Hybrids Mongrels Death and Disease

ALL hybrids, plant and animal are genetically inferior!  It is well known that mules are sterile.  A mule is a hybrid product of a horse and a donkey.  Although the parents are closely related, they are significantly different so that the progeny of this union is sterile.  Hybrid flowers follow this same exact pattern.  The seeds of hybrid flowers will not germinate or barely so.  Hybrid corn follows the same rule.  If hybrid corn seed is planted, about 50% will germinate.  All resulting seed from this hybrid will eventually be sterile.  We used to hear the phrase from Burpee Seeds et al,  "hybrid vigor".  This is false.  Hybrids by their very nature are inferior and will ultimately become extinct.  Darwin wrote extensively in "On the Origin of Species" in Chapter VIII,  "Hybridism" page 217 about this situation. 

You cannot breed back

The racial linking of races produces hybrids or mongrels.  The correct word is "linking" as mix infers a mixture that can be physically separated back to its original parts.  Once mixed or created there is no way that any original can be produced from any hybrid-mongrel descendant.  One cannot breed back!  While some descendants of hybrids may appear to be "pure" there are always throwbacks to be contended with. There are several cases on the Internet of "black" parents giving birth to "white" children and visa versa.  It is just a case of recessive genes coming to the fore.   According to the genetic testing company 23andMe, the average black American is roughly a quarter white.  Even if the percentages were 99% to 1%, the result would be identical.  There are "high-yellaw" and "blue gum" coloreds reflecting various combinations of the original races.  Hybrids are still hybrids and the mixture ratio is irrelevant.

An F1 hybrid (or filial 1 hybrid) is the first filial generation of offspring of distinctly different parental types.  F1 hybrids are used in genetics, and in selective breeding, where it may appear as F1 crossbreed. The term is sometimes written with a subscript, as F1 hybrid.


The nature of a hybrid is that every cell is an irreversible genetic combination from two different parents. There is contention or confusion in every cell.  

I have observed Caucasian couples who had 10 children and Negro couples who had 10 children, I have never seen a mixed race couple with more than 3 mixed race children.  While there are probably exceptions to this rule, if any they are extremely unusual.  I have talked to several of my friends who are in their 70's, have lived in the South all of their lives and they have never found an exception to this observation.  

African Killer Honey Bees

In 1957, 26 hives of African Killer Honey bees were imported from Africa to Brasil.  They were imported to experiment in "improving" the honey gathering capability. Due to an accident the bees escaped.  People said not to worry.  The millions of European bees in the Americas would overwhelm the few African queens and their ability to produce African bees.  They were wrong!  The resulting hybrid European-African combinations were genetically inferior and bred out.  The African bees swarmed (reproduced) about 13 times a year and the European bees swarmed about 3 times a year and soon the number of African bees overwhelmed the number of European bees.  The bees coming across the US-Mexico border are about 99% African.

Morbidity, Mortality and Infertility

The rate of morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) of mixed race or hybrid-mongrel people is greater than one race non-hybrid people.  Internet listed rates of mortality for "whites" are 731, "blacks" are 860 and "other" are 436 all per 100,000 population.  I am not sure if Hispanics were included in the "white" numbers.    Anyone can go to an emergency room and see the percentage of colored (hybrid) people relative to the general population.  I understand that 25% of all colored women in the child bearing age range are infertile and consequently cannot become pregnant.  In the South it is rare to see a colored man over the age of 60.  They simply die off.  Many colored men complain that white bitches are getting their Social Security money.  True, one of the characteristics of forced Socialization except there is nothing social about it. 

An April 25, 2014 New York Times article labeled, "Infertility, Enduring through a Prism of Race" states as follows.--

"This is despite the fact that married black women face infertility more often than married white women. According to the National Survey of Family Growth, conducted from 2006 to 2010 by the National Center for Health Statistics, married black women had almost twice the odds of infertility."

American Indian

Lets look at the American Indian.  We know for sure that some form of "white man" was on the American continent about say 9000 years ago.  The "Kennewick Man" from Washington and the "Spirit Cave Man" from Nevada are archaeological proof.  At some later time Mongolians, probably crossing the Bering Strait came to the new world.  In any event mixing of the two races occurred over the thousands of years. Many people claim that the Cherokee especially were descendants of some Caucasian ancestors due to their written language.  The result was a tribe of people who were in fact a hybridized-mongrelized combination of two other races. When the white man came to the New World he brought with him various diseases.  Syphilis and smallpox are the two most famous.   Contact with the Indians was by both voluntary and non-voluntary means.  The Indians died possibly by the millions due to their inability to survive these diseases.  There are stories of English colonists giving "free" blankets infected with smallpox pus to the Indians.  English colonists did the exact same thing in New Zealand to infect the Maori.  The Maori are a mix of Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid races and were increasingly susceptible to disease.


Obama is a mongrel hybrid genetically inferior, part Genesis 1 beast-animal-of-the-field nigra and part Genesis 3:15  seed of the serpent jew.  Tiger Woods is also a beast-mongrel from possibly three races, a New World Order Man. Remember that the prophet Jonah told how the beast covered himself in sackcloth and cried out. 

Jonah 3:8 -- But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands.

The extinction of hybrid, mongrel and mixed race persons is part of Yahweh's (God's) plan.

Mat 15:13 -- But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

Neh 13:3 Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude.