pharisees state that He cannot possibly be the promised Messiah, because he is a Galilean in verse 52.  “Art thou also of Galilee? Search and look, for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet.”  They were basing their ideas upon corrupted scriptures.  We know better today.  We now in 2015 know that Christ was definitely born in Bethlehem-in-Galilee (the Breadbasket) about 3.7 miles west from Nazareth and that there was no Bethlehem Judah even in the 1st century.   

Gen. 49:10 “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.”   The word “Shiloh” means: “The Word.”  In context, it clearly means the Word of Yahshua.  There has never been any disagreement among bible scholars that “Shiloh” meant the anointed one from Yahshua!  However the scepter will depart from Jew-Judah when the Messiah comes.  Then the Messiah could not possibly be descended from the tribe of Judah, else the scepter would have still remained in Judah!      

From the older Hebrew text we translate:     

Gen. 49: 8-9 (in part) Jacob says of Judah: “Judah is a lion’s whelp, for destroying my sons you have arisen.”

Gen. 49:22-24, (in part), Jacob says of Joseph: “Joseph is a fruitful bow, - - - - - - -; from thence (there) is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel!”     Among all bible scholars, we are unaware of even one scholar who doesn’t hold the opinion that the Shepherd and Stone (Prophet) of Israel is the Hebrew Messiah, “Yahushua!” 

In Luke 2:3-5, the Greek text concerning the census reads: 

“And Joseph also went up to Galilee to the city of Nazareth, from Judah, from the city of David, which is called Bethlehem.”  This would have necessitated a 93 mile donkey ride for Mary.  Obviously a woman in her 9th month could not withstand a 93 mile walk or ride. 

In the English KJV, the “to” & the “from” are reversed, and the remainder of verse 4, is not in this older Greek text from which the KJV was interpreted.  Thus, the addendum to verse four in parenthesis: (“because he was of the house and lineage of David.”), was clearly added by interpreters and should be held in great suspect.   The introduction to most King James versions of the bible freely admit that all words found in parenthesis were added for clarification, and were not in the original text.      

A confirmation (changed spelling) of this translation from the Greek text of Luke 2: 3-5 is found in Luke 23: 4-7.  In the mock trial of Yahushua.  At the time He entered the ministry, Luke 3:1 (not so, a mistake) , Pontius Pilate was the governor of Judah, and Herod was the governor of Galilee. 

This is the first time in Christ’s life that he was out of Galilee and he was taken by Roman guards to Jerusalem in Benjamin.  In the Trial, Yahshua was brought before Pilot on charges by the Jews, accusing Yahushua of being a “Galilean heretic, preaching heresies from Galilee to Judah.”  When Pilot heard the  word “Galilee,”  he inquired if Yahshua were a Galilean.  Pilot evidently had the public records of the census searched (Luke 2:1).

“As soon as he (Pilate) knew that Yahshua  belonged to Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who was in Jerusalem at the time.”  Luke 23:7      Thus Pilate knew that Yahshua was a Galilean!”    

Isa. 9: 1- 9, (in part), v-1 “by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in  GALILEE of the nations, (Israel).  v-8 Yahshua sent the Word into Jacob and it (HE) hath lighted upon Israel! (Not Judah).

Micah 5:2,  We find the New Testament text in Matt. 2: 4-6 corrupted concerning this verse of Micah.  Micah 5:2 does not say “Bethlehem-Judah” as quoted by the Jewish Priests and Scribes in Matt. 2: 4-6. The text of Mica 5:2 from the Paleo Hebrew text reads:

“And thou Bethlehem-Ephrata will become insignificant to the thousands of Judah, yet from you He will come forth to me to rule in Israel!”

If this Bethlehem is in Judah, then the prophet MICAH  lied.  The Bethlehem in Judah has not become insignificant, but instead “World renowned!”  This logic is spectacular and irrefutable.    The fact that there are two Bethlehem’s is not in dispute.  They are clearly shown on many bible maps and evidently in scripture.

Referring to the slaughter of the male children by Herod, let us examine the text of Matt. 2:16-17-18. (in part), & Jeremiah 31:15-18.

v-17, “Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying: “ In Ramah was there a voice heard, lamentation and weeping and great mourning.   Rachel weeping for her children!”

Continuing in Jer. 31:18. (in part)  “I have surely heard Ephraim (Not Judah) bemoaning himself!                     

The first question which must be asked, is why was Rachel weeping for her children?  Her children were Benjamin, Joseph, and by adoption (Gen.46:22) Ephraim and Manasseh.  Rachel was not the mother of Judah!

The mother of Judah was Leah, why was not she weeping?  The answer is obvious, Leah’s sons were not among those killed by Herod.  If the Priest and Scribes had told Herod “Bethlehem-Judah,” they would have been sending his executioners upon their own children! 

By deliberately corrupting this New Testament text, (In Matt 2:6) it has been made to look as though it were the sons of Judah that were slain, and the corruption of text concealed the part played by the Jewish Priest and Scribes in the slaughter.

In Gen. 35:15-19, we find Bethlehem-Ephratah as the place of Rachel’s death and burial.  Jacob set a mats-tsay-baw, (a single standing pillar to mark her grave.  If this Bethlehem-Ephratah was in Judah, Jacob would have overshot his stated destination by 40 or 50 miles.

In the modern city called Bethlehem- Judah the supposed site of Rachel’s grave is marked by “twelve stones.”  We would remind the reader that between the death of Rachel and the coming out of captivity from Egypt, nothing in scripture mentions setting up twelve stones for anything.  It was not until after the exodus THAT TERMINATED THE 430 year PERIOD OF SLAVERY IN EGYPT AND THE 40 years in the wilderness, some 470 years later, that Israel was commanded to set up twelve stones (Josh 4:4), along their journey as way markers to be a witness to the children of Israel.  Thus, twelve stones marking Rachel’s grave would be held in great suspect, in light of the Genesis account saying it was marked by a single standing pillar! (Gen 35:14) And considering Rachel died over 470 years (IS THIS THE SAME NUMBER BY COINCIDENCE, SOME CLARIFICATION IS NEEDED)  before Israel was commanded to set up twelve stones for way markers, not grave markers.

Rev. 5:5  -- "Conquer the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, to Open the Book and loose the seven seals thereof!”  

The reference note refers to Gen 49:9 (WHICH is INTENTIONALLY DECEIVING). Note this translation made from the Greek text.  Yahushua is not the Lion of the tribe of Judah in verse 5, but the Lamb as it were slain, in verse 6! (DOES CHRIST HAVE SEVEN HORNS AND SEVEN EYES ETC. AS IS MENTIONED IN VERSE 6?)  Christ is never referred to as a Lion only as lamb. Was Christ ever conquered?

John 4:22, (From the Greek text) quotes Yahshua as saying:

“Ye worship ye know not who, we know who we worship, for one has come to deliver you from (ék) (G1537) the Jews!”

The King James English version of this text is corrupted to read: “Salvation is of the Jews.” What blasphemy!

The “Lion (royalty) of Judah” is the king David bloodline, and the “root” (origin) of David is “Moabite!” (Ruth 4: 14-17).   

Deut 23: 3-6, “The Ammonite and the Moabite shall not enter the congregation of Yahshua, forever!”  Verse 6, ”You shall not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days, even forever!”             

Having searched the Old and New Testament concerning our question, and setting forth the evidences found in array before the reader, we believe the evidence is irrefutable. Yahushua was born in Galilee a son of the tribe of Joseph!  A New Testament verse (at least in part) agrees.

In brief summary, one final consideration. Jos. 14 & 15. Joshua, in dividing up the land of Canaan to the tribes of Israel, made certain that every single city, town and village were named and recorded in each tribal inheritance.  In every tribal inheritance including Judah, only one town called Bethlehem is recorded in the territory later called Galilee, and this Bethlehem belonged to the tribe of Zebulon!  There is no biblical mention that it was ever a “walled city.” In fact, Bethlehem-Ephratah was called a “town,” not a city!  In Hebrew, the word “city”_____ is more like what we call a County or province.   Bible text cities often have many towns, villages and environs, (small communities) much like our cities of today. The preponderance of the scriptural evidence, and not our personal opinions, overwhelmingly suggest that the Messiah Yahushua, was indeed born in Bethlehem-Ephratah in the province of Galilee and to the tribe of Joseph!   

Now, we would dare inquire into the other Bethlehem, called “Bethlehem-Judah,” to find how the two cities called Bethlehem became either accidentally confused or deliberately entwined for the express purpose of deception on a grand scale.  In our quest for truth it would not be fair or prudent to discover the root of the one Bethlehem and not the other.  Because we now know for a fact and have sufficient evidence to show, that the two Bethlehem’s were confused for one another.  We have supporting scriptural evidence, that this confusion was evident even in New Testament times as cited in John 7:42; We will not now flog a dead horse to death, by repeating the same scriptures, but simply cite them on occasion to remind the reader. 

In our summation, we noted that the only city or town named Bethlehem in the inheritance of all the tribes in the days of Joshua, was the Bethlehem found in Zebulon, about 3.7 miles west of Nazareth.  Jos 19:15   With simple logic and reasoning it should not take an Einstein to figure out, that if there were only one Bethlehem at the time of Rachel’s death, it of necessity would be the Bethlehem-Ephratah in Zebulon, the site of Rachel’s grave, (Gen 35: 15-19).  This verse is the first mention of “Bethlehem” in the bible.  This Bethlehem has got to be Bethlehem-Galilee located about 3.7 miles west of Nazareth.  Bethlehem-Judah, is located 93 statute miles to the south of Nazareth in Galilee.   As any trained investigator might tell us, a thorough investigation must answer as completely as possible, the questions: Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why?  That is a tall order considering our only records containing the evidence we seek is the Bible and secular history.   We know the bible was first written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  We will access these anytime we need clarification of ambiguous scriptural text or find contradictions in texts.



Corruption of: “Beit-ha-Lachmi”  (House of the Warriors)

A Garrison of the Philistines

We will begin in the days when Judges ruled Israel. This is the period after the inheritance had been divided among the tribes. Each city, town and village had been meticulously enumerated and recorded in the inheritance of each tribe.  For some reason, Judah and Israel (the sons of Joseph) were commanded to be separated and to remain separate from each other. (Josh 18:5).

Of interest perhaps, is the fact that no Judges ruled Judah, ever!  Also, none of the sons of Judah, until David, ever ruled over any of the tribes of Israel. This separation and relative isolation of Judah from the other tribes of Israel, according to the Harper bible dictionary, some scholars believe was because of the admixture of race and foreign blood among the sons of Judah.  Other scholars advance the theory that the sons of Judah were in fact “the mixed racial multitude” which came out of Egypt with Israel. Nowhere in the bible does it state where the House of Judah emigrated from the wilderness.  The House of Judah has to be the “Mixed multitude” of Neh 13:3.  Judah’s marriage to a Canaanite woman of Adullam, (Gen: 38:1), cut the sons of Judah off from both the priesthood and rule in Israel!  Other scholars point out that when Judah chose Tamar for his half Canaanite son (Gen 38:6), there is no mention of him returning to Israel to do so. Thus, suggesting Tamar was Canaanite also.  In Israel at the time, a harlot would have been stoned to death!   But, Judah was not in the Promised Land, he was in Canaan.

The sons of Judah were given for possession the land of the Canaanites to which they were already blood kindred!   Judah had married Shuah, a Canaanite and had three Children with him all part Canaanite. Er, Onan and Shelah. 

This has been said to point out the distinction between those peoples called Israel in the biblical text and those called Judah. For what ever reason, the biblical text makes a clear undeniable distinction between these tribes.  There are prophets of Israel, and prophets of Judah clearly shown in the biblical text.  Therefore, it is clear to us that we must also carefully identify and keep separate these two peoples and not conveniently combine the two into one people, as do modern Christians in their popular misnomer “Jews.”  Interestingly enough, the word “Jew” is not found in either the Old Hebrew text or the Greek text from which our King James Bible was translated. There was no letter “J” until 1400’s AD. The 1560 Geneva bible had no j’s.                    

The word “Jew” is a corruption of the Hebrew word “Yah-hu-dah”.    It’s meaning must be qualified.  The generic meaning is:  “a praiser of Yah”.   The same exact Hebrew word is used to speak of the “land of Judah, the “Sons of Judah” and the “Canaanite native people of the land of Judah.” It is also interpreted “Judean!”  The Canaanite people of the land became “Judeans,” in the very same manner the Native Indians in the U.S. became “Americans.”  There is no Biblical distinction made in the text to determine a Canaanite-Judean from the Sons of Judah-Judean.  The absence of this distinction being made, suggest there may be no distinction between them! Jeremiah says: (paraphrased) “The House of Judah is broken like the potter’s vessel, never to be restored.” (Jer 19: 10-11).  It is of interest to note that according to scriptures, those  lands given Judah were still “counted to the Canaanites!” (Josh: 13:3). We are not about to touch this one, without much further study.   Let the chips fall where they may!

The study of Bethlehem-Judah, also called: “the City of David,” will of necessity include a study of King David.  The two subjects are inseparably intertwined.  The Book of Ruth sets forth the lineage of King David, and begins in the days when judges ruled Israel.  Note carefully, it was in the days when judges ruled Israel, but the setting in Ruth was in Judah.  (I question this, you need to show proof)  In fact it (what is it???)   begins in “Bethlehem-Judah,” the sight of present day Bethlehem!  Note also, that Joshua had separated the sons of Judah from the sons of Joseph (Israel). Thus, the characters depicted in the Book of Ruth are either Canaanites or Sons of Judah, if any distinction can be made. We might mention, that the entire Book of Ruth has never been found in the older Hebrew scrolls. This is very interesting in itself, since it sets forth the birth and lineage of King David, who mysteriously has no other biblical, secular history or archeological evidence that he ever existed, until about 400 years after his supposed reign.  Archeological evidence has been found for every other King of Israel and Judah, but not for David!   Scholars have advanced the theory that it was because “David” was a “Regal name” (ruling title) and not the name of the man.  While absence of proof is not proof, this fact should be at the very least kept in mind.  Because, it leaves the entire evidence of King David’s existence, only in writings dated some 400 years after his alleged reign.  This is strange indeed that one counted the greatest King who ever lived, warranted only one witness and a four page introduction, (the Book of Ruth) inserted as it were, in the Hebrew text of Israel’s biblical history.  We are admonished: “On the testimony of two or more witnesses, establish every fact.” (Book of the Law).

In biblical context, Judah and Israel, at least until the days of King David, where two completely separate nations. Considering the hostilities between them, one would logically conclude that their written histories would not be mingled until after the point in time when both were ruled under King David.     

In the Book of Judges, what had previously been the clearly definable Bethlehem-Ephratah in Zebulun, becomes intertwined and mingled with an all new: “Bethlehem-Judah.”  The word “Ephratah,” in connection to this new Bethlehem is first inserted here also.  It is also mentioned in the Book of Ruth, which events are alleged to have taken place in Bethlehem-Judah!  But note, the events in the Book of Ruth, were to have taken place in Judah while Judges ruled Israel.  Israel and Judah remained two separate nations at this point.  If this is true, then the Book of Judges, midway, ceased to be the history of Israel, and became the intertwined history of Judah!  It would be like starting the history of the United States in 1776, and then in 1812 switching over to the history of the Republic of Mexico, but still calling it American History.  The best deception is always something very near the truth, or having just enough undisputed truth, as to give a measure of credibility to the deceptions also.  “The first casualty of war, is truth, and the first strategy of war is deception!”  Ladies and gentlemen, if we be Yahweh’s people, we are at war! (with whom???)

Thus, comingleing the questionable Jewish fables into the separate history of Israel, grants a certain unwarranted credibility to the deception. But, it was sorely needed to link the bloodline of Messiah to king David, a Moabite, and thereby to the Jews, who were in truth directly descended from him. Satan is indeed a master of deceptions!  

We believe that part of the Book of Judges, the entire Book of Ruth, and much of the books of First and Second Samuel were used for this monumental deception.  For this new “Bethlehem-Judah” a “walled city”. is here alternately called Bethlehem Ephratah.  

1 Sam 16:1, in the Hebrew text, correctly (though perhaps accidentally) identifies what has become Bethlehem-Judah, as “Beit-ha-Lachmi” (House of the Warriors).   While several other Old Testament verses identify it with the “Garrison of the Philistines.”  Bethlehem-Judah is in fact the former “House of the Warriors.”  The implications of this being factual, simply stagger the mind.  Because, if we are correct, both we and millions of other people have been following a false trail for nearly two thousand years.

It gives a whole new meaning to the verse: “ Who is blind but my servant?”  Isa 42:19 

First, let us conquer the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the root of David to “open the book” and loose the seven seals thereof.  The story of King David begins in the Book of Ruth in the city of Bethlehem-Judah and ends in the modern-day city of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is and was, considered the highest at 2500 feet above sea level of the Seven Royal Cities of the Canaanites.  It still is today! But unknown to the world, modern day Jerusalem is the former Canaanite city of Jebus, and not “the Jerusalem” (Salem) of the Northern House of Israel, which was on Mount Gerizim. (can we get a scriptural quote and lat. and long.???)  So let us inquire into these related matters thoroughly.  We will begin with the siege of the City, Jerusalem.



EZEKIEL 4:1-3 & 11:2                  

4:1 - Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile (tablet) and lay it before thee and engrave (write) upon it the city Jerusalem.

4:2 - And lay siege against it,   and cast a mount against it, setting the camp against it all around.  

4:3 - This shall be a sign to the House of Israel!”                                                                                                                                                                            

11:2 Then he said to me, “Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief and give wicked counsel in this City.


To fully understand the needed focus upon Jerusalem, the Lion of Judah (the Davidic kingship lineage) and the root or bloodline of David, one must begin at the first mention of Jerusalem and trace Israel through the inheritance tribe by tribe.

While the conquering of the land of Canaan was begun in the days of Moses, herein, for our purpose we will limit our inquiry to focus only to those lands on the West side of the Jordan, citing only those verses germane to our inquiry.  We find the first mention of a city called Jerusalem in the text of Josh 10: 1.  The five kings of the Amorites, one of which is “the king of Jerusalem, Adoni-Zedek.”  are listed in Jos 10:5.  In verse 16, we find these five Amorite kings fled and were hidden in a cave at Makedah.  Verse 26, Joshua killed these five kings by hanging.  In Josh 10:40, We find that the sons of Israel burned all the cities and destroyed all that breathed as Yahuweh had commanded.  Note this city Jerusalem, was a city of the Amorites, while the present day Jerusalem was called “Jebus,” a city of the Jebusites.  Thus we have two Jerusalems!  As Paul said: “one above” the old Jerusalem in the province of Galilee at Mount Gerrizim, and “one below” in the present day location. (Gal 4: 22-30).  And note the one below which he identifies as the sons of the bond woman, (ISHMAEL???)  (present day Jerusalem, shall not inherit with the sons of the free woman (the Jerusalem above in Israel).  Next, please note that in the inheritance. the sons of Judah did not inherit with the sons of Israel. They were separated!  Review Jos 13:2-3 and 18:5.   

Jos 13:2, “This is the land that yet remaineth: all of the borders of the Philistines, and all of Geshuri.

It is counted to the Canaanites; five kings of the Philistines, of Gaza, of Ashdod, of Eshalon, of Gath, of Ekron and Avim. 

Note: These lands are the lands given Judah.  Judah was already blood kindred to the Canaanites.  Note also that Jebus-Jerusalem was not listed as a city remaining to be conquered.  Nor was it given to Judah for inheritance. It was given to Benjamin the brother of Joseph, (Jos 18:28).  At no time ever was Jerusalem given to Judah through inheritance because Jerusalem was given to and part of Benjamin!  Their only claim to Jerusalem would be through their Canaanite mother, (matriarchal) and indeed that is how they count their descent!

Until the days of David, the city of Jebus-Jerusalem was not taken. It was never taken by force! The Jebusites were assimilated into the sons of Judah!  This was done during what is called the reign of King David.  Under the combined kingdoms of Israel and Judah, king David moved the capitol (FROM WHERE???) to Jebus-Jerusalem.  David also brought the two diverse forms of worship, namely that of the Canaanites and that of the Israelites into one, (LOGICAL CONTRADICTION!!!)  (THE NEW RELIGION HAD TO BE SOMETHING ELSE)  in the Jebus-Jerusalem Temple built by Solomon.  Before the Temple was built, David appointed Priest, singers and musicians.  But note he appointed 12 Priests to the Hebrew god Yahuweh and 12 Priests to Baal, the god of the Canaanites!  (need verses could it be Jos 4)

This syncretism (mixing) of the two diverse forms of worship brought Israel and Judah together in one house of worship for a time, but was ultimately the dividing force bringing about civil war and separation of the two peoples.

                                     Let us examine the Facts

                                      The Great fall of Israel

1 Sam 8: 4, The elders of Israel want a king like the heathen nations nearby.

1 Sam 8:7,  Yah says: “They have rejected me as their king.”

1 Sam 9: 1 & 2, Saul was from the town of Benjamin, in Zebulon.

1 Sam 9: 21, Saul was anointed near Rachel’s sepulcher being near the  ?????       border of the town of Benjamin in *Zelza, (a corruption of Zebulon), near Bethlehem-Ephratah in Zebulon.

Here are the seven reasons for our conclusion concerning Zelza, being a corruption of the Hebrew word for Zebulon.

1 Sam 9:16, Saul was to come out of Benjamin.

Gen 35:15-19, Rachel was not buried in Zelza, but near Bethlehem-Ephratah.

1 Sam 10: 3, They were very near the plain of Tabor.

Bible Map.   The plane of Tabor is only two or three miles east of Nazareth.

Deut 33:19, The Beth-El they were near is on Mount Tabor.

1 Sam 10: 3-5, The School of the Prophets is on Mount Tabor.  

There is no city, town or village called Zelza, listed in any of the inheritances of the tribes of Israel, and it is not mentioned in any other place.

Conclusion: Saul was from the town of Benjamin in Zebulon.      OK so what????              


1Sam 10:19, Samuel warns Israel they are rejecting Yahuweh, by setting another king over them other than Him.  This was after the special admonitions that Samuel gave in 1Sam 8. 

1 Sam 12:17, Samuel again warns Israel of their wickedness in asking for a king other than Yahuweh.

1 Sam 12: 25, Samuel warns Israel that Yah will permit them to have a king but only on the conditions, that: Both they and their king must obey His commandments and Statutes, or else, in the day that they turn away from His commandments and Statutes; both their self-rule and their king will be taken away, and Yah will set up their enemies to rule over them.

1 Sam 13:8-14, King Saul transgressed the Word of Yahuweh.   

1 Sam 15: 3-20, King Saul transgresses again and in a rage kills the Priests of Yahuweh.

1 Sam 15:28, Samuel tells Saul:  “This day Yahuweh has rejected you as king and has given rule over Israel to your *neighbor (adversary).

1 Sam 16: 1, Yahuweh sends Samuel into Judah to Beit-ha-Lachmi “House of the Warriors” (Bethlehem-Judah), which is also the Garrison of the Philistines.

1 Sam 16: 4, The elders of Beit-ha-Lachmi asked Samuel: “Do you come in peace?”    Note: This would be a very strange question to ask a Prophet of Israel, in Israel!  Maybe the elders were afraid considering that they had previously rejected Samuel’s prophecies.

1 Sam 16:13, Samuel anoints “David” of Beit-ha-Lachmi to be king over Israel!  (why would Samuel do this as Samuel had to know what the situation was???) (why would David a Moabite be living in Israel? )

Thus the kingdom was delivered over to the Moabite-Canaanites of Judah, just as Yah had said, should Israel or their king turn from his commandments or statutes. Yah did not lie! Both Israel’s self rule and king were taken away and their kingdom was given over to their enemy, Judah!

Now let us look to discover the root of David. The lineage of David is found in the Book of Ruth the Moabitess. Let us begin there also.



Ruth 1: 1 “In the days when Judges ruled . . .

Note:   No judges ruled over (added word) Judah, ever!

- - - -“ a man named Elimeleck, his wife Naomi, and their two sons of Beth-lehem-Judah, came to the country of Moab.  And the sons took wives of the women of Moab.”  One of which was Ruth the Moabitess.

Note they were from Judah, not Israel! There is no prohibition in the Law against one of mixed race marring another of mixed race.

Ruth 1: 3  Naomi’s husband and two sons died.

Ruth 1:22 , Naomi and Ruth the Moabitess returned to Bethlehem-Judah.  how is this possible when Bethlehem Judah did not exist???)

Ruth 2: 1   Naomi and Ruth go to Boaz, a kinsman of Elimeleck. (what tribe, if any, was boaz a member of?? Need verse)

Ruth 3: 7-9, Ruth sneaks into bed with Boaz.

Ruth 4:10,  Boaz takes Ruth the Moabitess for a wife.

Ruth 4:14, Ruth bare a son to Boaz, his name was Obed.

Ruth 4:17  Obed is the father of Jesse, who is the father of David and that is why David is a descendant of a Moabite!

this is longwinded and unnecessary.  Once we know that Ruth was Moabitess then all and I mean all of her descendants were Moabite infected.


David, is at the very least, a third generation Moabite!

From the Book of the LAW.  “The Ammonite and Moabite shall not enter the congregation of Yahuweh, even forever!” Deut 23: 3, & Neh 13: 1.

Therefore, we must conclude: The root of David is Moabite!

Scriptural support for this conclusion is found in the Book of Numbers 26: 19-32. “The children of Judah (v 20-22) and Israel (v 23-51) were numbered on the plains of Moab.  The tribe of Judah is therein described as being made up of the families of the Shelanites, Perezites, Zerzhites, Hezronites and Hamulites.  In any event we know for absolute sure that the Shelahites were Canaanite derived.  From other biblical references : Jos 14:6, 15:13-19; and Jud 1:12-15 & 20.  We learn the two Kenezite clans of Caleb and Othaniel were also absorbed into Judah.  It is clear from 1 Sam 27:10 and 1 Sam 30: 29, that the Jarahmeelites ( 1 Chron 2:25-26) closely connected with the Calebites (1 Chron 2:42), also formed part of the tribe of Judah.  The Kenizzites and Jarmeelites are believed of Edomite origin (Gen 33: 11), and (1 Chron 2: 42).  This large admixture of foreign blood may partly account for the comparative isolation of Judah from the other tribes.